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    10 Things SM could do instead of creating the super boy group

    Just to make it clear: I don’t hate any of the idols involved in this. The group honestly looks like my bias list. However, based on their styles and abilities, I don’t think it’s going to be something amazing. So here’s what SM could do instead. 

    Get all of NCT, WayV included, for another NCT 2019.
    Remember how great NCT 2018 was? All the amazing songs? Baby Don’t Stop is one of the best songs NCT ever did. You don’t need to put the members in an entirely different group when there are so many amazing collaborations waiting to happen under the NCT umbrella. Again, there’s no reason to form an entirely new group when amazing collaborations are right under your nose. Give us Ten and Taeyong again. Give us some combination of the 2000 line idols. Give us another Without You. Give us anything. But don’t ignore the potential.  

    Let Taemin do literally anything else.
    The man sings, dances, acts, is great on variety shows. Let him go to a masters class for dance. Let him star on a variety show where he teaches new trainees. Let him promote his damn solo in Japan and get some rest this year. Hell, if you really want him to work with any of the members listed, just do that! Let him do some kind of Station duet with Ten or Kai or Taeyong. Literally anything but this. 

    Baekhyun should enjoy his solo.
    I admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of Baekhyun’s solo debut. However, it was still solid for a first time solo EP, and it seems like all promotions for it vanished into thin air. He did like what, a few music shows and Sketchbook? Come on, I get the timing’s kind of awful, but he could, I don’t know, continue working on solo music through Station at the very least? (I don’t think a full comeback would work given how tight the schedule for the year already seems). 

    Kai could join Chanyeol and Sehun and make the SKY unit we all dreamed of.
    Honestly, why wasn’t Kai added to the line up in the first place? I get that it’s more a rap unit than a dance one, but there’s no reason, literally no flipping reason, that Kai couldn’t develop his rapping or singing chops in a new unit. Maybe that was his choice to not join the unit. If so, why not let him act? Or work on his solo stuff through Station? Three are so many other things he could be doing. 

    Renew SM the Ballad or SM the Performance.
    Look, the collaboration isn’t the problem. I love each of the idols scheduled for the line-up and think they have amazing potential to create something beautiful. My problem is the idea of creating an entirely new, regular group when there are already well-beloved groups established for SM idols to work together. Renew the old Performance or Ballad groups. Those were specialized units which allowed idols of a similar style and ability to work together and promote sparingly in a way that didn’t interfere with their regular schedules. Why not bring that back? Let them work through SM station or have special performances through the SM Town concerts. There are so many possibilities that it’s hard to understand why SM isn’t taking advantage of this instead of creating an entirely new group.

    Let Hyoyeon release a full DJ HYO album.
    From a business standpoint, people argue that Hyoyeon isn’t popular enough to warrant full promotions. I call bull. She’s a member of the Nation’s Girl Group. SM has the power to let her promote, as per the DY HYO Seoul club tour. Let her do that again with a full album! Let her promote on music shows. Anything. And while we’re at it, give Yuri another comeback too, because The First Scene was one of the best releases of last year. 

    Super Junior could use a comeback.
    I’m not a fan of some of the members for their behavior, but the group as a whole could probably promote a little bit. Otra Vez was awesome. Let them do more of that! Or - 

    Let TVXQ and BoA become a new group. 
    Wanna talk about an entirely new group? SM, I’ve got you covered. Your two greatest veterans are just waiting in the wings for a chance to work their magic. We’ve all seen Yunho and BoA in her Only One performances. Do more of that! Hell, they don’t even have to promote in Korea! They can promote in Japan! But let them do something together. Style, talent, and experience are so well matched. Again, I don’t know why this hasn’t been a thing yet.

    Give Taeyeon another album.
    I know she’s focusing on her mental health, but it’s also obvious she loves making music. She doesn’t need to promote (clearly, given how successful her stuff is without it), just let her get in the studio with some good melodies and send it out into the world. It’s the time for it, since her new show is coming on air.

    Finally, GIVE F(X) A DAMN ALBUM. 

    And that’s it! Ten brand spanking awesome ideas for SM to earn some cash and not create the shitstorm that is this new group. 

