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    How to Guide Your Little into Little Space!

    Enjoy this step by step guide on how to make your little one fall into little space!

    Since consent is everything, talk to them the night before and see what their boundaries are, then respect those boundaries the next morning. Making your little nervous or afraid of what’s going to happen will absolutely prevent them from dropping into little space, so it is very important to listen to them and respect their needs and boundaries.

    When you’ve come to an agreement for what you’re going to do tomorrow, diaper them up, then snuggle with them as you both fall asleep.

    1. In the morning, wake them up with cuddles and kisses. Congratulate them for not wetting the bed last night, and tell them you’re so proud of them. Pat their diaper a few times to check if they’re in dire need of a change, because we all know that littles can’t hold their tinkles at night; that’s why you make them wear thick diapers to bed!

    2. Guide them to the bathroom and undress them, because sometimes littles have trouble doing that by themselves. Fill the bathtub up with warm water, and ask that if they promise to be a good little and if they don’t make any splashies during bath time, you’ll make their favorite breakfast for them! You’ll see their eyes light up with joy and excitement, and they’ll promise over and over that they’ll be the best little ever!

    Take your time washing your little. Use baby shampoo and nice-smelling body wash to help guide them into little space. You don’t want to push them right into it, you have to guide them there little by little. Having them wake up in a wet diaper is key to this.

    3. As you dry your little off with a pink fluffy towel, stick a baby diaper to catch their little tinkles (Luvs have that super babyish smell, so you should use those!) and tell them to stand there while you fetch their diapers for them. Don’t say that you’re getting a diaper for them, say that you’re getting their diapers. This reinforces the fact that your little owns diapers, and that they need them. Take them by the hand and lead them back to the bed, where you’ve laid out a changing pad and their favorite diaper. Remind them that they need diapers just in case because they’ve had accidents in the past.

    Gently guide your little onto the changing pad and diaper them up, taking time to sprinkle their naughty parts with baby powder, then apply baby lotion to their tummy and upper legs. The strong scent of the lotion will awaken memories tucked away decades ago from when they were a toddler. To heighten this effect, rub baby powder in their onesie and shake it to get the extra powder out. These two strong scents will completely relax your little and make them slip into little space, whether they know it or not.

    4. Dress them up in their favorite onesie. Littles have difficulty putting on their clothes, so you must do it for them. Tug some cute socksies up their legs, then stick a pacifier in between their lips. If they protest, give them the Daddy or Mommy stare until they simmer down, then smile and tousle their hair when they start suckling on it. Take them by the hand or scoop them up into your arms and carry them into the living room, where you set up a little playpen the night before after you put your little to bed. Place them inside of it, then turn on some cartoons for them. Fill up a couple of sippy cups for them and place them inside the playpen, then tell them that they must be a good little girl/good little boy and wet their diaper for you by the time that you finish making breakfast.

    Cartoons and sippy cups are notorious for dropping littles deep into little space, so take your time making breakfast.

    5. When breakfast is ready, scoop them up in your arms and carry them over to the kitchen table, where you have a booster seat for them. You can buy a smaller chair that sits lower than your normal ones to put a booster seat onto, and from here on out, that seat will always be your little’s seat; they’re not old enough for adult seats, after all! Take out their pacifier and set it on the table, then tie a baby bib around their neck. (Littleforbig makes some cute ones!)

    Fill up their sippy cup again with their favorite juice as the cartoons play in the background, and feed them their breakfast from their plate. Littles can’t be trusted with adult plates and cutlery, so you should have gone out the night before and replaced their dishes with children’s dishes. Adult dishes don’t come in cute colors and they don’t have pictures on them, either, so make sure that you have at least a few of them for meals throughout the day. Cut their food up into tiny little pieces for them, and use their plastic fork to feed them, smiling all the while as you tell them how cute they are.

    6. When breakfast is done, tell your little to finish their sippy cup while you clean up, then they can have another half hour or an hour of cartoons for being a good little. Shower them with love and affection, and tell them they did a great job for not making a big mess like last time. Once you are done cleaning up, have them stand up so you can check their diaper. Pull the back of their diaper away and check to see if they made any stinkies for you, then run a finger past the leg gathers and into the crotch of their diaper to see if they need to be changed. Lovingly pat their diapered rear, then guide them back to the living room.

    If they haven’t made stinkies for you, push a suppository into their butt and tell them that it is important and healthy for them to make stinkies. If they protest, stick their pacifier back in between their lips, then wrap your arms around them and tell them it’s okay to go poo poo in their diapers because that’s what they’re for, and because littles like them need their diapers for little accidents. Make sure they feel loved and that they’re in a judgement-free area, and they’ll melt in your embrace.

