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    Rest in Power to Our Allies Who Risk Their Life Fighting With Us and For Our Rights

    May her memory be a blessing Z"L

    it gets worse tho! the original person who reported this on twitter said she did NOT die of asthma related syptoms. Thats what they WANTED us to think!!

    she died bcause they sprayed so much tear gas in her face that she inhaled too much and DIED. HER DEATH WAS NOT CAUSED BY ASTHMA RELATED SYMPTOMS. Only tear gas. Solely tear gas.

    They murdered her.

    And remember not to say Rest In Peace for her. She was jewish. Say “may her memory be a blessing” like it says above.

    one of the fun things about being caught up on wtnv is that it was so big on tumblr back when it first came out that a lot of people know quite a lot about the first year or so of episodes but so many people dropped it that you kind of feel like a keeper of forbidden knowledge in a way?

    like, i love seeing the reactions of people who dropped it when i say shit like:

  • cecil considers steve carlsberg his best friend now
  • angels legally exist now and people are allowed to openly acknowledge them
  • hiram now has only four heads instead of five
  • the city that used to be desert bluffs is now part of night vale
  • kevin lives in the desert otherworld where he’s made a new town that he calls desert bluffs and he finally got to meet his own version of carlos! his name is charles and he’s a single dad!!!!
  • turns out that the world really did end long ago and night vale and its citizens are literally the only things left in existence. all other towns and such are literally just alternate versions of night vale and its citizens. like y’all already know about desert bluffs, what with kevin being cecil’s double. but the miniature city under the desert flower bowling alley is also night vale
  • Here is the full statement. Notice the related articles at the bottom.

    And they’re not kidding, they actually got arrested in 2016 at a protest in Philadelphia

    Ben & Jerry’s is not even close to fucking around. If you go to the Ben & Jerry’s website and go to the “what’s new” tab, between articles about ice cream, you’ll see articles titled “12 Ways You Can Help Eradicate White Supremacy,” “3 Ways to Avoid Turning Climate Change into the Next Global Crisis,” and Silence Is NOT An Option.” And these articles are from THIS MONTH ALONE. We are FIVE DAYS INTO JUNE.

    They also have articles about local elections, the rights ofundocumented essential workers, and the racial disparities in cannabis arrests. I urge you to go check out the web page and read their articles. They’re fantastic.

    They are proponents of sustainable farming and fairtrade practices. Some of their exclusive flavors will tell you where portions of the profits for each pint go to (like Justice Remix’d, most recently). More companies should be like Ben & Jerry’s.

    I’m so invested in Ben & Jerry’s it’s not even funny. They are worth every penny if only for these articles.