…i did not expect to be touched while skimming a reddit thread on fetish origin stories


    when you realize you enjoy making other people happy and a tangled web of acculturation leads you to express it in the most hilariously distasteful way possible


    When a straight man finds out that bringing joy to other people feels good but has no lens for his feelings about women except sexuality so he fetishizes his literal own feelings


    The artist

    it’s a powerful project

    #MichaelBrown #BlackLivesMatter


    [ image is photograph of a brick wall with two big posters. the first one is the new york times article with every line blacked out except “officer Darren Wilson fatally shot unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown.” and to the right is a large blow up poster of Michael Brown in a graduation photo. ]


    A Teenager With Promise




    the aesthetic of american far right christianity is horrifying


    run-down signs screaming about hell in the middle of nowhere is my aesthetic though


    You don’t know true pants-shitting fear until you’re driving in the middle of nowhere, not a single sign of civilization as far as the eye can see, haven’t seen another living being in three hours, and then out of nowhere suddenly looms a half-destroyed barn with the words “HELL IS REAL” painted on what remains of the roof.


    I find the whole libertarian transhumanist idea that we can and should abolish death pretty deplorable actually given the implications of unequal distribution of that technology. I’d infinitely rather live in a world where death is a thing than a world where anti death tech exists but is used solely by millionaires


    Local fuckhead hopes death is mandatory, fails to consider the immediate reaction people will have to such technology​, embarrasses self, movement


    “Since I have to die, I hope everyone else does too.” - old communist motto


    No I actually agree with this too. You have a time and place here. Death absolutely should be mandatory.


    You want me to die, and my siblings too.

    You want my parents to die, and all of my friends.

    You thought it was good when three of my grandparents died, and you are just waiting for my beloved last grandparent to die.

    I do not want you to die, but I hope one day you learn exactly how terrible your desires are and become a better person.


    Holy. Shit. This might be some of the worst abuse of loaded language I’ve seen in awhile.


    Wow this went awry real fast


    One might think this is a willful misreading in order to take personal offense to a pretty sound political stance, but actually if you are rich enough to afford and desire anti death tech shit for yourself while the rest of the world goes down in flames i DEFINITELY hope you, personally, die, so these sanctimonius crybabies are correct

    Fascism hasn’t come from working class poverty or oppression. That’s a deliberate capitalist intellectual confusion we have to get rid of. The oppression that colonial workers had to endure in Asia, Afrika, Latin America and the Mideast didn’t produce fascism but hopeful, radical left movements of liberation that might have been ultimately subverted, but that also contained the constructive efforts of hundreds of millions of ordinary working people. Centuries of lynchings and police state terror and colonial poverty here in the Black Nation never produced anything like fascism, until neo-colonialism and what Malcolm X called “dollarism” took over. New Afrikan colonial oppression produced so many who were internationalist and forward looking, conscious anti-capitalists with integrity and democratic values. That really represented the historic Black Nation. A people that, however poor, however held low, were predominately working class and at the productive heart of the u.s. empire. A working class culture that had a lived belief in the importance of justice for everyone. So don’t be thinking that fascism just comes from poverty or recession, because it’s not that way at all. In Euro-America – by far the weathiest nation that’s ever existed since Babylon in biblical times – the growth of white fascism has nothing to do with poverty but everything to do with the crisis of white settlerism.

    “The Shock of Recognition” by J. Sakai (via proletarianfeminism)