    I love the members in the lineup, and I know they’re probably really excited to work together. I’d love to see Taemin work with Ten or Winwin, for instance. It just doesn’t seem logical for all these idols - with varying styles (contemporary/futuristic disco - in Taemin’s words - to R&B) to be thrown together when there is so much more potential lying around.  It really does seem like a quick ploy for cash and clout. I’m afraid if SM continues with this trend, they’ll lose the spark of genuine creativity and earnest desire to create good music which makes them so special. 

    Get To Know Ateez

    Ateez is an 8 member group that debuted October 24, 2018 and are from KQ Entertainment, predebut they were known as KQ Fellaz. Atiny is their fandom, it means Ateez+Destiny.

    The Members:

  • Kim Hongjoong
  • November 7, 1998
  • The leader of Ateez, also a rapper, vocalist, center, everything.
  • Nicknames are Hongleader and Minihongs.
  • He’s loves minions so he’s sometimes called Korean Big Minion, 
  • He’s not the oldest, but he is the shortest.
  • He composes a lot of Ateez’s songs.
  • He speaks English.
  • He was on Mixnine, he got ranked 42nd.
  • He once had a glorious mullet, r.i.p. mullet.
  • He’s our very hardworking leader who loves his members despite how much they clown him.
  • During the Genie Music Freezetag dance for Wave, the younger members literally just started stripping him, by the end of the dance he had lost his shoes, socks, and coat.
  • Claims to be 192 cm tall. (he’s not)
  • image
  • Park Seonghwa
  • April 3, 1998
  • The oldest, vocalist, visual.
  • Nickname is Angry Bird, Toothless, and Mars.
  • If a member is getting bullied it’s probably him or Hongjoong, but if Wooyoung is the one doing it then it is more than likely him.
  • He was originally a rapper but changed to a vocalist before debut.
  • He is the cleanest member.
  • His hobbies are cleaning and cooking.
  • He’s the one that comforts the other members.
  • He likes ASMR videos.
  • He does unnecessarily sexy dances to Baby Shark, and the members reactions are the best.
  • Just wants some steak.
  • On March 3rd, 2019 he asked his makeup artist to draw a red line on his right eye for HALA HALA, effectively attacking Atinys everywhere.
  • image
  • Jeong Yunho
  • March 23, 1999
  • The leader of 99 line, dancer, vocalist, tallest member.
  • Nicknames are Yunhogizer and Golden Retriever.
  • He loves Harry Potter a lot, like a lot.
  • He owns a Harry Potter wand.
  • He’s a puppy.
  • Yunho and Mingi have been friends for 5 years.
  • Does the cutest head twirl thing with Mingi.
  • He’s a teddybear and soft and just the cutest.
  • He’s so soft, like even with their somewhat dark concepts he’s still just the softest.
  • A genius performer. 
  • image
  • Kang Yeosang
  • June 15, 1999
  • Dancer, vocalist, visual.
  • Nicknames are Speaker of Facts and Hehemon.
  • He has the cutest birthmark on his left temple.
  • He loves drones.
  • He skateboards to release his anger.
  • He seems soft to start, since he’s the quietest member.
  • Says he is a pure heart but that’s wrong because he’ll roast the shit outta the others.
  • He’s a former Bighit trainee, along with Wooyoung.
  • Yeosang and Wooyoung have been friends for 4 years.
  • He’s the one in every song with either no lines or like 3 words, and he deserves much much better.
  • image
  • Choi San
  • July 10, 1999
  • Dancer and vocalist.
  • Nickname is Sanjook.
  • San means mountain.
  • He acts like the maknae, but is not the maknae.
  • He also speaks English very well.
  • He has a lot of plushies.
  • He has one named Shiber, the unofficial 9th member of Ateez, who he brought with him when Ateez came to America predebut.
  • He wanted to be a florist or barista if he wasn’t an idol.
  • I don’t wanna say he’s nasty, but boy is nasty. During the Ateez mafia game he drunk out of a Coke, spit it back into the bottle, then let Hongjoong drink from it.
  • He and Wooyoung are like children, they need supervision constantly.
  • He once said “when I’m on the stage, satan switch, on”.
  • image
  • Song Mingi
  • August 9, 1999
  • Rapper and dancer.
  • Nickname is Mingki.
  • He’s also really tall, like almost the same height as Yunho.
  • He and Yunho have been friends for 5 years.
  • He’s a former Maroo trainee.
  • He was also on Mixnine and was ranked 62nd.
  • He’s afraid of bugs and honestly just easily scared.
  • He wants to collab with One Direction.
  • Does the cutest head twirl thing with Yunho.
  • His voice is lower than my GPA.
  • He once said his hobby is sleeping.
  • Was willing to risk it all for Oneus in that Weekly Idol episode.
  • image
  • Jung Wooyoung
  • November 26, 1999
  • Vocalist, dancer, visual.
  • Former Bighit Trainee.
  • Friends with Yeosang for 4 years.
  • After Yeosang left Bighit, he followed since he said either they succeed or fail together.
  • He is also friends with Changbin from Stray Kids.
  • He was also on Mixnine and ranked 72nd.
  • He’s the loudest member.
  • If you hear someone scream in an Ateez video, there is a good chance it’s him.
  • Goes from 0 to 100 faster than my GPA drops.
  • He wants to try a sexy concept, so basically he wants to kill Atiny.
  • His hobbies include collecting clothing, gaming, and bullying Seonghwa.
  • image
  • Choi Jongho
  • October 12, 2000
  • Vocalist and maknae.
  • Nicknames are Apple and Power Jongho.
  • He’s Atiny’s baby.
  • If you didn’t know his age, you’d probably think he’s an older member since he doesn’t seem like the maknae.
  • He breaks apples in half with his bare hands often while singing.
  • He also once broke a pear, an orange, a melon, and a once punched a watermelon in half.
  • Literally the strongest member, like what did KQ feed the maknae.
  • He just picked up Hongjoong in the freezetag dance and moved him like he weighed nothing.
  • Predebut before coming to American he was telling Wooyoung lies about the airplane and it was 10/10 great.
  • His forehead flick will send you into another dimension. 
  • Fortnite Dances.
  • Vocal king.
  • They have 8 music videos currently. One is predebut, From, it features Junyoung a trainee that was decided not to be debuting in Ateez. Pirate King and Treasure are their double title tracks. Say My Name and HALA HALA are from their first comeback. Promise isn’t an official music video but it was filmed while they were on their European tour. Wave and Illusion are their double title tracks this comeback. 

