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Name's Amy. I'm 24. Feel free to message me anytime and I will always answer. Here to help any of you. I suffer from depression. im a giant fan of taylor swift as her songs helped me through difficult times of my depression which gave me a reason to keep on living. instagram: amy2595 seen Taylor in London for the red tour on 11/14 then see her in Glasgow for 1989 tour on 23/6/15 saw her in Manchester for reputation on 22/6/18.

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    As far as I am concerned, she has nights where they make food from the cultures of each respective kid. And she makes sure all her kids maintain their dual citizenship (where they’re from and US) & visit often. Jolie is an exception, she doesn’t steal, she respects, embraces and accepts. She raises her children with understanding and compassion of people of different race and culture. Bravo.


    Stu, let me ask you a question: how did you not realize until then that you had too many eggs? Nobody sells eggs in a big cloth-covered basket, so you must have done that yourself. That means you spent god-knows-how-long opening up twelve whole cartons of eggs, carefully placing each egg one-by-one inside a big basket, and then covering it with a big picnic cloth… and at no point- at no point- did you ever stop and think “gee, there might be TOO MANY FUCKING EGGS HERE”

    You really have lost control of your life.


    I may have gone overboard with this


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    These are so cute!! I need all of them!


    These are cool! I need them because I am single and at least I will hug something every night lol


    @jacksoninquarantine you can hug me every night if you want




    Am I the only one that bought the plushie? 👁️👄👁️