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2021-08-23 16:17:52

    I launched a podcast today with @kat--writes.

    I also couldn’t remember the email for this account and almost thought I lost it and freaked. So, I guess I still go here. Please listen, download, comment, share...all of the things!!!

    my top 20 tv ships of all time
    #17. kat and adena - t h e  b o l d  t y p e
    “we are from different worlds. and i really want you to stay in mine. so i wrote you a letter. way more than 140 characters. i wrote about how uniquely talented you are and how valuable your art is because that’s what immigration needs to hear. but what i really wanted to say was just how amazing you are. you’re courageous and thoughtful and honest, and you’re the only person i’ve ever met who completely throws me off my game. and i think i reall
    y like you.”