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    How to tell if someone is the favourite sibling-

    Do they react strongly when asked if their parents have a favourite? Do they say "definitely" to that question? They are not the favourite

    Do they say"our parents have no favourite" ? They are the favourite.

    Are they an only child? They are be favourite


    I'm not the favorite. At least, I highly doubt it


    Anime is still a mistake


    anyone else horny as fuck right now


    Literally what the fuck


    Me: Haha wow she can jump pretty high

    Me, five seconds later:


    This is the only video that matters to me


    I’m broken again! Just like that time I found out Cyrus from Pokémon was fucking 27


    do u ever remember all the horrible offensve things u said when u were like 15 and u literally feel ur soul detach and turn 2 dust 


    your fave is problematic: yourself


    Basically, yeah. That’s kind of the point – you always have to look back on yourself and be mortified and resolve to be better. Shit, the stuff I said just five YEARS ago (and I’m almost 33) makes me cringe like a motherfucker. Burn in mortification. Rise from the ashes and be better. Lather, rinse, repeat for the rest of your life.


    This is why purity culture doesn’t work!!! We’re all shit! We can all grow and do better!


    but, seriously guys, professionals shouldn’t even say to you how dumb are these beliefs. medical employees often wear them for hours and none of them got sick for it. you should know masks are not dangerous without knowing anything about respiratory physiology and the mechanics of gas transfer just thinking who was already using them and how long.

    I have no words on how to express my frustration anymore.


    Concept: the guy who played Toph in Ember Island wasn't originally an actor. He was a rumble fighter who heard about the propaganda play that would make the Gaang look terrible and decided to infiltrate and play her in a way that would look insulting but he knew she'd love, because everybody in the Earth Rumbles from The Hippo to The Boulder loved Toph and stealth-adopted her since she was nine.

    This is such a good concept


    Even LGBT people are afraid to create LGBT rep half the time because you fucking goblins critique things with LGBT rep so harshly that the second it does something that you personally don’t like it gets treated even worse than the shows that have absolutely no rep in them.

    Demonizing every show that is earnestly trying to provide the rep we’ve been lacking is NOT THE WAY TO GET BETTER REP


    Remember when Dream Daddy was called homophobic because a horror-themed (and non-canon, might I add) ending was found in the game’s code? Like y'all go after everything that isn’t the most saccharine, unproblematic, nothing-bad-happens-ever shit and I’m so, so sick of it. This keeps us from getting LGBT+ rep that’s actually interesting and in interesting situations! I want actual stories, but I guess you guys don’t. You just want a perfect little picture to hang on your wall.


    Treating all gay people as uwu soft beans is a form of homophobia in itself, and that’s the tea. Make problematic gay characters!! Give lgbt characters flaws!! Give them interesting, non stereotypical personalities!! We’re human, and humans are flawed by nature, so treat us as such and don’t get pissed because of it.

    Tips for kids online

  • Pseudonyms! Use them! Even if it’s a nickname, a favorite character’s name, a letter, your username, use a pseudonym. Especially if you have a unique name
  • Private information is PRIVATE. Last name, age, full birthday. Things that could be used to identify you should not be shared. Remember those “enter anyone’s name and learn everything about them” websites? They aren’t kidding around, and they’re dangerous.
  • Your house is your business. Don’t share your home address, school name, city, even sharing what state you live in could be risky. There’s no reason for people online to need to know this, there’s no reason for people online to ask for it. This is a red flag
  • Pictures are worth a thousand words. Take note of what’s in pictures you post. Can you see a state flag? A pet’s collar with a home address on it? Does that screenshot have your phone number in it? Be careful with EXACTLY what you post.
  • Once you post it, it’s not yours anymore. Anyone on the internet can share a post, take screenshots, repost to other websites, send to other people, etc. Once you post something, what happens to it is out of your hands. Make sure you be careful with what you post.
  • Face and voice can reveal a lot about you. They can reveal age, agab, in some cases they can be used to determine where you live (accents anyone?) be careful.
  • Please kids on the internet, BE SAFE. Remember these are strangers. Remember the internet is full of real people with their own motives and intentions. Remember that you can’t control the internet. Please please PLEASE be safe!


    One of those fandom things that I love is when there’s new characters around and, with the unwavering confidence of an old farmer appraising cattle, fanfic authors take one good look at them, tilt their imaginary hat, and go “Aye. Praise kink, that one. Mighty case of praise kink if I ever saw one.” And everyone else just “aye.”


    Not to mention the plot tropes.

    “I don’t think the Highschool AU is going to come in too strong this year. Fandoms a touch jaded for that. But the hurt/comfort is growin’ thick as weeds and twice as fast. It’ll be a good harvest, fer sure.”


    “I hear over at [neighbouring fandom] they’re putting the top field into fix-it fics.”

    “Yes, ‘twould be.  They had a hard season last year, a right hard season.” 


    “You think I ought to plant a little Sailor Moon Wild West AU? Don’t know if anything would come of it. Might not make it to harvest.”

    “Won’t know until you plant it, will you?”


    “Ah, a heritage crop.”