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2020-08-15 02:32:43

    I want patrons

    At first, sorry for poor my English.


    I can’t draw enough pixels last 1-2 years, It’s due to my house.

    My house is in deep in the mountain (Mt.Kumano). I didn’t talk with human. 30~ days as usual.

    There is no hospital, no car, no youth, no friends, and no families.

    I’m about to go crazy. 

    Honestly, This is worst time in my life.

    I want to seeing cityscapes on daily basis, and draw them more.

    but I have not enough incomes to live in Tokyo or other city.

    If you likemy works, 

    Please guess about becoming my patron.

    You can pay from $1.

    (I do not prepare special rewards at this time.)

    You can be my patrons at this page/site :



    If you don’t want to pay with patreon, Message me.

    I have a paypal account: 1041uuu@gmail.com

    thanks. and sorry for text post.

    Yuuta Toyoi