Amazing AB/DL Blogs and Where to Find Them

    A while ago, I answered someone who asked if I could recommend more ABDL blogs here on Tumblr. Since my post received lots of likes but is a bit outdated by now, I decided to provide another (most likely incomplete) overview for all of you diaper-weirdos out there.

  • All blogs are of course exclusively run by and about adults.
  • If your blog is not included but you wish to be added, please send me a PM and which category you would like to see your blog added to. Keep in mind you need to be a content creator, just re-blogging is not enough.
  • Some of the blogs are mentioned in several categories.
  • Blogs mentioned have been active within the last few months.
  • No blogs with mainly commercial interests.
  • Let’s start with …

    Girls living their best 24/7-diapered life (… or at least wear and enjoy their diapers a lot):

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  • Mommys who know how to make sure that their littles are properly diapered:

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  • Amazing AB/DL story writers, either as single/multi-part stories or captions:

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  • Tips & tricks on how to enjoy the AB/DL world (e.g. diaper training, wearing at work, …):

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  • German community:

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  • diaper-stories

    @cutethingstolove​ writes amazing diaper stories, and I have reblogged a few already. But people where asking about more parts of the Stephanie and Courtney story, Cutethingstolove told me there are 18 parts! So I compiled a master post: 
    Have fun!
    *all links direct back to Cutethingstolove original posts, give them some l

    1 First Day Back

    2 The Nurse’s Office

    3 School Day

    4 Movie Night

    5 Bedtime

    6 First Day Back… in Diapers

    7 Gym Class

    8 An Exciting night

    9 Weekend Plans

    10 Shopping With Friends

    11 The Sleepover

    12 Caught in Diapers

    13 Lazy Sundays

    14 New Experiences

    15 Back to Class

    16 Secret between Friends

    17 Double the Trouble

    18 Skip Day


    A HUGE thank you to @diaper-stories for scrolling through this whole thing and linking each part.

    Diaper Training Program


    During this program your little will go from being gently exposed to diapers to wearing them 24/7 and becoming dependent on always being in a diaper. By the end of the program your little will prefer being diapered over using regular adult undies as they will realize they will require a diaper to prevent embarrassing situations and enjoy the benefits that will come with being diapered all the time.

    This program will work if using a caregiver or if self care is going to be used. You should also decide if your little will eventually use their diaper for both #1 and #2's or just #1's. If you are opting for #1's only your little will continue to use the toilet as needed for #2's.

    Make sure both the caregiver and little have the same desired outcomes and know what to expect from the training program. Once diaper dependence is established it is almost impossible to regain 100% control of ones body functions again, diapers are going to become a necessary daily item for your little as the progam appraches completion.

    I followed the program for 4 weeks solo and found myself bearly able to hold my pee after almost a month. I would find myself accidently start to dribble for several weeks after stopping and several times ended up with a spot on my pants. I wore a thin diaper for several weeks as I basically worked and strengthening my bladder again. One day I may return to the program and try for completion. For now I perfer bursts of wearing as desired.

    Within a short time of completing the diaper training program and sticking with the new lifestyle for a while your little is likely to find that they may never be able to ever go without wearing a diapers again. Embarrassing accidents could happen at anytime when you train yourself to completely become dependent on diapers. A supply of quality diapers may have to be kept on hand at all times. If your caregiver goals and your little's goals aline after considering the potential permanent outcomes of the training program then it is safe to continue and begin the training program and continue to your desired level of dependence desired or go all the way to full dependence if you desire.

    Each phase of the program has a recommended length of time recommended before moving to the next phase. If by the recommended phase periods your little has not quite met their goals it will be necessary to double the time period in each phase. Doing so will only increase the chance of continued success in the desired outcomes.

    Once your little moves to the next phase they are not alloud to return to a previous phase. You little should be guided to embracing their new selves.

    Sometimes it is nice to include a reward for your little such as a self masterbation session after the first diaper use and then at the successful completion of each training phase. Since they will be using a diaper daily by the end of this program your little should have something to look forward to and encourage them to stick with the program.

    Phase 1: Exposure: 1 Week

    This is the first step in exposing your little to the diaper training program. This is the first and most gentle step.

