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    [image description: a digital drawing of the avatar the last airbender gang sitting together in a group photo with a blue-grey square behind them.

    sokka is laying down in front of everyone, head propped up by his hand with his hair down and messy. he's wearing rectangle glasses, his white choker, a white short sleeved crop-top with blue sleeves and light blue denim shorts. he has freckles and a knee brace.

    katara is sitting cross-legged behind him, on the right, with her hair braided loosely and messily over her shoulder. she's wearing a grey shirt with stripes across the chest, high-waisted light blue jeans and a dark blue-green flannel over top, along with her choker.

    aang is in the middle with his back against katara's shoulder, arms resting on his knees. he's wearing an orange cardigan with messily scripped yellow stripes, pale yellow pants and a yellow shirt.

    toph is on the left, crouching with her chin on her palm and her face tilted up. she's wearing a light green dress over a dark green long-sleeved shirt and a green headband. her hair is tied back in a bun and her bangs are falling over her face messily.

    suki is at the back, wearing a light green hoodie with one knee to her chest. her hair is half-tied up and she has one headphone in, hidden by her hair. she has freckles.

    zuko is beside her, turned towards her. he's wearing a dark denim jacket over a red hoodie and fingerless gloves. he has one arm lifted in a casual gesture, but he's sort of glaring at the audience.

    the 6 photos below the group shot are just close-ups of the individual characters. /.end id]


    ta-da breakfast club au cover/poster thing!! im really happy with how it came out :DD

    (total drawing time: approx. 7 hours )


    Texas gave up that land so they could keep slavery:

    “When Texas sought to enter the Union in 1845 as a slave state, federal law in the United States, based on the Missouri Compromise, prohibited slavery north of 36°30' parallel north. Under the Compromise of 1850, Texas surrendered its lands north of 36°30' latitude.”


    Tell me more about how critical race theory shouldn’t be taught in school.

    I am a grown ass man and I just learned about this 5 minutes ago.  Fuck everything about trying to hide the sins of our past.

    part two to these guys!

    image description is under the cut.

    [image description: a digital sketch of zuko and sokka from avatar: the last airbender in front of a white background. they are posing for a mirror selfie and sokka is holding up his phone angled at the viewer. standing very closely together, they are wearing casual modern clothes and both have their hair tied back, sokka in the wolf tail style and zuko in a top knot. a faint blush is visible on the cheeks of both men. they appear to be in their eary twenties.]

    Imho the idea of ‘cruelty free’ products or food shouldn’t mean that nothing died to create it, but rather that anything and anyone involved in the creation process hasn’t been exploited or harmed.

    Leather is good actually. Veganism isn’t the end all be all to morality and consumption. The issue isn’t that a chicken died for those nuggets, but that while the chicken was alive, it’s life fucking sucked. Vegan chocolate means little if the cocoa that made it was gathered by child slave labor.

    Factory farms, abuses of the people who pick the fruit and vegetables we eat, the focus profit and productivity over all else - that’s the fucking issue here. It’s capitalism folks.


    I get that being frozen for 100 years is a tough thing to go through but honestly Aang should have used it for comedy more


    Katara: wow so this is Omashu

    Aang: back in my day it was called weed city

    Sokka: I’m… pretty sure it wasn’t

    Aang: that’s what the fire nation wants you to think


    Bumi, the second they arrive: welcome to weed city

    Sokka: what the fuck


    can we get this post to 420,000 notes