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2020-05-27 23:49:08

    George Floyd was murdered by police. Just like Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, and far too many others.

    White supremacists storm state capitals armed with AR-15 assault rifles and are unharmed. Unarmed people protesting murder by police get tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets.

    Systemic racism is the disease of this country. It must be eradicated. From the white supremacists in the White House to the terrorist vigilantes who hunted down Ahmaud Arbery to the Central Park (Liberal, Buttigieg supporter) woman in New York, calling police on a man who merely asked her to leash her dog.

    The fact that people are turning on Bernie Sanders for supporting Biden when he’s the only person opposing Trump shows that they care more about some imagined idea of ideological purity and Bernie as a figurehead of an imagined political revolution rather than thinking about politics in any sort of pragmatic sense nor do they care about stopping a malicious asshole who if allowed to remain in office will only cause more death and suffering.

    The important thing to remember about Bernie Sanders is that he’s not going to disappear in a puff of smoke once the Democratic Convention is done with.

    He’s a Senator.  He’s going to remain a Senator.  He’s going to be out there working for the same progressive agenda he always has.  He’s also not a stupid man; he knows how politics work.  He has already figured out that he needs two things to push any progressive bills through.

    First, he needs a president who will sit down and work with him rather than telling him to fuck off.  Of the people who will be on the ballot in November, there’s one person who Sanders knows he can work with, and one person who is an absolute nightmare who can barely work with anyone.  Biden is the one he can work with.  If we support Sanders, we’ve got to give him Biden to work with.

    The other thing we need to give him is a Democratic Senate.  Because Mitch McConnell is turning the Senate into a bill-rejection factory, and progressive causes are dead in the water as long as he’s in charge.

    Sanders hasn’t given up.  He’s changed tactics to fit a changing situation.  So should we.

    Also, we should pay attention to down-ticket races.  Down-ticket races matter.  (Carthago delenda est.)

    i will say that this coronavirus scare has definitely revealed that minimum-wage service workers are absolutely instrumental for society to function… all the hoity-toity business meetings can be cancelled, the NBA can be cancelled, public schools and colleges can be cancelled, government meetings can be cancelled, but the checkout line at the grocery store can’t be cancelled… in a perfect world i’d hope that this was a bellwether for better treatment of workers like me but i know we’ll just continue to get paid min wage with no rewards or thank-yous from the world during this time lolololol