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    Thank you to Gretchen McCulloch for fielding this question, and sorry that as a result the world’s foremost internet linguist has been devoured by the brown one. She will be missed.


    Arth is the Welsh word for bear.

    Which suggests that Welsh people are either just always down to meet a bear, or have somehow broken the bear curse. Either way, impressed.


    they know the bears can’t make it to wales without going through england first. an acceptable cost.


    i love it when ppl r like “stop over analyzing everything about insert piece of media here!! can’t you just have fun!” like i am. this is my fun babey. if i’m not dissecting the psyche of my favorite characters until i know the minutiae of their mind or if i’m not discussing the MeaningTM of the blue curtains and how actually they’re v important 4 worldbuilding then i don’t want it! leaf me olone with my long character analyses that are 75% projection 25% headcanon 100% good shit and my detailed list of every article of clothing that ever showed on the screen thank u


    ive been doing a lot of youtube recipe binging lately so i was recommended this video and i was like fuck it diet soup why not

    and it sounded pretty tasty so after the vid i scrolled down to see what people thought of it, and i just really need to share with you all what the comment section is like

    and for the one that broke me:


    I laughed so hard I gave myself an actual headache oml


    i laughed so hard at this comment