    During this time your goal is to introduce your little to the feeling of a diaper, but not so much as to make them miserable and turn them away from the training.

    During this phase it is recommended that you require you little to put on their new diaper at bedtime and wear it only until they wake up. A good time period to use is 10pm until your little wakes up. This will usually give a full 8-10 hours of wearing a diaper. Your little can still be alloud to use the potty as desired as long as they put the diaper right back on after doing so.

    At this point in the program if you little does not use their diaper it is perfectly fine. The only purpose of this phase is to exposure you little to the new feeling of having something between their legs at night.

    At first your little may have trouble falling asleep while wearing their diaper, but if consistantly repeated night by the last few days of the week your little should be able to sleep through the night. Your littles body will get used to the new feeling as they sleep. If by the end of the week your little is still not able to sleep through the night the duration of phase one can be extended another full week.

    Once your little is sleeping through the night it is time to move onto phase 2. Remember though; once your little moves to the next phase under no circumstance can you go back a step in the program. Doing so will only slow down if not prevent the desired outcome you are hoping for.

    Phase 2: Extra Time: 1 week

    Your little is now ready to move to the next phase at this point in the program. Phase 2 is about extending the time spent in their new diapers and getting used to the feeling, look and sound of their new diapers.

    During phase 2a it is recomended that your little consistantly wear their diaper from 6pm until the following morning. During this second week it is still ok if your little is not using their diaper, but that will soon change.

    Also during this first week of phase 2a it is important that you not allow your little to wear anything at home to hide their diaper. Consistantly being able to see what they are now wearing will slowly normalize your little to the soon to be new them and help them build confidence with their new look.

    Phase 2b: Starting to use: 1 Week

    During this week you will continue with the steps above from phase 2a while adding one additional requirement. In order to be able to remove the diaper it must be used. This means that if your little goes the full night without using their diaper they are to remain diapered into the next morning until it has be used for at least a wetting.

    Phase 2b's goal is to get your little semi comfortable with wetting in their diaper and becoming familiar with the feeling of wet diaper.

    If the phase is completed correctly after the week of phase 2b your little will be ready to move to the next step. However, if necessary the duration can be extended an extra week. To help with encouraging use of their diaper you can always have your little drink a couple glasses of water before going to bed. By morning they will have no choice, but to use their diaper. This phase will also exposure your level to the protection level of their diaper. By the end of this phase your little will be able to trust their diaper for any wetting need and you will begin to remove the fear of leaks for your little.

    Phase 3a: 1 week: All day wearing with exceptions.

    Once you have made it to this part of the program your little should be becoming significantly more comfortable with the soon to be new them.

    During this 1 week period it is required that your little wear a diaper from the moment they wake up in the morning until the next morning.

    At this point your little will become used to using their diaper and be familiar with the wet feeling of a used diaper. During this phase of the program the care giver is required to start providing changes for their little. You should also order at least three types of diapers for your little to test what they like to wear.

    The only time a diaper is not required at this time is when going to work, a doctors apointment or a family gathering. When running errands you little needs to be consistantly diapered.

    In this phase you are showing your little that usually noone will notice anything about what your little is wearing. Even if someone knows they are wearing a diaper they will be a completely stranger making no impact on their personal lives.

    Phase 3b: 1 week: Time for work

    During this part of the program you are slowly pushing your little boundaries to continue showing them everything is fine. Your little is now required to continue everything from phase 3a, but now they are going to be wearing to work. To help in this phase your little may feel better wearing a onesie. This will help conceal their diaper while also holding it in place if used to help prevent leaks.

    By the end of this week your little should be returning home wet and needing to be changed. If not coming home wet extend the period for an additional week until the desired results start to happen.

    For doctors apointments and family events you may want to provide an alternative to their perferred diaper such as a pull up or thinner diaper as confidence continues to build.

    Phase 4a: Becoming comfortable 1 week.

    At this step your little has been wearing at least daily for over a month and at least wetting their diaper for a couple of weeks now. They should be more comfortable with their new look and comfortable with depending on their diaper to protect them from leaks. You will now destroy a remaining pair of underwear since they are almost no longer needed at all except for a doctors apointment.

