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2020-09-24 18:08:41

    One type of plot line I absolutely hate (if not the one I hate the most) has got to be ones where the main character has to deal with mistaken identity or they were Shanghaid (sp?). It is so incredibly frustrating and annoying 😠😤😠. Whether is a movie centered around it or a tv show where that’s the story for the episode or whatever it is a struggle to get through it and if it is a show and I can skip it I for sure will.


    That and time travel. Or mind control. Or parasites. Or anything to do with holodecks.

    I watch too much sci fi lol


    I used to help a quadriplegic man go to the store, mow his grass, etc. I cant tell you how frustrating it is when people misuse handicapped areas. The biggest is the striped area next to some handicapped parking spots... when people park in them (other handicapped people do it) you can't open the door for the wheelchair lift. We once had a police officer tell us to drop the ramp on their car and when they complain he would ticket them. Wild times.


    We lost legendary internet icon Shiro/Nobiko/Longcat today at the age of 18 years after a long battle with a slew health problems that her mama handled like a fuckin champ. Id been following her mama on Twitter for a while now and every time she posted a bunch of pictures of young Nobiko I would hit "translate tweet" with dread in my heart...well, today was the day.

    Viva Longcat, you absolute unit. You transcended language and the years to bring us joy just by virtue of being super fucking long, and your mama never once tried to profit off you or parade you around for attention, and you lived your life happy and comfortable and totally ignorant to your star status. You're part of the internet mythos of the early 2000s, and now you'll live forever.