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2021-09-18 20:01:11

    I’m that millennial cusp where Blockbuster was phasing into Netflix near the end of high school— and I miss the video store rental vibes 📼 154 of my random favorite horror movies from the 70s-90s, printed on card stock and wrapped one by one around cardboard bits. (If you want to see progress pics there’s an IG story highlight.)


    amazing miniature work!! <3


    There's something about the video rental nostalgia that's tied to horror movies, the way those are linked makes the whole project feel more essentially true to life with the contents being horror movies. The way the horror movie genre blew up with the availability of VHS and direct to video movies, plus the lurid covers and posters which were enticing and frightening and forbidden and desirable in ways that permanently emblazoned them into my brain as a kid. And those peculiar gateways never really closed up, even after the rest of the shelves filled up with dozens of whatever the latest movies were, that taboo aisle labeled horror was always waiting.