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2020-07-12 00:30:46

    <>Endings are tricky because we expect answers. Fifteen years ago, with my first film Saving Face, I got one recurring question: “Is this ending… too happy?” At the time, as much as I saw the truth in it for my characters, I confessed to not knowing if that happy ending could be expected in real life; but as a queer woman, I wanted - needed - to see it in order to believe it could happen for me. Now with The Half Of It I’m regularly peppered with questions over whether certain characters end up together in an ever-pointed crescendo toward “But is the ending happy?” (Ha!) My honest answer is that the point of the film isn’t about who ends up with whom. It’s about three people who collide in a moment-in-time before going their separate ways, each now holding the piece of themselves that allows them to become the person they are meant to be. The end of the film is each of their beginnings. And for my characters, I can think of no happier ending.

    - Alice Wu