    During this time your little will be wearing a diaper for family events. The only time your little is not diapered will be at a doctors apointment. By the end of this week your little should be comfortable with their new self.

    Phase 4b: 1 Week

    At this time you will destory one of the two remaining pairs of underwear leaveing only one pair for a possible doctors apointment. By now you little should be consistantly using their diaper as need for wetting and may start to find themselves having difficulty holding back a wetting.

    Everything from phase 4a will continue to apply to your little. If you and your little have decided to use their diaper for both #1 and #2's you will now start to require them to use their diaper for number 2's while quickly providing a change afterwords to promote trust and prevent skin irritations.

    To facilitate this step you may want to start giving your little a laxative or two with breakfast. Quickly your little will continue to grow their trust in their diapers since they will be using them for any restroom need now. Start keeping a portable diaper bag when you travel or run errands for the inevitable accidents.

    Phase 5a: Final stretch: Full Time

    During this final phase your little has now arrived at the point that diaper are to be worn at all times; for everything. Now it is time to destroy the final pair of adult underwear as they will no longer be worn. By now your little may even not notice often if they are even wearing a diaper and may start to not realize they are wetting their diapers. As each following week progresses your little will become completely comfortable with being dependent on their diapers, trusting their caregiver for needed quick changes and oblivious to their diapered status unless needing to be changed.

    During Phase 5a it is a good time to have your little help select their preferred diaper that they will continue to use. It is also a good time to have your little try on their clothes over their diaper and anything that will no longer fit correctly or thats makes your little uncomfortable by having to much risk of being discovered be removed from the wardrobe. New pants should cover the diaper well, but not be so tight that a swollen buldge or the diaper outlines not be visable when a change is needed. You little will not be worried about being discovered or even really care if they are.

    Phase 5b: From Here On Out

    This is the final phase of the diaper training program. Starting this week your little will be diapered full time and be comfortable wearing their diapers for everything. No adult underwear will remain in the home for them to use, only diapers now. From this point forward your little will be completely dependent on using their diapers for anything.

    Each week from this point you will notice your little embracing their new self. You little will be consistantly using their diapers for everything and becoming comfortable wearing anywhere they go at all times. They should not notice their diapers by now unless it is significantly dirty and needing to be changed.

    As the weeks continue on you should find your little no longer being worried about hidding their diapers as much and starting to dress for comfort. Your little should have lost the fear of being discovered by anyone and even if they are discovered realize that nothing bad is going to happen to them.

    This phase of the program will last indefinitely since it will be almost impossible to regain 100% body control again. Your little will now be completely comfortable at anytime wearing a diaper and have no issues with using them as intended as the weeks continue.

    Things for your little should continue to improve week after week as they continue to wear their diapers 24/7. You should always have a stock of diapers available now since your little may be approaching incontinence. Your little should notice the benefits of being diapered by now: not having to dash to a restroom, not using dirty public restrooms and enjoy the protection a diaper offers.

    From here on your little will be comfortable with their new self most of the time and they will continue to improve confidence as time goes on. You should notice a big change in your littles life as they will have accepted their now dependence on diapers as a leak would be more embarrassing than being discovered diapered. When your little has completely embraced their new self you can make minor changes to dress requirements and institute new rules since you little will have no choice but to use their diapers now as needed and will even forget they are wearing a diaper, sometimes even if they need to be changed. The caregiver is now completely responsible for taking care of the littles needs.

    By this point your little has been diapered daily for a few months and wearing 24/7 for several weeks. By this time your little will have completed the full diaper training program and be comfortable at all times with themselves and no longer be embarrassed to wear diaper anytime.

    Since your little is now almost or completely incontinent your little will realize diapers are now always required at all times. If discovered by anyone: strangers, family or even a doctor they can legitimately say that their diapers are completely required.

    You will know that your little has completely accepted their new life when you request a diaper check and regardless of where you are they lift up their shirt to be checked and not care if someone takes a quick glance. Frequest diaper checks will become common and will sometimes have to occure when out in public to prevent significant skin irritations.

    Remeber to keep supporting your little and making them feel comfortable and loved constantly as that will only promote longterm if not permanent adherence to being diapered at all times.