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    “And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”

    — Haruki Murakami

    writing wonders | words
    [request by iche]


    glared, peered, gazed, stared, glanced, studied, gaped, observed, surveyed, gawked, leered.


    crinkled, wrinkled, sneered, nostrils flared, stuck her nose in the air, sniffed, sniffled.


    smiled, smirked, grinned, simpered, curved into a smile, corners of his mouth turned up, corners of his mouth quirked up, a corner of his mouth lifted, his mouth twitched, gave a half-smile, gave a lopsided grin, his mouth twisted, he plastered a smile on his face, forced a smile, faked a smile, his smile faded, his smile slipped, he pursed his lips, pouted.

    “And certainly the proletarian is no more naturally a moral man than another; he can flee his freedom, dissipate it, vegetate without desire, and give himself up to an inhuman myth; and the trick of ‘enlightened’ capitalism is to make him forget about his concern with genuine justification, offering him, when he leaves the factory where a mechanical job absorbs his transcendence, diversions in which this transcendence ends by petering out: there you have the politics of the American employing class which catches the worker in the trap of sports, 'gadgets,’ autos, and frigidaires.”

    — Simone de Beauvoir, The Ethics of Ambiguity, 94

    Journal Guide for Self Growth, and Healing.

    What do I need to let go of that is holding me back (fears, bad habits, trauma, toxic relationships, etc)?

    What limiting beliefs do I have that’s making me feel stuck?

    What are 5 things that I am grateful for today?

    What are some excuses that I often make for myself? How can I stop myself from using them? 

    What’s something I didn’t believe I could do, and accomplished anyway?

    What is distracting me from reaching my goals?

    Am I happy with how I spend my time? Do I need to change some things?

    What do I like about myself? What don’t I like about myself?

    What makes me feel happy, and high vibrational? 

    What are 5 positive things about myself, and my life?

    What are some ways I can get out of my comfort zone?

    What are some positive affirmations I can follow?

    What are some intentions I’d like to set?

    What does my dream life look like, and what needs to be done to achieve it?

    What is my motivation?

    What are my life passions?

    What are my strengths, and weaknesses? How did I earn my stengths? How can I better my weaknesses?

    Where do I want to be in 5+ years from now?

    What does my ideal day look like?

    What is something I’ve been wanting to do, but been too afraid to try, and why am I afraid?

    What are my top goals for this year, and what needs to be done in order to reach them?

    What do I struggle with the most?

    What do I need to heal from?

    What have I learned about myself from the past?

    What does confidence mean to me?

    Study tip #1

    If the text is too difficult to understand - convert it into a wattpad story.

    For ex.: Pride and Prejudice

    Make Darcy the, what I call "mafia kid archetype - asocial, rich kid with trust issues; and pair him Elisabeth - a bit naive young girl who always outsmarted and bEwItChEd him but her whole personality is quite boring.

    Idky, but it's fun to do.


    “50 questions 1: What would you name your future daughter? 2: Do you miss anyone? 3: What if I told you that you were pretty? 4: Ever been told “it’s not you, it’s me”? 5: What are you looking forward to in the next week? 6: Did you go out or stay in last night? 7: How late did you stay up last night? 8: Honestly, has anyone seen you in your underwear in the past 3 months? 9: What were you doing at 12:30 this afternoon? 10: Have you ever told somebody you loved them and not actually meant it? 11: Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol? 12: Have you pretended to like someone? 13: Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette? 14: Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile? 15: Is it hard for you to get over someone? 16: Think back five months ago, were you single? 17: Have you ever cried from being so mad? 18: Hold hands with anyone this week? 19: Did your last kiss take place in/on a bed? 20: Who did you last see in person? 21: What is the last thing you said out lot? 22: Have you kissed three or more people in one night? 23: Have you ever been to Paris? 24: Are you good at hiding your feelings? 25: Do you use chap stick? 26: Who did you last share a bed with? 27: Are you listening to music right now? 28: What is something you currently want right now? 29: Were your last three kisses from the same person? 30: How is your heart lately? 31: Do you wear the hood on your hoodie? 32: When was the last time a member of the opposite sex hugged you? 33: What do people call you? 34: Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but didn’t? 35: Are there any stressful situations in your life? 36: What are you listening to right now? 37: What is wrong with you right now? 38: Love really is a beautiful thing huh? 39: Do you make wishes at 11:11? 40: What is on your wrists right now? 41: Are you single/taken/heartbroken/confused/waiting for the unexpected? 42: Where did you get the shirt/sweatshirt you’re wearing? 43: Have you ever regretted kissing someone? 44: Have you hugged someone within the last week? 45: Have you kissed anyone in the last five days? 46: What were you doing at midnight last night? 47: Do you miss the way things were six months ago? 48: Would you rather sleep with someone else or alone? 49: Have you ever been to New York? 50: Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it?”

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    “Piuttosto cerchiamo il nostro proprio bene da noi stessi, e viviamolo liberamente, anche se chiusi in quest'ampio recesso, senza doverne rendere alcun conto, poiché preferiamo la dura libertà al più facile giogo di un lusso servile. La nostra vera grandezza apparirà molto più convincente quando potremo creare grandi cose da modeste, e da quelle penose le utili, e dalle avverse le più feconde, e qualunque sia il luogo nel quale il male si annida, trarre con la fatica e la costanza perfino dal dolore la felicità.”

    — John Milton, Paradiso perduto (via iseewhoiaminyoureyes)

    “Non è vero che uomo e donna hanno animi diversi: in ognuno c'è una parte dell'altro. Per questo una persona cerca in un'altra la parte mancante, e spesso non la trova e allora la cerca ancora. Uomo, donna, la puoi trovare ovunque perché Afrodite dispensa a caso le sue grazie, come un contadino disperde il seme in un campo. Non è vero che una è buona e l'altro è malvagio. Bene e male si mescolano nel cuore della stessa persona, come tu nel bronzo non distingui più il rame dallo stagno, eppure ci sono, formano la materia stessa del bronzo; così bene e male sono fusi tra loro e formano la materia dell'anima.”

    — Io, Agamennone, Giulio Guidorizzi


    “Tutti gli uomini che mirano a emergere su gli altri esseri animati debbono impegnarsi con il massimo sforzo, se non vogliono trascorrere l’esistenza oscuri, a guisa di pecore, che la natura ha create prone a terra e schiave del ventre. Nell’uomo, perlatro, le facoltà risiedono tanto nell’animo quanto nel corpo: il primo serve da guida, il secondo da strumento, poichè l’animo l’abbiamo in comune con gli dei, il corpo con gli esseri bruti. Perciò mi sembra più giusto cercar la gloria con le doti dell’intelletto che con la forza fisica e, poichè il tempo che abbiamo da vivere è tanto breve, far sì che duri il più possibile a lungo la memoria di noi. Fugace, fragile è la rinomanza che deriva dalla ricchezza e dai pregi del volto, ma la nobiltà dell’animo splende di vivo lume per sempre.”

    — La congiura di Catilina, Sallustio (via elleessedi)