This is a list of chosen videos of BTS made to help you smile and make your day or night ^^


  • Adorable Seokjin HERE
  • Choreographer Seokjin HERE
  • Impressive Seokjin HERE
  • Cutie Seokjin HERE
  • Dancing king Seokjin HERE
  • Appreciated Seokjin HERE
  • Rude winking Seokjin HERE
  • SUGA

  • Stunning Yoongi HERE
  • Singer Yoongi HERE
  • Pink Yoongi HERE
  • Hyped Yoongi HERE
  • Unmotivated Yoongi HERE
  • Forehead Yoongi HERE
  • Deep Voiced Yoongi HERE

  • Rudest Hoseok HERE
  • Sunshine Hoseok HERE
  • Must protect Hoseok HERE
  • Rude again Hoseok HERE
  • Hip thrusting Hoseok HERE
  • Cute sound by Hoseok HERE
  • Only Hoseok HERE
  • RM

  • Clumsy Namjoon HERE
  • Lover Namjoon HERE
  • Powerful & attractive Namjoon HERE
  • Proud Namjoon HERE
  • Happy Namjoon HERE
  • Save Namjoon HERE
  • Excited cute Namjoon HERE

  • Sexy performer Jimin HERE
  • Whining Jimin HERE
  • Scary? Jimin HERE
  • Dinosaurs lover Jimin HERE
  • Falling, again and again, Jimin HERE
  • Don’t know what to caption this but here he is, Jimin HERE
  • Fall in love with Jimin HERE
  • V

  • Clumsy Taehyung HERE
  • Shocked Taehyung HERE
  • Model Taehyung HERE
  • Glasses-Taehyung HERE
  • Graceful Taehyung HERE
  • Kitten Taehyung HERE
  • Deep-voiced Taheyung HERE & HERE

  • Dangerous Jungkook HERE
  • OFC he is rude and his name is Jungkook HERE
  • Evil laugh by Jungkook HERE
  • Caring for ARMY Jungkook HERE
  • Pardon Jungkook HERE
  • Extra Jungkook HERE
  • Ready to fight Jungkook HERE
  • I hope that these were enough to save a day ^^


    I just keep growing and growing 

    I keep tearing, and sewing every piece I loose.

    But I can't crumble, i can't allow myself to be the dust in the wind 

    The same wind that kisses your face every night after work. 

    But I will leave, I have to, I will say my last adieu 

    I will not come back for you

    Because, every time you fall, you beg me to let you die

    And I end up killing myself while you just walk off

    This is my last adieu