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2021-08-29 11:46:57

      It’s time for a SFW version of “SSMILF Saturday”

    Join some of the hottest ladies on Tumblr and become a Super Sexy MILF (SSMIF) if you think you have the goods. 

    Remember this is SFW (Safe For Work). 
    * No Nipples
    * No Pussies
    * No Dick

    Every Saturday will be a new SFW (Safe For Work) SSMILF Saturday.

    If you are a Super Sexy MILF (SSMILF) and want to submit, just click here.

    Check out my blog: The Boob Lover’s Blog
    The Home of SSMILF Saturday and Rate My Boo

    Remember the deadline for SSMILF Saturday submissions is 11:59 pm on Thursday night.

    If you want to see past SSMILF Saturday submissions then check out the new SSMILF Saturday archives blog!!!