  • From
  • Pirate King
  • Treasure
  • Say My Name
  • Promise
  • Wave
  • Illusion
  • These aren’t all the videos you could find about Ateez, but just some interesting ones that I’d recommend you to watch, since they are either informative or entertaining:

  • KQ Fellaz Performance Video I
  • KQ Fellaz Performance Video II
  • KQ Fellaz Yunho Solo Performance Video
  • Ateez Performance Video III
  • KQ Fellaz Predebut Show Episodes 1 - 5 
  • KQ Fellaz Predebut Show Episodes 6 - 11
  • KQ Fellaz Predebut Show Episodes 12 - 15
  • KQ Fellaz Predebut Show Episodes 16 - 19
  • Ateez Growl Performance Video
  • Ateez Wanted Episode 1 
  • Ateez Wanted Episode 2 
  • Ateez Wanted Episode 3
  • Ateez Wanted Episode 4 
  • Ateez Wanted Episode 5 
  • Ateez Wanted Episode 6
  • Ateez Wanted Episode 7
  • Ateez Wanted Episode 8
  • Ateez Love Test Hongjoong
  • Ateez Love Test Seonghwa
  • Ateez Love Test Yunho
  • Ateez Love Test Yeosang
  • Ateez Love Test San
  • Ateez Love Test Mingi
  • Ateez Love Test Wooyoung
  • Ateez Love Test Jongho
  • Ateez Logbook Playlist
  • Ateez Dingo Song Challenge
  • Ateez Dingo Jackpot Live HALA HALA
  • Weekly Idol (Ateez & Oneus)
  • Ateez Wave Freezetag Dance
  • Ateez KK Wave Dance
  • KPOP Insiders Quiz Ateez (Say My Name Era)
  • KPOP Insiders Quiz Ateez (Wave Era)
  • POV Live Ateez
  • Ateez Meme Factory
  • couldnt-think-of-a-funny-name

