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Name's Amy. I'm 24. Feel free to message me anytime and I will always answer. Here to help any of you. I suffer from depression. im a giant fan of taylor swift as her songs helped me through difficult times of my depression which gave me a reason to keep on living. instagram: amy2595 seen Taylor in London for the red tour on 11/14 then see her in Glasgow for 1989 tour on 23/6/15 saw her in Manchester for reputation on 22/6/18.

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2020-09-21 20:07:42

    I keep thinking about how we really had teachers yelling at us as children and had to ask for permission to eat or go to the bathroom and couldnt choose who we sit next to until we were 18... and we really were obedient to all these obscure rules... and thinking about how we had our grown ass 50 year old fathers starting arguments with us over nothing and screaming without us being able to yell back??? As children? Our parents making fun of us for normal behaviours and things we cant do anything about like the way we look and genuinely thinking its funny and a good idea to do that? Youre all 50 years old arguing with and getting mad at 14 year old children for being children??? Idk its really hitting me that adults didnt use to see kids as people when we were growing up and they were so wrong for that because now as a grown adult i cant imagine treating children like it used to be normal for me as a child to be treated.... what goes on in your head for you to do that to them.


    Thinking about that tweet that said “fucked up how we really had to ask teachers for permission to go to the bathroom as children and they used to say no lmao” like god what the fuck was that....


    When my mom and aunt were younger my aunt was in high school and my mom in middle school. A group of girls were bullying my aunt and one slapped her in the lunch room. The principal met with my grandma and the other mom. He said they weren’t punishing the other girl because he didn’t get involved in “girl problems.” My grandma asked if that meant my aunt could retaliate the next time it happened and he said no then it would be a fight and they’d both get in trouble.

    So my grandma turned away from him and to the other mom and said “I have another daughter. She doesn’t go to this school and she’s a star softball player with her own bat. You can tell your daughter to stop bothering mine or you can drive her to the hospital with a shattered jaw. That’s your choice.” And walked out.

    Few months later that girl stole a necklace from my aunt. My grandma called the cops and they all drove to her house to get it back. The cop came outside with it and said he told the family my grandma wouldn’t press charges if they gave it back. My grandma took the necklace and said “Then you’re going to have to go in and tell them you lied because I am pressing charges. She’s a thief and I want her treated like one.”

    My grandma was a single mom in the 70s with two daughters and she took no shit from men who tried to undermine her and her daughters.


    She also got excommunicated and then re-communicated after bothering the Vatican enough to let her back in


    She doesn’t even like being Catholic and is Episcopalian now. It was more of a “You can’t fire me, I quit!” which is even better, at least to me