1921 KT
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2021-03-01 14:34:58

    for the longest time, it feels like i have been trying to make sense of life but now i see there is no sense to be made, only life to be lived. there is no set purpose to fulfill, there are no checklists to complete, just an ephemeral moment to breathe, to love, to be kind, to feel. life is in all the simple, little things that we so often overlook. uncomplicate your heart. be here, be present, embrace your own journey. there is so much beauty and wonder to be found right where you are.

    it’s wild to think that like.. all the raw materials to make like an iphone.. or a laptop.. or the internet.. have all existed for literally the entire history of humanity.. all the stuff.. has been here.. on earth.. and all the natural forces.. electricity… magnetism.. have all existed.. but.. we just didn’t know how to put it all together.. like… i wonder what miracles exist around us.. right now.. at this very moment.. that we can’t even imagine