    listen idk I’m thinking about how before new moon came out it was like….every single news story was debating on whether or not they should keep taylor lautner as Jacob, because he wasn’t buff enough, and the film studio and the general public essentially pressured him into doing insane diets and workout routines just so he can keep a role he already won, just because no one would even entertain the character looking slightly different than described, and it was treated as this great thing, like damn, he really pulled it off!!! he’s hot now!!! he can keep the part!!! and that’s just so fucked up like. he was fucking 15 years old??? they spray painted abs onto Robert Pattinson in the same film. Taylor Lautner was LITERALLY A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD and practically the entire world slammed him for not having an unreal body, and then once he obtained one grown ass women were drooling over him like a piece of meat for the rest of his teenage years. what the fuck. 


    I’m still on this! Imagine you’re still going thru puberty and the world is so obsessed with your body that you become a sex symbol for MOTHERS. first all the focus on whether or not he could get the body and then constant focus on what it looks like for the next 4 or 5 years like! That’s so fucked up he didn’t NEED an 8-pack THEY SPRAY PAINTED ABS ON ROB IN THE SAME MOVIE


    he did interviews on all his crazy work out routines and said he had to carry around beef patties and other high protein foods wherever he went so he was just eating constantly THATS NOT ALRIGHT and every single magazine article or ET news segment was covering this the whole time. Fans were vocally debating whether he deserved to keep the role that HE ALREADY EARNED. This was such a big deal. What the fuck.


    so the highest paid teenager was also the second sexist man of the year, huh


    *Racialized pedophilia


    I am not a Twilight fan, nor am I a fan of Taylor Lautner, but damn this is wrong to do to anyone and I will fight anyone who tries to defend doing this to a teenager.


    i cant believe im typing this out again in 2019. WARNING for mention of suicide.

    i talked to a k-elf a couple years back asking why the hell they hate sungmin so much. IT WASNT THE FACT THAT HE GOT MARRIED. KOREAN FANS WANT THE SJ MEMBERS TO GET MARRIED. theyre still mad at him because of his actions and attitude regarding the fans and the members. i remember three of the specific reasons she gave me: first, sungmin straight up lied to k-elf about his marriage while he told the truth to another country’s elf (it was either c-elf or j-elf). second, it turned out that he gave the gifts that fans gave him to his wife. third, sungmin blatantly ignored leeteuk’s serious mental health issues (this was when the incident with leeteuk’s dad and grandparents occurred; this and the debt passed onto leeteuk drove him to think about killing himself), and kept pestering leeteuk, sending him letters, etc. to give sungmin permission for marriage. i personally am still upset because of this last reason. leeteuk didnt sacrifice so much for the group and for the fans to be treated like this. sungmin has not owned up to these actions in any apology. (i was also told that there was tension between the members and sungmin; the members left quickly from his wedding to eat somewhere else).

    also, please keep in mind that idol-fan relationships in korea (and china and japan) are different from artist-fan relationships in most other countries. k-fans are the first ones to support their groups when theyre just debuting; they organize projects for their groups, support their group’s careers financially by buying albums (and sometimes raise money to buy them IN BULK) and going to concerts, and are there to cheer them on in person at live performances and events. casual listeners don’t financially support idol groups; they might stream songs here and there and MAYBE buy an album, it’s the dedicated k-fans (and sometimes j-fans and c-fans) who are the ones that keep the idols’ careers going. this is why idols are expected to act in a way that won’t upset the k-fans. it gets to a ridiculous point sometimes, i know, but international fans shouldn’t just be imposing our ideals about idol-fan relationships onto a culture/system that’s been in place for decades. (this isnt to say that international fans’ support is insignificant though; our support matters too, but how often do you see int'l fans consistently buying albums in a timely manner to support comebacks? how often do you seen int'l fans buying albums in bulk to support comebacks?)

    im not condoning all of k-elf’s behavior because there are a number of them that are hostile towards international elf and even the sj members, but they have reasons to be upset. they deliberately built up a man’s career using their own money and time and expected loyalty in return. sungmin instead hurt his members, his leader, and his fans. k-elf just dont see sungmin as someone who’s good for the group anymore.


