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2023-09-23 03:45:29

    AITA for realizing that my best friend is actually a ghost and not telling him because i'm worried that if he realizes he's dead he'll finally be able to accept it and fully pass on and i won't be able to hang out with him anymore?


    AITA if i've been dead for a while but haven't told my best friend yet because he doesn't seem to have realized i'm a ghost and if he does i'm worried that he'll finally be able to accept it and let me go and i can't bear the thought of losing him?


    AITA for killing that guy

    how are people mean to stuffed animals one time i was trying to clean up my room and tried to justify giving away a stuffed animal by saying 'well its a little ugly' and immediately i was just overwhelmed with monstrous guilt and i understood the concept of a catholic hell and i was going there


    I still can't fucking get over how cetaceans adapted to spend their entire lives in the water and just never bothered to redevelop water-breathing. there's motherfuckers who spend an hour or more diving and the evolutionary solution is just "breathe a lot on the surface and then lower your heart rate to a near-hibernation level while actively cruising the seafloor for stuff to eat". totally insane solution to one of the oldest solved problems in biology

    Can you do something for me, please?

    I want you to reblog this if you believe that two people can be very close and physically affectionate with one another, but still have a completely nonsexual, non-romantic relationship. 

    Even if the two people in question are capable of being sexually or romantically attracted to one another. 

    Because the friendship I share with someone I consider family in a way that transcends blood has been typecast as a romantic relationship ENTIRELY too many times, and I’m beginning to get sick of it.