    7. If you have to go run some errands, you can dress your little up in some cute overalls over their onesie. Tell them that they’re coming with you because you wouldn’t be a responsible Daddy/Mommy if you left your little one at home all alone. Have them suckle on their pacifier as you pack their diaper bag full of diapers, baby powder, baby wipes, and a few sippy cups of their favorite juice, and make sure you do that in front of them.

    Make sure that your little’s outfit is public appropriate. There are some onesies made by Littleforbig that look like adult clothes, but still have that babyish element that’ll drop them into little space. Make sure that they feel like their outfit is decent to wear in public, but it still has to have some babyish elements to it.

    By now, the suppository would be making them feel like they need to go poo poo, but since you’re in a rush, you don’t have time to wait for them to mess and then change them, so you guide them out to the car and buckle them in the backseat, constantly assuring them that their diaper will protect them.

    8. When you run your errands, make sure to always hold their hand and never let go of it. Holding their hand makes them feel safe, cute, loved, and above all, little. At this point, they have no choice but to mess themselves, and since they might try to hide it from you, you should check their diaper every twenty minutes. Diaper checks always makes a little feel littler! You can tell when your little needs to make messes just by how their grip on your hand changes, so pay attention to their body language.

    9. When you smell that they made a stinky, pointedly ask them if they had an accident. If they respond with, “Yes, Daddy,” or “Yes, Mommy,” smile at them and reassure them that everything is okay and that you’ll take care of them. Hug them and hold them close, then place your hand on the seat of their diaper and apply a little bit of pressure to see if they truly had an accident. That’ll make them blush a ton and drop them deeper into little space. If anybody asks what that stinky smell is, tell them that you stepped in dog poop in the parking lot, and they’ll leave it at that. At the very least, it’ll make your little giggle at you!

    When appropriate, stick their pacifier back in between their lips and guide them to the backseat of the car. Lay out the changing mat and take care of their needs with as much love as you can provide, constantly telling them that they were a good little for telling you that they had an accident. Promise to reward them with cookies and chocolate milk when you get home as a treat for messing their diaper in public as you tape on a fresh diaper, and as you put their outfit back in place, give them a sippy cup to help them keep tinkling in their diapers; it should be damp by the time you get home.

    10. When you get home, hug them again and kiss them on the cheek for being such an amazing little. Tell them how proud you are of them, and that they deserve all the cookies a little can eat! Help your little eat their cookies, put their chocolate milk in a sippy cup for them, then carry them to the couch, where you have cute baby-styled blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals for them. Tuck them in, and tell them that it’s nap time! Place their pacifier in between their lips and turn their favorite cartoon on, but on a very low volume. Close the blinds and turn off all the lights in the room to make it as dark as you can, then go do adult stuff as your little drifts off to their cute wonderland of dreams.

    When they wake up from their cute wittle nap, they may or may not still be in little space. Slowly guide them out of it if they are, and ask what they liked most about the experience and what they didn’t like so that you can be better for them in the future. Have a long and open discussion, take what they say to heart, and respect their boundaries in the future. Guiding your little into little space is a wonderful thing for them, so you must always push yourself to be the best Mommy or Daddy that you can be! <3

    Spoil the princess?



    witchy morning routine

    🍄brew a FAT pot of tea

    🍄make magickal breakfast! toast w cinnamon and honey, a bagel with almond butter and thyme, whatever your intent is for the day!

    🍄plan the rest of the day! any spells or rituals, or if your into kitchen magick you can find a nice recipe to try!

    🍄wash your face! buy an herbal scrub or make your own


    -combine sea salt, honey, green tea

    🍄enchant your makeup!!!! if you wear makeup

    🍄go outside!!!!!! even for a little bit!!!!!! no matter the weather!! ground yourself!

    🍄do some sunrise magick! light an orange candle, speak your intent for the day

    🍄if youre a productive person, unlike myself, plan the whole week! i dont really follow schedules bc im a gemini but if they work for you then go for it!!!!!!!!! plan spells and rituals based on the moon phases and the days of the week

    🍄cleanse yourself! in the shower, visualize all the bad energy dripping off you as you step out of the shower. say a chant while your washing your hair !

    if youre not a productive person,, its okay!!!!! im really lazy in general and its hard for me to do things, but its okay to do even one of these things! you ARE a witch, no matter how lazy or productive you are.

    blessed be! 💫


    I’m an adult.


