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2021-09-17 06:21:08

    apparently people are annoyed because the thor in the new god of war looks like a strongman instead of a bodybuilder lmao


    and they made his hair red (which is historically accurate to the myth)? Wig


    What an absolute lad.


    The funny/sad thing is that apparently way back in the day when Thor, Loki and Odin appeared in Sandman, Neil Gaiman said that there were irate Marvel fans that were mad that Thor was depicted as a kinda loutish guy with red hair rather than the image of Avenger!Thor (blond, winged helmet, formal Shakespearean dialogue) they were used to.


    Finally, some good fucking depictions of strong dudes

    What I'd give for one of the Cinderella remakes to go into how when you're in an isolated and abusive situation, sometimes you need to be saved and you're not weak if you can't escape by yourself

    I've never been a fan of bad faith reinterpretations of fairy tales, especially ones which flatten the originals into "princesses is saved by a prince and nothing else", to then go #girlboss. The princess can save herself because she's a strong female character! (Implying if you're in a bad situation, it's because you're not strong enough to get out)


    omfg that is just too adorable


    This will alwaysbe one of my favorite comics ever. It gives me warm fuzzies~


    This is the most perfect.


    This kitteh having a little halloween adventure is one of my favourite posts of all time :)


    Every fall like clockwork this photo set pops up and we all must reblog it