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2021-04-20 01:00:40

    Now we all know what happens if you get the Book of Peace. You return it to Syracuse and save Proteus. But if you don’t get the Book, you have a choice to make. Either sail to paradise with the woman of your dreams, or return to Syracuse to die. You’re either a thief or a hero. So here’s my question: If you don’t get the Book, will you go back to die?



    Victor Frankenstein: I’ve created life but I refuse to put any effort into helping that life develop. I won’t teach him, love him, or defend him even though I forced him into existence with a fully operational adult brain lol. Peace, bitch.

    The Monster: Am Eloquent Baby

    Boomers: He’S NOt thE ViCtIM, HE’s tHe MOnsTEr


    An ironic parallel considering the idea of “tough love” parenting that plenty of boomers like to use. If they buy into the idea that their kids just have to toughen up and face the real world without guidance or emotional support, I’m sure it does scare them to read a story where someone who wasn’t given any support began to resent their creator and turn on them.


    it’s like that post that’s like ‘knowledge is knowing that frankenstein is the doctor; wisdom is knowing that frankenstein is the monster’. like the whole point of the post is that frankenstein’s monster is a victim of viktor frankenstein’s own monstrosity.

    mary shelley did not lose her virginity on her mother’s grave just for people to misunderstand her best known work over a century later.


    Great post everybody


    Please check source (https://twitter.com/MissPotkin/status/1372594737874661382) for videos and updates to this ongoing saga


    Have you tried talking to your family instead of being a passive-aggressive weirdo?


    No you fucking idiot, we shouldn’t have to talk to grown men about cleaning after their fucking selves. Get the fucking picture already


    all the people in the notes talking abt how she should’ve discussed it with her partner, maybe her partner should get up off his ass, notice the damn mess, and actually do something about it?

    men are so fucking incompetent god forbid they do their own dishes or laundry.


    Anyone who thinks this woman has not used her magnificent sense of humor to politely cajole, plead, and otherwise negotiate with her partner to please oh my god rinse your dishes and put them in the washer and maybe even turn it on sometimes at least a thousand times (only for the delight of being called a nag for the trouble) before resorting to this last ditch effort, congrats on outting the fact you’ve never listened to women and never once paid attention to what your mother was doing while you grew up.


    People insisting that she should have “just told” her husband to wash the dishes…. you really have to be told? To wash the dishes?? In your own home???


    If you’re accustomed to someone else doing them, yes. Humans are creatures of habit. But as the days wear on and the dishes pile up, NOT breaking the habit does become increasingly ridiculous.

    With that said, she has definitely already told him a million times that he needs to start doing the dishes, so it’s a moot point.


    “have you tried talking to him” wowee! if only women in cishet relationships the world over had thought of that


    love people thinking this is somehow her first response and not the last resort after years of living with this man it 100% is