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Name's Amy. I'm 24. Feel free to message me anytime and I will always answer. Here to help any of you. I suffer from depression. im a giant fan of taylor swift as her songs helped me through difficult times of my depression which gave me a reason to keep on living. instagram: amy2595 seen Taylor in London for the red tour on 11/14 then see her in Glasgow for 1989 tour on 23/6/15 saw her in Manchester for reputation on 22/6/18.

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2020-11-25 16:29:04

    not be like “ugh the Youths” but i think kids nowadays have gotten Too Comfortable on the internet.

    like i see these tweets on twitter like “hey im 14 and i just got kicked out pls rt so i can find somewhere to stay im in x state/city” and like HOLY SHIT i cannot emphasize enough how incredibly dangerous this is. you’re broadcasting to EVERYONE that you are young, vulnerable, and desperate AND information on how to find you!!!! like i know you meant for that to be just for your friends on twitter but that’s a public tweet!!! ANYONE could see it!!! like I saw it and i have no idea who you are you are not in my circle and yet!!! so like WHO ELSE has seen it!!!


    This girl on among us have me her number and turns out she’s 13. It was like 3am and she proceeded to tell me the name of her town, what school she went to, both of her parents jobs, how she did in class, what her home life is like, the first names of all of her friends, ect. All of this mostly unprompted. The smartest thing she did was ask to FaceTime me to make sure I ‘wasn’t a 40yo catfish’ and she talked about the other kids that she had met on among us this way.

    To any kids out there: I know that quarantine is stressful and we’re all depressed and lonely bu please please please don’t give out your information to strangers on the internet, and if you do there are dozens of safer options than just giving everything to everyone and just hoping for the best

    My little sister is 14 and she gave out her information to the wrong person who shared it somewhere and she can now count on two hands the number of teens and young adults who have asked for nudes and favors and personal information. It’s really worsening her anxiety and anorexia so please I’m begging you don’t give out any of your information unless you explicitly trust the person you’re giving it to.


    Stranger danger yall. And if you’re ever wondering what you could do to keep yourself safe, here’s a list.

    1. Use an alias (don’t have to but doesn’t hurt, especially when you have a unique name)

    2. NEVER give your last name! (E.g. if you’re Jessica, aint no way they gonna be able to find you without your last name. Don’t risk it)

    3. NEVER give your address (things like country is still vague enough. But if you tell anyone your street or something super identifiable)

    4. You don’t have to post photos of yourself! (You can if you want to but remember to be careful! Street names and addresses should not be visible in these photos!)

    5. Block creeps. Anyone that ya getting bad vibes from, just block em. Don’t be scared about being “mean”. Protect yourself.

    This is all from the top of my head so if anyone wants to add go ahead. Let’s help protect the younglings.

    “The most rage provoking element of being a female is the gaslighting that happens when […] for centuries we’ve been expected to absorb male behavior silently […] Oftentimes when we, in our enlightened state and our emboldened state, now respond to bad male behavior [..] that response is treated like the offense itself.”

    — Taylor Swift, feminist icon on Mad Woman

    Chaotic thoughts on folklore: the long pond studio session

    * taylor's outfits omg i'm obssed (especially the burgundy dress one)

    * aaron desner seems like he would take care of you if he found you crying in the bathroom during a party

    * why was jack's pin blurred????? The people request answers

    * the one was cute af

    * "leaving like a father, running like water" the chills fjjfjejr

    * don't hate me but i'm not a fan of TLGAD, however this version definitely made me appreciate it more


    * can u believe how talented they are

    * exile mv please we deserve this

    * my tears ricochet or as i like to call it, why 🛴 can go to hell

    * the pain in her voice :((

    * the explanation of mirroball fjjfjfjd

    * the live version will definitely be in my december playlist because i get winterish vibe from it

    * seven.....beautiful ( i wish i could throw myself on the floor at every inconvenience too)

    * also i realised that it's "pack your dolls in a sweater" not "and a sweater" and i feel dumb


    * i think august is the song they enjoyed playing the most, they looked so happy

    * this is me crying trying

    * let me just wipe my tears

    * illicit affairs was amazing

    * invisible string !!!! so pure!!!!!!

    * mad woman, aka stop being surprised when girls call you out on your bullshit

    * (very angry about the beeping tho)

    * i hope 🛴 is scared, cuz i would be if i was him


    * this song is jfjfjejeje *chef's kiss*

    * i refuse to admit that james is a boy


    * peace 🥺

    * literally made me cry

    * aaron <3

    * love that everyone is still confused about hoax lmao

    * the EYEROLL yess ma'am

    * taylor swift is a cottagecore lesbian 2020

    * but yeah me too taylor, me too


    Beaker Mug with Caffeine Molecule - $15.99
    This nifty novelty Beaker Mug is made from the same Borosilicate glass as a regular laboratory beaker! Printed with all the requisite markings and volume lines!


    OoooOooOoOh I love this.




    pharmacologies and health providers gonna loves this mug!


    I have this.

    This mug is chemistry-student approved.


    This also works with tea and hot chocolate, because both have caffeine in them!


    My favorite mug. I make tea from fresh violets and add lemon juice to watch the color change like a drinkable chem experiment


    From now until the end of Black Friday that mug is only $11.99