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2020-09-18 21:58:52

    Posted this on twitter already but uhhh here we go again


    PSA to Inktober Artists:

    As of August 27th, 2020, it was revealed that Jake Parker (the creator of inktober) had plagiarized the work of black artist Alphonso Dunn in Parker’s upcoming book ‘Inktober All Year Long’.

  • Alphonso’s video breakdown of the similarities
  • Proof Jake Parker was aware of Dunn’s work beforehand (01-21-20)
  • Parker’s publisher puts his book on hold (08-28-20)
  • DeviantArt suspends their Inktober Awards (08-28-20)
  • Alphonso Dunn’s book: Pen & Ink Drawing
  • 2020 Inktober alternatives:

  • Drawtober (6 prompts for 31 days), OC tober (Original Characters),  goretober,  kinktober, witchtober, drawlloween(spooky), sketchtober (pencil sketches), Dungeons & Inkwells (dnd), whumptober
  • unpretty

    The Outbursts of Everett True was a comic strip that ran in papers from 1905 to 1927, wherein the aforementioned Everett True regularly beat the everliving shit out of rude people as a warning to anyone else who might consider being rude. Men have not only been taking up too much room on public transport for about as long as public transport has existed, but the people around them have been irritated about it for at least a hundred years. The next time someone tries to claim that manspreading is a false phenomenon, please direct them to this strip so that Everett True can correct their misconceptions with an umbrella upside the head.


    I have never before heard of Everett True, but if he “regularly beat the everliving shit out of rude people as a warning to anyone else who might consider being rude,” I have a strong spiritual connection with him.


    I fucking love him


    i can imagine this guy’s voice very clearly in my head but i couldn’t put a name to it 


    He also jabs racists in the eye!


    I love the justice grandpa of fists


    I’m very lucky to own a book that’s a collection of most of these comics (sadly not all of them) and would highly recommend hunting these down if you can. Sorry for the lack of a scanner but phone photos will just have to do.

    He was a enjoyable cuss who didn’t care for war mongering.

    Especially profitable war mongering and excuses for it!

    He certainly didn’t like selfish husbands and fathers!

    Politicians who turned on their words once they got theirs weren’t safe.

    He said fuck the police!

    He absolutely didn’t like people ruining little things for kids.

    He stood up for foreigners. Especially those doing their best to communicate with limited second language knowledge.

    He was not having any tomfoolery when it came to gun safety and laws. Especially with youth involved.

    You had better not abuse a animal with him nearby. He’d right that wrong real quick!

    And best of all him and his wife were both prickly cusses together. Relationship goals.


    I have a new role model


    “justice grandpa of fists”


    It’s nice to see a fat dude in a political cartoon that’s NOT being used as shorthand for greed and corruption.


    Hes like the personification of motherfucker unlimited


    Reblogging this newer version of this thread with so many more strips I haven’t seen…why did this character ever disappear. Where did you go, Everett.


    we need him more than ever…


    wear a mask


    He’s like if Kingpin was a good guy


    Oh my! I’m interest in this Au I’m new here I wonder how did thorn hay became like he is today?

    Well hewoo and welcome!🌹

    At first I had many ideas for this au even making Thorn French since flowers have so many cool sounding names in that language. But that didn't stick well so after few experiments. I rounded up few words that describes Thorn as a character. As well as changing his origin to make people more aware of the earths forests and nature.🌎

    Having a tribe of his kind like flower creatures that live in the deep forested areas in a way like protectors of the forest. instead of making him alone in the world well alone in the modern world. As there are reasons why he left his lands he toughened up seeing what people are capable of. Being a modern villain to find his own way without blooming and wilting away as he seen so many did before. As humans have knowledge that he could use with his own research and experiments he employed Dr. Blume.🌿

    A new commission sheet since my art has really improved! ;0;

    As always, I accept payments through Paypal. If you wish to buy a commission, message me on the following blogs: @ponenini  @bendybabies @ponesartgallary . If you don’t like messaging on these platforms, you can message me through my discord, which is Ponenini#0380 ! 

    Note-  Every added character doubles the price of whatever you’re getting (for example, if you get a headshot sketched but of TWO heads, then it would be $10, but if you want three heads then it would be $15). I as well start drawing a commission once I’m paid for it. 

    Also the character in the chibi drawing belongs to @harlynstein The rest of the characters belong to me

    reblogs are VERY much appreciated!


    Thank you!

    Thank you all so much for being here with us here at Redeemed.

    Why am I saying this?

    Because this month marks a whole year we have been here on Tumblr! Some of you have been with us when it was only me (Mod Vin) running the blog, before it was redeemed au, when it was prisma hat au. A lot has changed in a year from the focus and story line, to the amount of nods helping to run the blog to my art style.

    You guys have been here and watched us grow and become what we are.

    And to those who only recently joined us, thank you. There's so much more to come, so much more growing to do. Thank you. You're all amazing and we here at Redeemed love and appreciate you whether you interact with likes and reblogs, ask questions or just visit the blog at all.

    I really wanted to do art for this occasion but between art block and depression and work I didn't have the time. So instead have a comparison of my art style changes and Prisma's character redesign

    Again. Thank you all so much for supporting us and being with us

    (the second piece is the first redesign I did of Prisma. I somehow never saved any of the other, more recent redesigns. Oops!)