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2013-11-29 05:05:31


    I’ve reached my limit. I mean, i’m a 9th grader and this is the time for preparing those (what i need) to confronting that shit oops i mean the national exam. I know, that’s really hard to leave’ my fandoms (hottest-inspirit) although trying to focus on my future. But, i really want to graduated as soon as possible! Because my brain almost burning like seriously MY BRAIN IS ONLY 1.400g how dare you are you trying to kill my precious brain huh? My school is officialy like hell. When the homework, working group, presentation, tests/exams, tasks, and some other damn things who are really annoying like lucifer violently murdering other lucifer make me didn't have a free time to checking the updates. EVEN I RARELY TOUCHING AND SEEING MY PHONE OH GOD. Ok back to topic Today, i just completed the pretest. And from that i know, oh i was about to faint. This is last year’s national exam questions. Overhelmed. What to do. What should i do. I cant graduated like this. WHAT IF I GOT BAD SCORES OF ALL THE SUBJECTS? What will my parents says? wtf. “make my parents proud” orz. When i graduated with a perfect scores, i really want to hear that my parents are saying “oh she’s my genius daughter” “not in vain sia” “send her for 3 years to junior high school and saw her pass the national exam with a perfect scores is one of my hopes! I’m not leaving the fandoms but i’ll be on hiatus. i will not checking the updates like usual and will not updating my tumblr and twitter everyday. I want to focus on the national exam because, i thought i've had a lot of trouble for my parents. Before it’s too late, due to school also the national exam, i’ll be going to take a long-hiatus until May. So that’s mean i’ll be officialy ‘comeback’ and active like usual on May. thanks to my friends LOL. and thank you so much for you who are reading this heeeeee. even i'm not good enough but i'm still a humanbeing right? 사랑해요 장우영 사랑해요 남우현 사랑해요 김태형 thank you for ruined my life;-; AND good bye! See you on May 2014 o/ p.s: 1. I’ll be back/on when i have a free times and when things are not as busy. 2. if you want to talk to me, find me on twitter. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 내 맘이 그렇지 하나만 알아서 꺾기고 아파도 널 사랑 하련다 - 추격자 시작도 없던 것처럼 - 장우영 정말 지금이 아니면 안돼 아직 아무것도 해본 게 없잖아 - 방탄소년단