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2022-03-13 10:52:38

    I have been working on art panels for sale.

    My mother is helping me with this.

    By layering stickers with pictures printed on them, I created vivid colors and dark shadows, taking into account not only reflected light but also transmitted light.

    And we are also preparing a page for sale.

    Of course, this will be available outside of Japan as well.

    I'm still working on the price. This is very difficult.

    This sales site will open within a few weeks. Please wait.

    Evil IOC with Japan

    The trains, which were reduced in frequency to “fight infectious diseases”, are now even more packed than usual.

    The tolls on the Metropolitan Expressway, which were raised to ease congestion, have not been lowered since the decision was made to hold the games without spectators.

    My favorite coffee shop and restaurant finally closed after the promised compensation was not paid.

    Near my home in Fukushima, there are still many people living in temporary housing (like containers).

    Lying about “under control”.

    Extreme heat, sewage pools, Eliminate the homeless(gentrification).

    The fact that the Olympics were initially described as a “compact Olympics” and then taxpayers invested many times more money without saying anything.

    To “ask” for volunteers and even treat them poorly. The discriminatory and prejudiced upper echelons of advertising agencies. The low wages of Olympic staff. Unusual payoffs by staffing agencies and advertising agencies. The tight-knit government.

    Suicide of a JOC executive.

    Power harassment, Sexual harassment, indecency, and suicide of construction workers.

    The planned forced mobilization of students.

    Lockdown of the park and installation of public view of the park.

    The “don’t leave your house” directive and the performance of fighter jets.

    And the use of gaming culture (in place of a composer who had declined), which had been left out in the cold.

    I should have known that in Rio. I was stupid and apathetic five years ago. The IOC is an evil, self-righteous organization that exploits the land. If your government is bad, it is amplified further.

    I am sure that this Olympics and the next one will be a great success. Leaving behind the many sacrifices and problems.

    I’ll never forget them. No matter who tries to cover it up.