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    A magical book I now possess and here is a hazy minded ramble it inspired:

    Here is a cottage core tome. A work about befriending and cooporating with birds, through gentleness and consideration, with love and embrace. Let the cottage desires of the 21st century be yearning for a mutualism. A Harmony with nature is not just an abundance of plants, animals, insects, bacteria, fungus, amphibians, and so on... it is seeing ourselves as a part of that system, floating in it. It is most important that we understand our life energies are directly intangled with all the other non-sapien and even non-"animate" (no such thing exists), rather than living in a cartesian separation, removing ourselves from nature. We must not be observing ecology from the outside, an approach of capturing and commodifying the things around us. Regularly we seem to quantify all aspects of our lives in a system of value completely constructed from this logic that is completely outside life itself. This outside logic is the core meaning of Marx's reification. I for one find a post-marxist trialectic that emphasizes Kant's original use of both geography and history having equal value in producing meaning. Something that was lost in hegel. Any ways to drop out the inflated use of hierarchically based academic mytho-figure psychobabbel, I just want to rest back in saying we will never have the answer because we are only a wee part of the system as a whole. Just find your place and make it peaceful not just for you, but for all that is around you, or we for ever lay in unrest.

    stills from  Mondays with Milford: The Botanist The Botanist "I have a global garden. My garden’s not like people. You got all these people of different ethnicities, they live in their own communities – this don’t work like that. They all hang out together, right? I put them like that man, just to watch. So it don’t look like a farm. Let’s put’em together, know what I mean? One group, one culture here, one culture there, another culture there, spread them out, man. Plants are constantly picking up cosmic energy, just beyond photosynthesis. They may not have the machines to detect everything, but to me it’s just like humans, man. We’re constantly breathing in air. We’re breathing in all kinds of elements that are of nature. So what makes you think that plants are any different?" – Milford Graves Graves in the Garden – 2020) Directed by Jake Meginsky 16 mm and video transferred to digital Eating in the Garden – 1990 Private VHS tape Garden Ground Spring/Summer – 1988 Private VHS Tape