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Name's Amy. I'm 24. Feel free to message me anytime and I will always answer. Here to help any of you. I suffer from depression. im a giant fan of taylor swift as her songs helped me through difficult times of my depression which gave me a reason to keep on living. instagram: amy2595 seen Taylor in London for the red tour on 11/14 then see her in Glasgow for 1989 tour on 23/6/15 saw her in Manchester for reputation on 22/6/18.

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    st trinian’s is fucking MENTAL (a list)

  • colin firth
  • rupert everett playing himself AND his twin sister
  • french classes invloving the phrase “i swear officer ive never seen these suitcases before”
  • celia imrie as a permanently drunk teacher
  • actually all the teachers were alcoholic and it was great
  • jodie whittaker DRUGGING stephen fry
  • beverly as a character was just fucking mental
  • russell brand???
  • posing as a gay german art seller who seduces the main girls shitty dad?????
  • posh totty running a sex chatline from the school
  • posh totty literally walking around in their underwear
  • gemma arterton being hot
  • posh totty sabotaging the rival school challenge teams by a) drugging them or b) making out with them until they can’t think straight
  • the first years being the go to people for explosives
  • the secret alcohol brewery with the drink that caused these problems:
  • “slightly bitter aftertaste. people going blink after the second glass. that lady wot DIED”
  • “she was old, she could have gone at any time!”
  • “she was 38”
  • colin firth kicking a dog into a woodchipper to get it to stop shagging his leg
  • “what is the volume of a sphere?” “quite loud”
  • paloma faith as an emo
  • the only thing any of them are shocked by is the first years carrying cigarettes (they were to plug their noses so they couldn’t smell the sewers they were sneaking around in)
  • lucy punch
  • the girls livestreaming annabel running naked through the school on youtube
  • the gay vibe of the whole thing
  • this is the best damn movie ive ever seen
  • Actors/actresses who have been in both St Trinians films and Doctor who.

    David Tennant:

    Chatacter in Doctor Who: The Doctor (Tenth)

    Character in St Trinians: Sir Piers Pomfrey

    Jodie Whittaker:

    Character in Doctor Who: The Doctor (Thirteenth)

    Character in St Trinians: Beverly

    Celia Imrie: (Pictured on the right)

    Character in Doctor Who: Rosemary Kizlet

    Character in St Trinians: Matron

    Kathryn Drysdale:

    Character in Doctor Who: Bliss

    Character in St Trinians: Taylor

    Amara Karan: (Pictured in the middle)

    Character in Doctor Who: Rita

    Character in St Trinians: Peaches

    Toby Jones:

    Character in Doctor Who: Dream Lord

    Character in St Trinians: Bursar

    Fenella Woolgar:

    Character in Doctor Who: Agatha Christie

    Character in St Trinians:Miss Cleaver

    Stephen Fry:

    Character in Doctor Who: "C" (Head of MI6)

    Character in St Trinians: Himself

    Talulah Riley:

    Character in Doctor Who: Miss Evangelista

    Character in St Trinians: Annabelle Fritton

    Lily Cole:

    Character in Doctor who: The Siren

    Character in St Trinians: Polly

    my gender is absolutely every character from st trinians (2007) at the exact same time individually. i am camilla fritton and i am also colin firths character in love with camilla fritton and also whatever the fuck was up with russell brand in 2006. i was not born transgender i absorbed it from the tv on several occasions between the ages of 7 and 14.

    i want cloaks to be brought back but i dont want to wear one until i know theyre actually back in style. like im not gonna be the one cloak guy in a 50 mile radius, i wanna be one of several in my immediate area and have nobody bat an eye. im too much of a coward to be a cloak guy in our current fashion climate but the utopia of cloak world appears to me in the dreaming hours