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    Somebody plz translate this

    Thigh high socks and femboy stuff used to be heavily associated with trans people, but due to its "anime" aesthetic and popularity on YouTube internet fascists have latched unto it. The same is starting to happen now with cottage core which originates in a desire to push back away from alienation born of capitalism by like living in a house with your close ones where you grow your own stuff, away from the city. Fascists are using the same aesthetic to promote traditionalist values, in a way that's like, they attract unsuspecting people by using the aesthetic, dilutes in their nauseating ideologies in a discrete way and progressively radicalise people. Same for ecofascism, they use the general climate of fear and anger at governments' inaction regarding climate change to propagate their ideas on eugenics among other things.

    Basically they know how to identify codes and trends that resonate among the younger internet users on the most popular social networks, repeat them while adding in their ideologies and thus slowly recruit more people.


    Hello! This is a somewhat silly question, but: Who do you think would win in a fight, Neil Gaiman from the Simpsons, or Neil Gaiman from Arthur?

    Probably the Neil Gaiman from The Simpsons. He has no conscience, after all, and plans many steps ahead. The Neil Gaiman from Arthur is basically just me, so would try and avoid a fight because people might get hurt, and both of the people are him.


    This is probably the best ukulele playing I’ve ever seen.


    Okay so this is a real effort into playing the ukulele and I’m so happy they take it as seriously as they do

    It’s always wild when people are amazed by proper Ukulele playing because what they consider “good” is whatever mainlanders are attempting to play while asserting some “quirky” vibe. Ukulele has become trendy on the mainland and people are amazed by what we consider BASIC skills and boring same chord repetition over and over. PLUS malihini don’t even pronounce the name right (what the fuck is a yuu-kuu-lay-lee hahaha).

    Here in Hawaiʻi we are busting it out (like these killer wahines) every day in ways you can’t even imagine. Half my nā hoahānau play like this!

    We stay laughing. These wahines choke deadly.

    They’re Honoka & Azita, internationally ranked ukelele players with original music and albums out. Heres a link to their facebook

    And heres this same song (bodysurfing), 5 years later:

    how to tell if your worldbuilding is Bad

    i didn’t wanna reblog this just cos it doesn’t deserve to get seen but:

    a) dwarves don’t share the gender binary that humans use, heterosexual versus homosexual is meaningless to them

    b) gnomes have such a predilection towards illusions that gender is primarily based on presentation. because of consistent interaction with humans, they tend towards visually hetero relationships just for sake of public ease but gnomes all know gender is an ilusion

    c) halflings are super community oriented. they would be incredibly accepting of homosexuality because frowning on someone for liking a particular gender is counter to community building

    d) goblins don’t believe in sexuality they believe in food

    e) orcs are 100% butch lesbians and bears. they are totally gay with a small side of being attracted to muscles and soft hairy bellies “but if they’re all gay how do they reproduce?” magic rituals motherfucker it’s a fantasy world

    f) tieflings never have a predominant culture and tend to ascribe to human values, with a bit of “i’m already an outcast, so anything goes”. i don’t wanna say tieflings are super gay just because there is a lot of baggage that comes with the evil demon race being super gay but tieflings are super gay

    g) dragonborn carry a lot of draconic values, one of the most notable being vanity. if a dragonbron is gay, they will literally be the embodiment of that “move, i’m gay” video. taboo my ass just try to stop that dragonborn, they’ll show you the meaning of flaming

    bottom line here is really that if you thought the dnd races were straight you were so wrong. i am going to find you and rub my gay ass on your player’s handbook


    bury me with this post it’s perfect

    Goblins don’t believe in sexuality they believe in food.

    Consider: Orcs are like bats. 95% of them are homosexual because the few orcs that ARE straight produce children at insane rates. Because of this, adoption is considered the norm in Orc society. Orcs are unconcerned with lineage and do not take a family name, but rather a clan or tribe name.

    I like this

    Straight orcs never stop fucking and its a problem

    Are you saying that 95% of bats are gay?

    You can’t argue with the facts.


    “Oh yeah, those two are Gnarla and Lorg, they are the Fuckers™”

    “Batman has more than one son,“ I say into the mic.

    The crowd boos. I begin to walk off in shame, when a voice speaks and commands silence from the room.

    “She’s right,” I hear. I look around for the owner of the voice. There in the fifth row, he stands: Bruce Wayne himself.

    “What does he know about Batman” the crowd replies and resumes booing. Bruce Wayne discreetly leaves the room. In an unrelated turn of events, a voice speaks from above. “She’s right,” I hear. There crashing through the skylight: Batman.

    we have GOT to stop glorifying the ‘mystery’ of jack the ripper. he was just another violent psychopath targeting vulnerable women in a society that had already written them off. 

    there are numberless men like that throughout history and I’m tired of us turning them into legends

    I’ll bite, what’s the chum bucket theory?

    So this is exactly what New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern did after Christchurch. She refused to say the killer’s name and everyone else followed and now nobody remembers or knows who it was.

    Feeling ao damn relevant today

    The sad part is that that twitter account thinks that we’re at 86, or 87. WAY higher than that.

    (via もにい on Twitter: “徳島の神山にはスピーカーで作られた鳥居がある なんとこれスマホと共させて音楽を流すことができる 「なんでも」流すことができる そう、「なんでも」……………………… https://t.co/eJKqyNiQwh”)

    <>Item: Torii gate providing entrance to the realm of the spirit-guardian of sick beats

    OK but the caption makes it even better: “In Kamiyama, Tokushima [Prefecture, Japan], there’s a torii [Shinto shrine arch] made of speakers. You can use it to play music shared from your smartphone. It says “you can play anything.” Hmm, “anything,” you say……………………………….

    @ all ace lesbians

    Shout out to all the ace lesbians that don’t feel like “real lesbians” because they don’t experience sexual attraction

    Shout out to all the ace lesbians that struggled to figure out their identity because they thought their crushes on girls were platonic due to compulsory heterosexuality and internalized homophobia

    Shout out to all the ace lesbians that say they’re lesbians because they don’t want to lecture everyone on asexuality but feel guilty about it because they’re erasing a part of their identity

    Shout out to all the ace lesbians that get told by non-aces they only ID as ace because of compulsory heterosexuality/internalized homophobia 

    Shout out to all the ace lesbians that like sex / don’t like sex / are indifferent to sexual activities

    <>You’re all wonderful. You’re all valid. You’re all welcome here. I know it’s hard but you’re not alone in this!!

    <>Reblogs by non ace lesbians are appreciated!! I don’t see a lot of positivity for us going around and we really need it