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2015-01-21 01:21:18

    I really love the hair in this post 109hair(.)tumblr(.)com/post/93713581656/109hair unfortunately I don't live anywhere close to you guys and I wanted to try it myself and was wondering how you did it

    Hi there, I'm glad you like the post!  However, 109 Hair's posts are hair styles and cuts from Japan, we are not the hair dressers behind the images used.  Sorry about the confusion!I believe the customer came in with bleached hair (lower half), so all the salon had to do was deposit the colours for the ombre.  This was a full color process, dye was applied root to tip, with an ash toner.  Also a point worth mentioning that the salon also used hair extensions (notice how the last few inches of her hair become thinner~)  If you do want to try this at home, I recommend purchasing salon-grade dyes and toners (eg. Wella) + developers as you will be saving more money long term.  [Assuming you have access to a local beauty supply store that sells at competitive rates.] P.S.:  Always remember when purchasing dyes, remember to adhere to the texture and natural color of your hair and its' undertones!