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    It’s not really about you not being easy to love, by no means is loving anyone easy of course. Its more like, you feeling that way but someone else accepting that, helping you through it, and still loving you consistently through and through . It’s like so earnest, kind, and just so dang endearing. I’m not the anon that said “wifey material” but the prior one that messaged the jealousy. Cause it’s much more than material, much more depth and complexity to you. You sweet Angel!

    This was so sweet. 🥺

    Tysm for the enlightenment youre great😭❤️‍🔥

    You taking time out of your day to better explain this was very kind of you & I appreciate it so much 🥰


    Previous anon is dead on the money. You’re quality wife material, who wouldn’t want you to be a part of their life?

    Yall butter me up like a Texas toast house bun 😭

    Ilysm guys wow.

    & im super high maintenance & my adhd prohibits a lot of touch in relationships.

    I’m defo not easy to love

    But I’m working on it :3