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    My favorite form of redemption arc is “I hate that I have morals now”

    Like “I realized that I was in the wrong and now I will work hard to atone” is good and all, but “how dare you infect me with morals” will always be so much more entertaining

    That moment the former baddie starts to walk away from some bad situation, almost gets out, and then just stops, curses, and turns around to go help?

    *chef’s kiss* delicious

    This one gets it

    “I always knew deep down, you were a good guy”

    “YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!!!!!!!!”


    people are capable of beautiful things


    i thought this was going in a bad direction

    “I earned more money than I knew what to do with, and I didn’t want to forget my roots. So I paid back the people who helped me and my family.” He’s also giving elderly and low income people three free meals a day.

    Past a certain point, extra money doesn’t really benefit you, so give it those that would benefit. Quit letting people hoard ludicrous amounts of money out of vanity when others need it so much more.


    Imagine. Jeff Bezos can do this 400+ times a day for impoverished people but what is he doing with the money, may I ask? Hoarding it.

    i’m very defensive of the tragedy as a story structure because there is a Huge difference between a story that’s just depressing and unsatisfying and a really well-written tragedy, whose job is literally to provide emotional catharsis.  tragedy has existed as long as drama has existed as an art form and it’s beautiful! it allows us to safely explore and process really intense emotions like grief and sorrow, which just genuinely helps us be more emotionally intelligent human beings

    like happy endings are important too, and especially given the current climate of the world i get why there’s such a strong desire for them — thats literally just how art movements work — but it’s important to also not deny or repress our more unpleasant feelings. a good tragedy tells you from the beginning what you’re getting into and gives you time to come to terms with how it will inevitably end as well as providing insights along the way, and a full range of emotions good And bad 

    I’m so confused why he would think cookie dough would give him salmonella??? What parent told him this. There’s no chicken in there!

    Two words: Raw eggs.

    ?? What kind of world do you live in where Raw eggs carry salmonella or are in anyway unsafe

    Don’t ask me, ask them Americans. I’m an Asian just passing the word on

    *deep breath* Though the risk is small, raw eggs can carry samonella.

    MORE THREATENINGLY Raw wheat can carry E. Coli. However, if you don’t mind making your own cookie dough, you can easily make it safely.

    Take your standard recipe. Omit the eggs. Eggs serve as a binding agent to hold the cookie together. Since we’re eating the dough raw, that’s not needed. Take the flour, put it in a pan and bake it at 350 for 7 minutes. Any E. Coli is now dead.

    Just mix the rest of the ingredients together as the recipe is called for and BAM, perfectly safe edible cookie dough.


    Thank u so fucking much for this wisdom

    wait you’re telling my i can get E, Coli just FROM EATING FLOUR straight from the bag???

    Why..why are you eating flour straight from the bag?

    You know what one of my favorite things about Avatar: The Last Airbender is? That the true villain, Ozai, is never given a backstory that may humanize or ‘justify’ his actions. He is simply evil for the sake of being evil.

    Iroh, although not a true villain but seen as an antagonist for the first few episodes, has a heart-wrenching backstory and the reveal that he’s not actually a bad guy. His son died fighting a war that Iroh didn’t want to fight and he’s an elite member of The White Lotus. He lied about killing a dragon in order to protect it and its kind, and he banished himself alongside his nephew to keep Zuko safe and offer comfort and wisdom.

    Zuko has a tragic backstory involving an absuive father, a toxic and manipulative sister, and a missing mother. All he wants from life is his honor back and to feel loved by his father. He eventually joins The Gaang and becomes one of the good guys.

    Azula remains a villain to the end, but unlike Ozai, she has a humanizing backstory. She was raised by a the same father that dueled his 13-year old son to an Agni Kai, and told her entire life that she was better than everyone she came in contact with. She lived under the same abusive and toxic situations as her brother, but was praised more often and never given the chance to feel failure. For some, it’s understandable she turned out the way she did.

    Ozai, however, has nothing. We know Sozin started the war and left it off to Ozai, and Ozai was probably rasied under a toxic environment, but it’s never shown. The audience never gets to see Ozai has anything other than an abusive asshole, who ruins lives, destroyes families, and burns cities to the ground. I love that he is a villain through-and-through with no room for argument. No room for “oh but it’s only cause-“. I love Zuko and Iroh to death, and I sympathize with Azula to an extent, but having a villain that you can hate from start to end is fantastic.

    His granpa is sozin himself the vicious cycle is super apparent