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    Tag yourself I’m LESBIAN

    my aesthetic is conservatives trying to make things like this sound scary when really this is ideal

    “Married a single father” ?????? 

    <>Lives with “partner”

    <>Married a single father

    <>Muslim with hijab

    <>Single mother of lesbian daughter

    <>Officiated a “gay wedding”


    I literally didn’t even realise this was meant as an attack when I read it. I was just like oh cool. Because really, none of these things make any of these people less people or bad in any way. They’re just info about their life.

    tag your vibe

    <>days of the week;<>

    <><>monday: snoozing your alarm clock, navy, seeing the moon in the morning, vanilla ice cream, writing poetry, blurry photographs, windswept hair, iced coffee

    <><>tuesday: seeing a cat on the street, a light rain shower, untied shoelaces, indistinct music from someone else’s earphones, empty coffee shops, denim jackets, long train rides

    <><>wednesday: pastel highlighters, drinking water, group laughter, plucking daisy petals, floral scents, counting down to a birthday, peonies

    <><>thursday: old books, a downpour, telling the truth, comfortable silence, hand holding, wrapping a gift, the smell of leather, reminiscence

    <><>friday: neon lights, sweet cravings, a little bit drunk, falling in love with a stranger, remembering your dreams, cherry red, late night showers, desserts at midnight

    <><>saturday: watering plants, childhood cartoons, a bowl of cereal, meeting someone new, waking up early and laying in bed, spontaneous plans, sitting on a rooftop

    <><>sunday: strawberry smoothies, golden hour, a soft feeling of wistfulness, lazy afternoons, 4pm naps, lofi mixes, deja vu, long daydreams, lighting sparklers

    Sunday’s and Monday’s.

    i understand that my friends don’t wanna talk every day. i understand that my s/o doesn’t wanna be lovey dovey and super indulgent every day. lots of people need rest from performative emotions. all people need rest in general! it’s okay!! it doesn’t mean they don’t love me!! it’s not a judgement or punishment!! they deserve to take their rest, and they deserve for me to treat their needs with respect!


    not a lot of ppl grasp this.