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2023-02-15 02:48:10

    Happy New Year everyone!!! :D

    Hope this is a better year for y'all, hopefully the new vaccines bring stability, hope we all strive for bettering ourselves and succeed in what we haven’t yet.

     And for all those who are single, like me again, don’t stress. As my grandma says there’s always a broken for an unstitched :)

    All the love, Nico

    My top 5 from 2020

    It’s always difficult to pick just five, since each photo is special in their own way, but this year more than any has made me appreciate the adventures I’ve been able to go on in the mountains, and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets I’ve been able to share with my friends and family. A lot has happened this year, but these five moments captured in these photos will be the ones I’ll try to remember 2020 for.

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