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This is my little space bubble to post ideas, art and what I find interesting... I draw commissions and do random things to distract me from my own existence.

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2020-12-03 10:33:18

    Posted this on twitter already but uhhh here we go again


    PSA to Inktober Artists:

    As of August 27th, 2020, it was revealed that Jake Parker (the creator of inktober) had plagiarized the work of black artist Alphonso Dunn in Parker’s upcoming book ‘Inktober All Year Long’.

  • Alphonso’s video breakdown of the similarities
  • Proof Jake Parker was aware of Dunn’s work beforehand (01-21-20)
  • Parker’s publisher puts his book on hold (08-28-20)
  • DeviantArt suspends their Inktober Awards (08-28-20)
  • Alphonso Dunn’s book: Pen & Ink Drawing
  • 2020 Inktober alternatives:

  • Drawtober (6 prompts for 31 days), OC tober (Original Characters),  goretober,  kinktober, witchtober, drawlloween(spooky), sketchtober (pencil sketches), Dungeons & Inkwells (dnd), whumptober
  • ponesartgallary

    Here’s some adoptables! This is my first time selling adoptables, so I’m pretty excited and hope these guys get a good home <3 If you’re interested in buying one, please message me in dms on @bendybabies @pony-broni or @ponesartgallary! 


    Rose bby just found a new home <3 thank you @bichcarito​ ! 

    The lamb doll now belongs to @demonichunny​ !