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    Portrait de la jeune fille en feu + Paintings

    Cafe Lovers by Joseph Lorusso
    Portrait of a Heart by Christian Schloe
    The Green Gown by Thomas Edwin Mostyn
    The Migration Series, Panel No. 55 by Jacob Lawrence
    Miranda, The Tempest by John William Waterhouse
    The Two Friends by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
    On the Dunes (Lady Shannon and Kitty
    ) by James Jebusa Shannon
    Two Women in a Bed disturbed by a Cat
    by Jean Alphonse Roehn
    Portrait of Edith Frenc
    h by John Singer Sargent
    Portrait of Madame Serizia
    t by Jacques-Louis Davi

    truly obscene that people’s idea of a better and more just future is one in which women are still being killed en masse by men but there’s more diversity in the coverage. people are actually without any consternation arguing the primary issue in the gabby petito case and the cases of missing/murdered racialized women is white supremacy in media coverage.

    not even the response of law enforcement. media coverage

    i had a dream that scientology branded lego sets were a thing and i had a whole collection of them, what a wild thing for my brain to think of

    i also had a dream that my bff was over and my dad took down my door because it was broken and then he started playing loud music and i had a meltdown and she helped me feel better by letting me spoon her

    The biggest bullshit about removing any sex marker for women (ACLU ala RBG), it misses the whole point! We all know that but, maybe you don’t know about the Famous 5 in Canada:

    The question was “Are women considered “persons” under the law?” As it would relate to holding office, etc. Canadian Supreme Court originally decided no, we were not.

    The question makes no sense if you fucking remove the sex marker. “Are people considered “persons” under the law?” That makes no fucking sense.

    History is written by the victors. Unfortunately the ACLU is the enemy of womankind right now. Pretty bleak.