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This is my little space bubble to post ideas, art and what I find interesting... I draw commissions and do random things to distract me from my own existence.

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2021-02-21 08:36:47

    What happened to monstrous hat??

    Idk it was enjoyable to rp with them from my smoll beginnings of interacting with the fandom and being part of it. Character is not mine just so you know anon. But with time people move on and change there username. Expierence diffrent events that require some time to sit back. I'm not sure what happen to them or what they are doing but I hope they are alright and safe.


    Could I please request shirt Black Hat in 2E? :3

    I discussed with @things-arent-what-they-seem66 saying I had already recently done a picture of black hat with that expression from the sheet they picked for so they chose

    2d from here

    Short Black Hat 2012 version