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    No critical thought of how or why having literal sex is somehow still not enough for some men? Like, imagine - most of this sex is premarital with no risk of producing children and the obligations that follow. Men have never had safer or easier sex lives and yet it’s unimaginable that this couldn’t possibly be enough?


    jesus christ it's really this bad


    Interesting that they (i don't date women who consume porn either but this is clearly a male issue) say "my boyfriend doesn't watch porn because I would not make someone who consumes porn my life partner" and libfems hear "I force my boyfriend to pretend he doesn't watch porn while we have completely different politics because I'm jealous of the cool sexy awesome porn stars!" Like?


    Cumbrains are so porn addicted that they assume every one else is too. They are similar to psychopaths and rapists who delude themselves into believing every one else has anti-social tendencies. It helps them sleep better at night. They use the bandwagon fallacy to justify their own depravity.


    It got worse

    Imagine thinking you are on the “right side” and have been so brainwashed to think sexual exploitation is normal.


    Masturbation needn’t come with porn, the idea that your boyfriend paying another girl to see her naked is normal, something to be encouraged, and that it’s not unfaithful???? INSANE.

    Listen I totally understand the idea of not trusting men to be honest about their porn habits (I’ve been there, they probably ARE lying, men suck) but to laugh at her because she happens to trust that her partner isn’t a douchebag? That’s what’s pathetic to you? What’s pathetic to me is accepting that your partner is being unfaithful and accepting the idea that he needs to see naked bodies that don’t belong to you, that he is PAYING to see naked bodies that aren’t yours. The message is literally “you aren’t enough” and these girls are just like “yeah okay fair”. I just feel so sorry for straight women...

    He’s not “supporting someone trying to make a living” or he’d just fucking venmo her. He should believe that her “services” aren’t for him.


    These people are all so disgusting.

    Céline explains how the film dynamic changes after Marianne shows Héloïse the first portrait

    (Can’t thank enough @bereaving for being so supportive and so patient with me, you’re truly the best !)

    “For me that sequence (which by the way was the sequence n°30, and when we remember the number it means that the sequence was really important) was the moment where the film switches to another language.

    Of all possible reactions from the character, being critical of the painting is, I think, the least expected. It’s the beginning of a new dynamic between the characters. From the moment when no one is ignorant anymore, then everyone has their own point of view. The dialogue is an intellectual, critical, sentimental dialogue.”

    “Right of the bat, there is the question of the power of the beholder. A new writing.”

    “Adèle Haenel walks so strongly that the camera shakes.”

    Click here to see more translated parts of the DVD commentary

    “Am I less of a lesbian for wanting to have sex with men?” Is such a bonkers question because the answer is obviously “YES you are not a lesbian at all if you want to have sex with men!” But there are too many overly online people who are “omg no that’s so valid!! Everyone knows womxn are supposed to like men :) don’t let the mean monosexual lesbians take this away from you :) “ like I hate all these people


    not to be That Bitch but it really is insidious that the construction of the concept of “granny panties” has made women self conscious about their freaking underwear of all things (meant to be worn underneath your clothes and not be seen most of the time!!!) to the point where women sacrifice comfort to wear a gstring or cheeky hipster or whatever crap the industry comes up with all so that women can be constantly maintaining not just a pleasing outward appearance but a ~sexy~ state of mind


    PSA thongs are likely bad for you health. They’re linked to an increase in UTI risk, vaginal infections, and your genitals chafing. Women are being socially pressured into wearing underwear that’s bad for their health because god forbid women ever wear underwear or any article of clothing that’s not sexually appealing


    Yes, but Briefs are still hideous. Bikini cut exists.


    Says who? Why do you think briefs are hideous? Why is covering your ass and not having any part of your ass hanging out hideous? Almost all men’s underwear covers their ass, does that make all men’s underwear hideous and if it does do you think men notice or care? Why are only women noticing or caring if their ass covering underwear is “hideous”? Do you think we’re born this way, that little baby girls pop out of the womb thinking underwear that covers their whole ass is hideous but baby boys pop out not caring and feeling just fine with having their whole ass covered, or do you think maybe they learn that from somewhere?