    Some shit about life, from a bonafide adult:

  • even if you get along great with your family you will get along even better with them after moving out 
  • generic is almost always just as good as name brand. But there are some things you never buy generic, including: peanut butter, ketchup, liquid NyQuil, Chips-Ahoy chewy chocolate chip cookies
  • just imagine the person on the other end of the phone hates talking on the phone as much as you do. Even a receptionist. I worked as one and I hate talking on the phone
  • at least once in your life you will go to Wal-mart to buy something under $20 like an ironing board or something and your debit card will get rejected. No one will judge. Everyone at some point in their lives has had $2.98 in their bank account. 
  • thrift stores
  • everyone else is too busy panicking about everyone else noticing every tiny thing that could possibly be wrong about them to notice any tiny thing that could possibly be wrong about you
  • you will screw up. a lot. you live and you learn. and when you start to think too hard about that embarrassing thing that happened and how you wish you could change it, just tell yourself that what’s done is done. There’s no changing it, so just forget it and move on. It’s the only way to stay sane.
  • do the dishes before the sink grows its own ecosystem
  • you can’t put Dawn dishsoap in the dishwasher. 
  • if you are the only one in the aisle at the grocery store, and you need to get from one end to the other without even looking at anything in that aisle, then you should totally cart-surf down the aisle. Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional. Hold on to the little things. They make all the difference.
  • never try to make cake from scratch at 3am. You end up with a topographical map of Middle Earth.
  • 15% tip. 
  • the best way to get money for food is to tell your grandparents about how you basically live on microwaved mac and cheese. Their horror may result in twenty bucks and orders to go out and get yourself “a real dinner”.
  • sometimes life sucks, and knowing that it might get better doesn’t always make it suck any less, but you’ll never get to the non-sucky days without enduring the suckiness. 
  • no seriously, NEVER put Dawn in your dishwasher
  • image

    Do not buy generic brand spaghetti sauce either.

    Always check the type of light bulb that goes in lamps. A 60w is not interchangeable with a 40w.

    Dollar store batteries work just as well as store brand.

  • Reward yourself from time to time when you do things that you needed to get done. It’s a good way to remind yourself to do them. Going out to pay a bill? Get Starbucks or something you don’t get often. Rewards don’t have to be huge, they can be small things like that.
  • Rice, pasta, flour, sugar, cheese, eggs, milk, a pack of chicken, a pack of frozen veggies and a well stocked spice cabinet go a long way food-wise. Splurge and get the biggest container of rice you can. You don’t have to go back and buy it again anytime soon and it makes a TON of meals in the meantime.
  • Rice can be cooked on the stove. You don’t need a fancy rice cooker. Two parts water to every one part rice (two cups water for one cup of rice for example). Get your water boiling, add rice, put a plate or lid on it, put it on low for 20 minutes. It should be done.
  • Keep a calendar on your pc of bill due dates. If your bills are set up at inconvenient times, like all of the services started on the first or something, then call up the company and find out if you can get your billing date switched to something more manageable. A lot of places do try to work with you.
  • There is no shame in calling a company and asking for an extension on a bill. Let them know what you can pay, pay that amount, and they arrange when the rest of the payment is required. This can stop you from having services shut off man. It shows responsibility on your part.
  • Take time to eat, even when you don’t feel like eating. Your body needs energy to live.
  • Wash or rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. It prevents gross caked on junk.
  • “The Works” is an excellent cheap toilet cleaner.
  • MAGIC. FUCKING. ERASERS. THEY WORK ON EVERYTHING JUST DON’T SCRUB HARD. I took the ring out of our bathtub with one. Also generic ones work just as well.
  • image
  • Keep some bleach around but if you use it for cleaning? Dillute it. There’s rarely ever a case where you need to pout straight bleach on anything. A cap full or two in a bucket of water works just fine.
  • DO NOT MIX CLEANERS. Chemical reactions are can be very dangerous. Here’s a good list. (Note that vinegar and baking soda can actually be a good combo for removing smells from things but it’s not very good at actually -cleaning-.)
  • If you drink? Don’t take meds at the same time it’s just not good.
  • Make sure you check the dosages on your pill bottles. No one wants to accidentally overdose on cough syrup or ibuprofen.
  • If you have a uterus make sure you have a heating pad and ibuprofen on hand for the pain. Hot baths also generally help and Ginger Tea is excellent for any nausea.
  • Buy a first aid kit. It’s worth it in the long run.
  • You can often do your taxes online at places like TurboTax.
  • Here’s some good sex ed resources because I had to explain what a yeast infection was recently. 
  • Petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline) is good for chapped lips and you can get a decent sized tube or tub of it (generic brand version) for cheaper/same price as Chapstick.
  • ~~Medications~~

    Over the counter medications (stuff you can buy right off the shelf no prescription needed) have a name brand and a generic name. ALWAYS buy generic if it’s available it is literally the same thing and way cheaper usually.

