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2021-04-10 13:20:11

    HOW!!!??? DO PEOPLE???!!!!? DISLIKE!!!!! WOLVES?????????


    Well my best friend had a boyfriend in high school who manipulated her and another friend into joining a cult based on the idea that they were all a part of a wolf pack in a past life. So none of us are the biggest fans of wolves anymore. @cutecreative @mypetdragonseyebrow


    this is about a one direction song but sorry about your friend


    An Actual Real Person my Dad knew. Pretty sure he worked as a bush guide. When someone asked the time he’d pull off his hat - some kind of broad brim - and use to take a few measurements of the sun’s position relative to the horizon. Then he’d declare the time.

    He was accurate to the minute.


    Fvvdvddsfdssdhnvfh you get back here and say this to the rest of the crew