A Better Boyfriend than a Boss


    “It’s nice now that it’s cold out,” I said softly, staring sideways at the dark-haired banker in the dim light of the sauna. “I can’t stand the way the wind whips down the streets.”

    “You get used to it,” Mike assured me. He kept his eyes closed, relaxing with hands folded behind his head and legs spread wide. Still that damnable towel around my boss’ waist blocked my most desired view, though the forest of black hair coating his chest and belly was still mouthwatering. He added, “If you stay long, that is.”

    “Why wouldn’t I?”

    “Come on, man,” he said, looking at me with bold blue eyes, “you aren’t living in a penthouse overlooking Central Park, with a damn sauna in your master suite, on your low six figures. No offense, but I don’t expect much at the office out of the trust fund brigade.”

    “I’m not like them. I work hard, and I didn’t invite you over to insult me.”

    “No, you invited me over to fuck you,” Mike laughed.

    “That’s not–”

    “Oh, come on,” he said as he rose to his feet and stood over me with his thumbs hooked into his towel, threatening to throw it off. “You’re cute, but not exactly subtle.” He ran his fingers up over his furry torso, drawing my gaze along with it until I was staring up into his eyes again. “Everyone at the office knows you’ve got a crush on me.”

    “They do?” I felt my cheeks burning as I stammered. “S-sorry, I didn’t mean to. I just thought you were. I didn’t realize anyone even noticed.”

    “You’re all flustered,” Mike observed, lifting his leg to plant a foot beside me on the bench and stand closer over me. The dangling bulge in his towel hung inches from my face as I gazed up across the vast furry expanse of his chest. “I like that. It’s true that you’re not quite like them, not so arrogant.”

    I leaned back against the wall, but Mike just shifted closer until I was nearly pinned. I finally realized, “You accepted my invite.”

    Mike grinned. “I did, but I’m not going to fuck you yet.”


    He reached down and cupped my chin in his palm as he said, “Third date. You know, dinner and a show or a walk in the park. Getting to know each other, holding hands under the setting sun, chaste little kisses at the end of the night—you know the drill.”

    “You’re serious?” I asked as his fingers stroked my cheek.

    “You’re a little ridiculous,” Mike laughed, gesturing all around us, “but I actually like you. If I fuck you, then, well… that would be that. What do you think?”

    “I guess I could do that. Sorry, I’m just surprised.”

    He released my chin and slapped his gut, announcing, “I’m starving. How about we get dressed and take care of date number one tonight?”

    My shock started to fade and I smiled up at him, “Sounds good.”

    “But,” Mike smirked, “how do you feel about a quick appetizer?” He pulled his towel off and threw it aside, unveiling his meaty cock swinging halfway to his knees.

    “Looks like a meal,” I whispered as I looked up at him with a radiant smile.

    “Well, I wouldn’t want to ruin your appetite, so—” he joked, but I wrapped my lips around his floppy manhood and gently sucked, “—oh fuck. Seems like like there’s no danger of that.”

    Mike quickly swelled in my mouth as I lapped and licked at him, burying my nose in the warmth of his body. I moaned when I felt his gentle fingers running through my hair and encouraging me to engulf his cock. With one hand, I kneaded at his foot beside me, and with the other I squeezed his enormous nuts as they pressed to my chin.

    “You want me to cum?” He asked, a rough edge in his voice. With a strained groan, the question became an order, “Swallow daddy’s load, boy. That’s it, use that tongue. Oh shit, here it comes.”

    He clenched my head and I squeezed my lips around his shaft. A river of hot cum flooded onto my tongue and I let it all swirl around in my mouth until I was brimming with it. Over me, Mike alternated grunts and deep breaths as he gently rocked his hips.

    I savored the moment. I let his seed overwhelm my tastebuds and his softening member rest between my lips. He planted his hands on the wall above me for balance. I wanted to remember how it felt the first time with him, because even then I knew Mike was something special. He was a great boss, but he would make an even better boyfriend.


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