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2022-07-31 18:00:25

    03 edward elric is superior to fmab edward elric because fmab jockified edward when he is at heart, a nerd, and a teen boy at that. this is where conqueror of shamballa understood the assignment when they reintroduced him by emerging from the shadows with a fishbowl on his head because it’s implied that he was browsing this mad scientist lair, saw it, thought “oh that’s cool what if i put it on,” and then forgot to take it off when he entered the room because he got distracted by the villain’s stupidity and needed to lecture him


    Was gonna say this but was too lazy to type it. But I still love the implication that came about in the end.


    I know the scene where Ed and Al decode Marcoh’s research notes is serious and grim but I think they missed a real opportunity there.

    Ed: “God DAMMIT. NO! This CANT be happening. Al… the philosopher’s stones… are made from human beings.”

    Al, whirling around wearing a chef’s hat, a “kiss the cook” apron, aggressively mixing his 47th bowl of batter as an ever-larger pile of Tim’s Famous Homestyle Hotcakes grows behind him: “Brother you cant be SERIOUS!”

    *stovetop catches fire*