Jennica. Born in 1995 and likes The 1975 (ooh, that rhymed).
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    I found life and I found laughter. In forgiveness, I found rest. On the shoulders of redemption, I found hope when hope was dead. I could lose it in a moment, So I dare not close my eyes. I'll watch fear fall with the sunset And see hope rise with the tide. And when the pain is true, Sometimes these troubles prove that I'm alive.My eyes are open,

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    Your reminders:

    August 24, 2017, Thursday, 10:55PM

  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Stop comparing your art. It’s your OWN art. YOUR ART. Even if you don’t like it, some will. Be proud.
  • Stop being so conscious about your body. 
  • Stop shaming yourself.
  • Be confident.
  • You have spine problems. Be cautious about it. Don’t abuse it.
  • Stop being lazy. Use your talents and skills to help (and/or earn)
  • Here’s a list of reminders that I must be constantly reminded every single day.

    There’s more to come. I’ll keep this open.




    <>My 2016 in 38.68 seconds. 2016 went too fast and I’m still processing that another year just passed by (because in that year, I graduated and got a job and left home and went internally crazy!). But still, I am thankful that I am able to experience such speed of time and able to live (some) moment of it. For 2017, I hope that it won’t be so quick as 2016.

    Happy New Year! Be blessed.

    I just voted for the very first time today. Seeing people who patiently waited and lined up just in order to vote made me appreciate how people are truly involved for change and/or development in our country.

    The election period was mad. People on social media are mad. I hope after this period, everything will go back to normal and people’s mouth will be at peace. Whoever wins, I hope everyone will support instead of starting a revoluti<>on/war against the decision of the majority. May God Bless our country.

    Hi, Happy New Year! I’m supposed to insert a lengthy message here like share all of my ups and downs and the things that I’ve learned in 2015. But I’m a bit busy right now (huhu because thesis and other projects) and I’m not that emotional to share my feels right now (haha, just so you know being emotional helps me express my feelings deeply). But it doesn’t matter because the new year must be filled with positive vibes!

    So here I am, sending you all a happy new year! And here is my prayer for all of you from <>Psalm 20:4, May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

    Again, happy new year!

    <>Merry Christmas Everyone!I made a quick Christmas card in order to show (or say) my greetings to all of you through art. I hope you all like it.

    For this year’s Christmas, I’ve noticed that some people are saying that it is plain and boring. Some also say that they do not feel the Christmas spirit at all. Well, I guess that maybe they consider it boring because they only stayed at home, no parties, or no gift ever desired was received. 

    But for me, <>Christmas is always the most beautiful time of the year. It will never be boring. Maybe because for some, they haven’t really absorbed what Christmas really meant and why we celebrate it. I’m not so sure but maybe, they still hang on the thought of exchanging or receiving gifts and (yay) parties. 

    I’ve been celebrating twenty Christmases at home together with my family. Sometimes complete and sometimes not. I received the simplest gifts every year. 

    For this year, I only received one gift and my parents did not give me anything material. For some, they could find it disappointing but for me, I felt satisfied. Honestly, I did not ask anything for something material for this year. The things that I want for this Christmas and for next year can’t be bought (literally haha). But what I truly want is that I’d be able to finish school, become more patient with people around me, and become a better person. The mass I attended yesterday really motivated me to become better for real. Better in all the things I do.

    I am blessed and I thank the Lord for his love throughout the year.

    To end this, I would like to share my Christmas wishes to all of you (and for myself too):

  • THE ORDER OF LIFE IS ALWAYS “JOY” J - Jesus First, O - Others next, Y - Yourself last
  • Again, Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus. Thank you and God bless you all!

    Today, the world mourns for the victims of terrorist attacks in Paris, France.  I am deeply saddened by the news and felt sorry for the victims’ families. People on social media are using the hashtag #PrayForParis to show their support and condolences for them. It’s nice to see that people who are far from Paris are showing their concern and support in their littlest ways. But I hope that we do not only pray for them, but also pray for other countries, pray for the whole world. Terrorist attacks also happens in some other countries, and worse, it happens EVERYDAY but it seems to be that there is no attention and support that these countries are receiving. Can we pray for them also even if it does not trend on social media or so?

    Today, I am also frightened. I am afraid that world war might happen again. I am afraid that our poor country could be the next victim. I am afraid that peace will never be attained. I am afraid. But even though I am afraid, I still have hope that everything is going to be okay. I might die first before seeing the world in peace but scratch that, I want to see the world in peace while I am still breathing.

    I hope that people will pray everyday for world peace. Let us pray that through attaining peace, there is no blood to be shed. Pray for a world filled with understanding, acceptance, unity, love and peace.