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    my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Orlando. we are one family, together. i cannot offer much but i can offer my open heart and ears. if you need someone to talk to, please consider talking to me, even if you are not directly effected by this. there are a lot of emotions that surround this type of event and i understand if you’re deeply troubled by it, as i am. 

    if you are not comfortable talking to me, here are some other links:
    Donate to the victims
    Donate blood if you live in Orlando or FL
    . (EDIT as of 3:09PM EST: i have received information that the FDA still requires that donations by gay/bi sexually active men will not be accepted. If you are healthy and able to give blood and are type O, particularly O-, please donate.)
    7 Cu
    ps: (talk to someone anonymously)
    Open to Ho
    pe: (non-profit organization dedicated to helping people find hope after loss. They provide encouraging articles, books, and an online community)
    The Sweeney Allia
    nce: (non-profit to help cope with grief and stress)
    Light A Ca
    ndle: (at times like this, we can feel helpless. light a candle has pages of candles that people can “light” and attach a person’s name, along with reason a candle is being lit for them.)
    The Grief Recov
    ery Method: (has articles that may be helpful)
    The D
    ougy Center: ( renown around their services in helping children, teenagers, and young adults overcome grief)
    Mother Henna: (helps individuals tap into their creative side as a coping mechanism to grief. It’s insightful to how to best go about getting a life back on track, even if the individual is not involved in creative activities previously.)
    is Care Network: (a support group centered around getting individuals back to work following a crisis)
    s Along the Road:  (a safe haven for those struggling with loss to come and reset themselves. They host various activities such as sanctuary activities, memorial walks, and roadside memorial projects.)
    Masterpost of options if you are expe
    riencing a crisis: (not all related to grief, but might help you find calm.)
    Masterpost of
    coping mechanisms: (again, has some helpful links but might not be related)


    EDITED to update information on blood donation (despite media coverage of lifting the ban, it was inaccurate); if anyone else has other helpful links or tips, feel free to add.