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2021-09-25 19:30:55

    I miss when computers and websites were just wildly customizable in ridiculous ways. when I was a kid I was messing around and randomly found a little running horse cursor that was just there for some reason and changed the hourglass to that. and then got yelled at by my dad because he assumed I’d downloaded it off the internet but yknow.

    nobody does shit like that anymore. I can’t just put “the 5th moon of jupiter” as my facebook location anymore because they decided to be killjoys so they could stalk people better and windows won’t let you customize your whole interface in stupid ways and they treat their user base like idiots.

    like not to be a salty old man but there’s no joy in it anymore I’m just resigned that even if I customize shit I’ll still be forced to install the next mandatory update that will put it all back to its pristine bullshit original state and also break my system volume control for some reason.