    Some names to remember when you’re looking for meds!

    Acetaminophen = Tylenol

    Used to treat pain and reduce fever. Do not take with Ibuprofen.

    Ibuprofen = Advil, Midol, Motrin

    Used for pain and fever, is an anti-inflammtory. Is good for period cramps because it is an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug).

    Naproxen = Aleve, Naprosyn

    Treats fever, pain, arthritis pain, gout, period cramps, tendinitis, headache, backache, and toothache. Is also an NSAID.

    Acetaminophen + Asprin + Caffeine = Excedrin

    Usually marketed as “Migraine Relief” as a generic.

    Asprin = Bayer

    Use for pain, fever, arthritis, and inflammation. Makes you bleed easily so should not be used for periods. Might reduce risk of heart attacks.\

    Triple Antibiotic Ointment = Neosporin

    Used on cuts, sores, and scrapes to reduce risk of infection and promote healing.

    Also a general mutli-vitamin isn’t a bad idea and if you don’t get a lot of fruits or milk/sunshine in your diet you might want to get vitamins C and D specifically for daily use.


    if you do accidentally lapse and put dawn in your dishwasher, run it empty and put hair conditioner where the detergent goes. that’ll clean it out (tip given to me by dorm custodian when roommate did the thing).

    if you live off ramen, add stuff to it! add veggies you like, don’t use the whole flavor packet to cut down on sodium and msg or don’t use it at all and add your own spices.

    if you’re making something with potatoes in it (beans, stew) potatoes are done when you can easily stab a fork through them.

    you can microwave a hotdog as long as you put it in a microwave safe container of water. microwaves work by making water molecules vibrate. also, when reheating rice leftovers, add a small amount of water, like maybe a spoonfull, so it doesn’t get hard and crunchy.

    the rice cooking advice above is for long grain rice. if you’re making short or medium grain rice, a 1:1 ratio (one cup water for one cup rice) is better, so the rice doesn’t come out too mushy.

    buy a few cans of chicken. wholesale club stores like sam’s, costco, or bj’s tend to carry multipacks for a good price. they’re incredibly useful for when you forget to defrost meat.

    buy meat on sale and put it in the freezer. buy vegetables on sale, and put them in the freezer. frozen veggies are often as flavorful and good as fresh ones, keep longer, and often come in microwaveable bags or with microwave directions.

    soak ink stains in milk to help get them out or at least lighten them.

    soak blood stains in water as soon as possible, with a bit of detergent or stain remover. scrub at them. use cold water, heat binds proteins to fabric. tbh, there’s no real need to change the washer from cold-cold setting unless the thing you’re washing says to wash in warm water.

    acetone, found in most nail polish removers, dissolves super glue.




    Takes pictures, have prints made and put them in photo albums. Be IN the pictures, have someone take pictures of you and your friends. Get over not looking perfect in thw picture. Someday that friend might be gone and those pictures might be all you’ll have, you will want to be in them. I made that mistake with my best friend, i always felt weird asking for a picture together… he died of cancer January of 2014 and now i have no pictures of us together. Its my only regret in life.


    This is really helpful, thank you all!


    I’m the newest of new adults but I’m gonna throw these little tips in there. IF YOU HAVE AN OLD CAR: 

    -coolant or water if your car overheats (coolant is preferable cause it won’t hurt the engine in the long run but hey i know money is tight) 

    -flashlight in case you break down at night and need to check under the hood and your phone is dead


    -jumper cables.you will at some point leave your lights on. you just will. 

    AAA or any other road side service is never a bad investment i swear. (try to mooch it off your parents as long as you can though) 


    Know how to change a tire. You’re going to need to do it at some point in time and you can’t always rely on someone else to do it for you.

    Don’t be afraid to go to your local food bank. They are there for a reason.

    Don’t be ashamed to ask for help period. Life is hard, everyone needs help occasionally.


    You can put a LOWER wattage bulb in a lamp that says it’s for a higher one, but don’t put a HIGHER wattage bulb in. Also, watts refer to the amount of electricity used. LUMENS refers to the amount of light put out, and can vary quite a bit between brands, even though the wattage is the same. Look for the one with the highest lumens unless you actually want a slightly dimmer bulb in a certain location. Those dollar store batteries? Fine if they’re alkaline. “Heavy-duty” batteries, however, won’t last nearly as long. You can microwave a hot dog and bun simply by wrapping them in a toweling for a minute, less if you don’t want them scalding hot.


