failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted

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    I am getting a migraine and a post of yours just came up on my dash and I could have sworn it showed your url as “12b5.” I thought of submitting this anonymously, but I didn’t want to give you insufficient notice. that’s all, k thx <3

    I’m Very Confused


    Sorry not sorry I actually think it’s fucking psychopathic that you find out whether you passed the bar from a publicly published list online. Not only is law school, studying for it, and taking the exam itself a grueling, miserable, belittling experience but now whether you pass or not is available for anyone to find out at the same time you do? It’s like an extra kick in the teeth.

    Yeaaaaaa. It depends on the state though.

    I think it might have started to prevent people from lying about having passed, but yeah, it’s shit


    I’m a rising 3L whose summer job doesn’t hire back after graduation. OCI similarly seems to be a bust. I’ve been scouring all possible job boards to find something for after graduation, but nothing’s panned out so far. Is it time to panic about not having a post-grad job, or do I still have time?

    Tough love time.

    I can’t think of a single job that has an incentive to offer you a position now to start in fall 2022. That’s not a dig on you, but that employers are just like you and me and simply don’t know what their needs are going to look like more than a year from now. They have no reason to promise a current student, who has yet to graduate or even start studying for the bar, a job so far off, with a ton of contingencies (like- assuming you graduate and pass the bar and we still need to hire a first year then). If they have a current need, you can’t start anyway because you have school. Unless it’s a fellowship or something like that actively advertised to current students, you may want to consider focusing on your job search after you actually pass the bar, and looking into trying to get some substantive experience to pad your resume like clinics at school or externships. Good luck!


    quick q if ya got the time: I'm a rising 2L going thru OCI (yesterday thru Friday) and really can't get a solid answer on when callbacks could come. when is it appropriate to start panicking about potentially not having a job next summer?

    Callbacks take anywhere from a day to even a couple of weeks sometimes so don’t sweat. Keep your phone close and keep an eye on your emails, and until you have an offer (not a callback, an offer), keep applying to other firms including those you didn’t get interviews with at OCI. Good luck!


    Understanding the Johansson/Disney lawsuit thanks to Twitter wisdom

    Here’s part of Disney’s statement…

    Yes. They’re excusing a breach of contract over the pandemic. Oh. So righteous.

    And because context is everything…

    Some say Johansson made a dick move because Disney is “the hands that feeds her”. I wonder if they’d say the same thing if this was Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jr or some MAN of the likes.

    Last, but not least:

    I say: good for her. Go after the mouse. Let it all burn if you have to.



    I'm ambivalent toward Johansson herself but this makes good points about the power Disney has over less well known artists and creators and Disney should be held accountable.