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    alternative clothing stores that aren’t dollskill or kill star (PLUS SIZE FRIENDLY) {UPDATED}

    Trash Queen (great plus size clothes AND cool accessories)

    Sourpuss Clothes (great plus size dresses)

    Rebels Market (not super plus size friendly, but do have sizes up to 2XL, great accessories and shoes though)

    Tragic Beautiful (sizes up to 4XL, beware some Killstar stuff is sold on there)

    Unique Vintage (many many plus size options, perfect for 50s inspired goth/punk looks)

    Unif Clothing (not super plus size friendly but they do have L and XL, great shoes and accessories though)

    BlackMeoww (clothes up to 3XL, great accessories)

    Punk Rave (plus size options vary)

    Disturbia (British company with sizes going up to American size 16, i think?)

    Berserk (Australian company. decent plus size options, as well as accessories and beauty products)

    Creepy Co (horror/creepy themed shirts and buttons with a good diversity of sizes)

    Gloomth (incredible gothic/lolita/weirdgirl fashion that runs up to 5XL, but I bet you can ask Taeden (owner) to custom make to your sizes. I have 3 gloomth dresses that I wear ALL THE TIME. totally worth their price.)

    Kinky Angel (yes this is intended to be ~sexy kinky clothes~ but we all know that aesthetic intersects with alt/goth aesthetic a LOT. sizes go up to 4X)

    Devil Inspired  (the clothes aren’t plus size friendly but the accessories and shoes are so delicious it’s worth a look, be warned that it’s a price markup of TaoBao)

    Atomic Cherry (good plus size options!)

    In Control Clothing (plus size kawaii clothes)

    NastyGem (no clothes but reasonably priced alt accessories)

    The Dark Attitude has goth pants that go up to 5XL.

    Also Threadless and Wicked Clothes have good dark tees!

    Also Etsy has amazing alt-clothing vendors that do custom sizes and cater to plus size people!

    plus size friendly Etsy shops:

    missOctopie (cute spooky kawaii clothes that go up to 3XL ((which means something different in every store so you just have to check)))

    Later Operator not clothes but really fun jewelry

    Nemons cool dark tees that go up to 2XL in unisex which is 52″ in chest, 46″ in waist.

    Gobbolino again not clothes but they’re worth putting on there for their truly outlandish accessories.

    KawaiiDressShop which has tons of cute lolita-esque dresses that go up to 5XL

    Narcissique Couture does custom sizing on all their clothes

    InkedStaind cool goth dresses that go up to 4XL

    SophieandHerStore really decadent cool goth accessories like elizabethan standing collars

    VrolokClothing a neat goth store that goes up to 3XL in its sizing

    AdamandLilith do dark tees up to 3X

    MortusViventi has shirts up to 3X

    Designerdressstore has pants that go up to 50″ in the waist

    Also let me know if you’ve heard bad things about any of these websites, I will reblog with corrections! Feel free to add any you know of as well!


    On your previous list you had mentioned that you had some plus size lingerie shop options on etsy, and I would *love* to see some of those.




    not a lot of lingerie on etsy has PLUS SIZE LINGERIE for plus size people only. what a lot of lingerie creators on there do is make your cookie cutter sizes and then do custom sizes as well.

    LALCouture: so I just ordered lingerie from this etsy shop and they were super accommodating about sizes? asked for my bust, underbust, waist, and hips and normal bra size which they take into consideration when making their garments for me. i haven’t received it so i can’t speak to the quality yet but so far they have been very accommodating to my custom size, as i am bigger than their largest size which is XL

    GoodGirlLatex if you want something a little more risque, this latex lingerie etsy does custom sizes as well.

    victoriancorset has corsets that go up to 7XL

    nedbasleather custom sized harnesses and stuff for all the genders!

    EmmaAlamo sizes here go up to 4X which means 52″ waist they do custom sizes as well. harnesses for people of all genders.

    novaharness’s plus sizes probably don’t go super far (they have an XXL with a max waist that’s 39.5…not great) but they are notable in that they have this plus sized option for the men’s harnesses as well…plus sized men and mascs rejoice! they’re also happy to do custom designs if they don’t accommodate your size!

    InkedStaind has really cute pentagram body harnesses up to 4XL, they also do custom sizing

    SensuaLingerie does custom sizing in bras and in panties, and their designs are super cute and vintage inspired

    BlueberryShopUa also has cute designs and custom sizing

    DebutLingerie has things for ladies and feminine people but I’d really like to point out their more masculine lingerie options. Does custom sizing!

    BodyFetish has lingerie options for many genders and does custom sizing.

    RebirthGarments not lingerie per se, but they have undergarments so I thought i’d include it. it is an amazing shop that truly tries to clothe all bodies. they’ve got binders, swimsuits of varying modesty for all gender expressions and they do custom sizing!

    LeoLines has panties specifically for transfeminine people in tons of very casual designs. good to just fill your underwear drawer with. super basic but hey most underwear is basic!

    just a heads up that many of these custom lingerie brands on etsy are located in ukraine so it might take awhile to get to you!

    Not Etsy But

    AdoreMe has really helpful size guides and stuff in sizes up to 5X…their designs don’t always blow my hair back but hey a bra and panties that fit, that’s priceless.

    CurvyKate has tons of bras and panties in plus sizes and they’re trans friendly.

    SavagexFenty believe it or not fenty beauty bras go up to 46 in the band and H in the cup (in american sizes). unfortunately it’s so popular, your size might be sold out in the thing you want.

    Corset Story is super pricy in my opinion but if you wanted to get yourself a REALLY NICE corset, their corsets go up to 50″ in the waist.


    trying to get all my info in one place….


    mystic arts co doesn’t have great plus size options in clothes, but most of their chokers fit up to 17 inches in diameter, which is a hell of a lot better than some other choker sizes i’ve seen. you can use the code amb10 to get 10% off also!