    Counter points to consider

    1. Sungmin probably “lied” to k-elf because he wasn’t ready to let it be known, however the truth was revealed before he could do it so he told the truth which happened to be with c or j elf.

    2. Gifts- once you give a gift it’s up to the receiver to do with it what they want. It is now their posession and the giver no longer has a say in what happens to that gift. They have given that right away when they gifted the item away.

    3. Fans do not know what happens to idols behind closed doors. Fan’s do not know what happens within a group. Fans do not know how the members feel or what they think about a situation or other members. Fans can speculate based on the surface details but do not know. Even if fans happen to be right it is still up to the members to decide if they were hurt or bothered by a member’s action and how to deal with it. NOT the fans. (You were told? By who? Fans? Not the members or a credible source associated to the group?)

    4. Korean, chinese & japanese fans are important and the first to support a group. Though the way they work is old, it is a new era. Groups are global. International fans take up a large part of the fandom. They, too, make projects, they keep groups trending through social media, they purchase albums, and i-fan’s cheer on the group when groups travel internationally. Not only that but I-elf aren’t always lucky enough to have groups come to their home town or a city only a train ride away (like in korea). I-elf travel across country and into other countries to show support. Maybe I-fans don’t buy bulk (since we all work on digital sales whereas korea is on physical albums) but that’s because they have travel expenses added on, shipping fees, and/or it’s not available in their area.

    5. They literally have NO right to be upset. “They deliberately built up a man’s career using their own money and time and expected loyalty in return”. That was their choice. Fans CHOOSE to spend time and money they are not forced or required to. Loyalty? He is an entertainer, fans pay to be entertained. I think the supply and demand is met.

    6. Fans do not know who felt hurt by Sungmin marrying. Super Junior members have known each other for 20 years, they are grown men and know each other better than fans do and know how to communicate with one another both professionally and personally. If the members aren’t complaining about him and haven’t chosen to kick him out of the group then the fans shouldn’t be trying to act on behalf of the group.

    Points as to why this is about him marrying:

    1. Shindong got engaged. No fans through a fit.

    2. Shindong would send messages to his gf/fiance through album jackets and proposed to her while promoting on a show with super junior. Fans did not complain or want him kicked out for mixing his personal life with his professional life.

    3. Kyu’s recent comeback video had an actress and he had to explain that she was merely an actress because “fans” were upset. “Fans” booed at Kyu’s returning fan meet because he said he wanted to date. That doesn’t sound like fans who want the members to marry.


    ^^THANK YOU. There’s literally no excuse for this kind of toxic behaviour. As for the rumour that Sungmin pressured Leeteuk into giving him permission to marry when he was grieving…WHERE is their proof? The times don’t match up! A wedding needs to be booked and planned months in advance! And do you think if Sungmin was that inconsiderate to bring something like this up during such trying times, that Heechul would publicly defend him and ask for the fans to have sympathy for him?? Heechul is literally Teuk’s #1 defender. These K-ELFs are slowly killing SJ with their selfish demands and unreasonable expectations. Whoever supports this mentality needs to get themselves checked. The end.

    Not ONLY did a big American News station report on how Kyungsoo was going into the military, they ALSO actually knew who the group was, said his stage name and real name without butchering it, said WHY he was going into the military AND called exo the kings of kpop. Bless an education News station

    so many magazine instagrams posted natural unedited unwhitewashed photos of jongin today……. i shouldn’t have to say that i’m “grateful” because unwhitewashed should be the norm but we all know it is Not and!!! it feels so good to see him as he is.. skin tone and texture and all


    Men think it’s ruder for a woman to say “don’t interrupt me” than it is for them to interrupt her in the first place


    id probably call that ruder. Jus cause I interrupt someone don’t mean I was mentally thinking bout cutting this annoying ass bitch off. it just so happened my g.


    I know you would call that ruder. That’s what the post was about.


    And he calls this hypothetical woman an annoying ass bitch. You’re an obvious misogynist and entitled prick, this post was about you. 😃👍🏻