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    USUK (Story-Writing)

    -Well…then make up something romantic about it for me.

    -”Long, long ago a dragon inhibited that tower and was pestering the citizens, that’s when a hero showed up and…”

    (dialogue taken from a scene in the manga)

    A sudden idea I got and drew right away, nostalgic of the time I used to draw library back grounds ^-^

    (ink marker and pencil only)


    things ill never get over

  • England canonly wearing America’s bomber jacket
  • Himaruya drawing England in America’s bomber jacket
  • America’s bomber jacket canonly being worn by England
  • ???????
  • ????????????????????
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  • lillianjessica
  • America not wearing his bomber jacket
  • England sleeping
  • England sleeping while appearing to hold some sort of
  • wait for it…..
  • bomber jacket.