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    hmmmm more examples of how the REAL LEORIO is fucking HOT and STRONG as opposed to his WEAK PASTY and FALSE 2011 characterization. look at those BULGING MUSCLES, that TONED BODY. my dad walked by while i was reading this he is a STRAIGHT MAN and you know what HE said he said YOWWW THAT MAN IS FUCKING SEXY!!! alright if this is NEW TO YOU because your sorry ass has only watched the 2011 ANIME because you have NETFLIX and it was CONVENIENT then let me CATCH YOU UP you have been fed a FALSE, extremely PASTY (though possibly SUN BLEACHED like that episode of SPONGEBOB where spongebob becomes SUN BLEACHED because he lies in the TANNING BED for TOO LONG) LEORIO. leorio is STRONG TAN and HOT AS HELL. a reminder the pictures above are AUTHENTIC from the ORIGINAL MANGA.