    Reblogging to save lives.


    Two adulting (kitchen-related) tips from me!

    1. Buy a roll of parchment paper from the cooking shit aisle. A big roll will last you for-fucking-ever. Pretty much any time you’re using a baking pan you can line it with that stuff and save yourself A: food sticking to the pan and B: it’s a quick rinse and it’s clean.

    2. Bread can get fucking expensive, so make your own. A bigass bag of flour and a bag of active dry yeast (store it in the friiiiidge!!!) works out a FUCK of a lot cheaper than buying bread at the store, and you can do so much more with it. Bread, pizza, rolls, cinnibuns, homemade pizza pockets. It seems intimidating but it’s stupid easy.

    Seriously. It’s stupid simple to make, and most of the “3 hours” to make it is sitting around surfing the internet or doing whatever the fuck you want while the dough rises. If you have an afternoon free once a week to sit and play video games or surf the net, you have the time to make your own bread on the cheap. Here’s my simple-as-fuck recipe:

    2 ¼ teaspoons active dry yeast (You can buy a bag of this stuff CHEAP in bulk stores, the little packets are hella stupid priced)
    1 cup warm wate
    r (think a hot bath)
    1 ½ teaspoons sug
    2 tablespoons oi
    l (any kind works for the most part)
    2 ¼ cups fl
    1 teaspoon s

    1. Stir the yeast, water, sugar, and oil up in a bowl. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. It will foam up VERY high, this is the yeast getting happy! If it doesn’t get all foamy, the water may have been too hot or not hot enough. Remember, Yeast is alive! Treat it like a nice girlfriend!

    2. Mix your flour, salt, and the yeast concoction up in a bowl.

    3. Knead that shit for about 5 minutes. It will start sticky as heck, but will come together into a nice dough. If it’s still super sticky, toss in a bit more flour. Here’s how to knead it: 

    4. Put your dough in a covered, lightly oiled bowl and leave it someplace warmish for an hour. At that point it will have roughly doubled in size, give it a gentle punch to release the gasses that have built up inside. Cover it again and let it sit for a bit longer.

    Boom. You have bread dough. Here are some baking times and uses for ya:

    Optional egg-wash: Just crack an egg into a bowl, add a pinch of salt, and mix the bejeebus out of it with a fork. Brush (or if you’re like me, goop it on with said fork) that shit thinly on bread before baking for a nice crust.

    Pizza: Stretch it on a pan, stab the fucker all over with a fork, add toppings, bake 425*F 15-20 minutes. 

    Bread Sticks: Make snake-shapes, let rest on pan 10-ish minutes, bake 400*F 10-20 minutes.

    Dinner rolls: Make ball-sized (yes those balls) balls. Place on greased pan, let rest 10-20 minutes to rise. Egg-wash and bake 375*F 25 minutes.

    Bread: Lightly score (cut) the top, let sit for 20-ish minutes on/in whatever you’re using to bake it, egg-wash, bake at 375*F for 20-ish minutes. It’s done when it sounds hollow if you knock on the bottom.

    You bet your ass you can deep-fry this shit for cheapie yeast doughnuts. Roll that shit in sugar or dip it in whatever, it’s fucking tasty.

    Bagels: YES. YOU. CAN. Form bagel-shapes out of the dough and boil them in salty water for about 2 minutes. Egg-wash them and bake them at 400*F for 10 minutes.

    Cinnamon Rolls: Roll that shit out into a rectangle. Brush it with a mix of butter, cinnamon, sugar, and a pinch of salt (no exact amounts here, do it to your taste). Roll it up into a log, and cut it into discs. Let them sit 20 minutes in a pan and then bake at 375*F 15-17 minutes.

    You can add whatever you want to the dough for some variety, just if it’s dried spices remember you really only need 1-ish tablespoons. I personally like making bread with about 1 tablespoon of dill in the dough. Roll it out flat, sprinkle it with cheddar, roll it into a log, squeeze the ends shut, and bake it like a regular loaf of bread. Cheesy dill bread OMNOMNOM.

    *ahem* That got a bit long. But yeah. Bread’s expensive, yo. Save your wallet.

    (Also it’s ridiculous amounts of therapeutic to bake, for me anyway)


    Being able to bake your own bread is pretty awesome, if you got the time for it.