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    lemme just be a fandom grandma for a sec:

    you’re allowed to just - not like a thing. be it a show, a plotline, a character, a pairing whatever. you just be like “i do not Vibe with this” and move on. you don’t need to explain your preferences, you don’t need to discover some way in which you can call the thing “””problematic””” to justify you not liking it. if something doesn’t spark joy within you, that’s absolutely valid enough.


    Not only is it valid enough, but not liking the show, character, plotline etc and just moving on with your life is the single healthiest way to handle not liking the thing. Marinating yourself in negative feelings, even to find some deeper reason for feeling them, only leads to worse things, both for you and for people around you. Just letting it go and doing things that make you happy instead is so much better for you.


    You’ve heard of the Roaring 20s........

    now get ready for the Screaming 20s - coming to a decade near you in 2020


    is it too early or can we start screaming now


    There’s actually a fair deal of overlap between cultural decades.  So not only is it acceptable to start screaming now, we can keep screaming up to the mid 30′s.


    I remember when this post was funny


    Robin being a total badass.


    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Robin is the one who freaks the bad guys out, probably more in some ways than Batman.

    Batman is mean, Batman is scary, Batman has a glare that can sttrip paint off the wall, but he’s a grown man, built like an outhouse. He’s a threat because he’s a viable threat and a 6′7″ henchman will probably respect and understand that. Being beaten by Batman is no actual shame.

    But his kid? The scrawny little squirt in the silly outfit? He’s just WEIRD. 

    You don’t see him at first, you just hear him giggle from somewhere near you, somewhere you can’t quite place and the next thing you know a jumping jack in a cape is somersaulting around the place, delivering four blows of random pain and dancing off in the time it takes you to pull your hand back into a fist. 

    Even an average thug will have a moral qualm or two about punching someone who is not only shorter than them but an actual, literal, child, someone whose voice hasn’t even broken yet, but somehow this 5′3″ twerp is HURTING you and he’s smiling the whole damn time. 

    There’s no recovering from the sort of shame that being beaten by someone who doesn’t even come up to your armpit in height.

    Batman appears, beats you unconscious, and then fades out again. The Kid laughs, prolongs your embarassment for as long as he can, and then diappears, still laughing. Like I said, Robin would be DEEPLY unsettling.


    Creepily accurate

    As much as I enjoy the idea of Taako having a big extravagant wedding, I think realistically that this is the guy who got into a serious relationship and didn't tell his two best friends (that he spends the majority of his time with) at all. He would absolutely secretly elope and then passively refer to Kravitz as his husband.

    Merle: "When did you get married?!"

    Taako: "Last weekend."

    Magnus: "When were you going to tell us?!"

    Taako "Right about now, compadre. Get off my ass about it! I don't tell you two giggleshits everything."


    If you have any potential prompts you want in this week’s Ectober calendar, here is your chance to tell us!

    We have a bit of a late start to Ectober week this year (woops), so we’ll probably only be accepting prompts for a few days. Ectober week happens the last week of October leading up to Halloween (aka the 25th-31st) so the prompts should be pretty spooky in nature.

    For examples of past prompts, here is the 2019 Calendar and here is the 2018 Calendar

    Ectober Week 2020 calendar will be posted on October 1st! If you have any questions, feel free to hit up me, @babypop-phantom, or @ecto-american


    word on the street is there might could be Life on venus babes


    i know hollywood and the government and the military have worked so hard to make us fearful of even the idea of extraterrestrials existing because they see everything through a violent and threatening lens but (and this might come back to bite me in the ass) it actually warms my heart to know that there are probably other beings out there. life is so lonely but the connections we make with others gives life meaning. if there are other beings out there then the existential dread of drifting through the universe alone is eased a bit. what a beautiful thing that would be. to not be alone in the vastness of the universe.