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2019-12-21 02:05:37

    fine line sold more than what was originally projected and to be more of a brag, she received the most success in pure sales; 385k out of the 476k are physical/digital copies and the rest of the units are streams. she’s a sophomore??? it’s foolish to believe in the curse but it’s so sexy how she surpassed her older sister in the first week (double the units). the fact is she’s going to be certified GOLD very soon (tbh can be certified now if enough units were moved/shipped). she managed to become the third biggest debut of 2019, but she’s second biggest in pure sales. Well enough of the silly numbers......it’s been a hip-hop mainstream across the media, so to have harry come the fuck through with an album that’s not following the pop(ular) formula—musically and campaign) ???? And still top the charts with that much of a lead? SHE should be proud bc I am

    being alive is like a whole fucking thing dude ive only been here 23 years and can only really remember like 10 of those years at most and yet im literally immobilized by fear and anxiety i have no clue what i want and yet i am mad at myself for not moving fast enough? like towards what? for who? who is even going to hand me a medal for living correctly? like what would happen if i was just content but like no one knew and i told no one. would that still count? i think it would

    just thinking about that one 1D documentary back in 2011, the one where Harry cried after reading hate comments and said “i’ve always wished I was one of those people who didn’t really care that much about what people thought about them, but I- I just think I am.”

    and now, 8 years later, he’s saying he’s so comfortable in his own skin at a young age because of all the love that his fans (and his friends) give him.

    don’t you think that’s beautiful?