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    Two Among Us

    There were ten of them. Everyone had their own tasks to do; duties they needed to fulfill in order to stay alive. While the rest scramble around the ship to complete their tasks, two among the crew were set to kill everyone. The problem? They didn’t know who they were. They needed to work together to seek out who these imposters were and execute them so they can all make it out alive.

    (Basically, the gang play a round of Among Us)

    Note: This might be confusing to those who never played Among Us. Also, I haven’t written anything in two months, so please excuse my crappy writing lol.

    The cacophony of voices irritated Alfred. He wasn’t even that fazed anymore; this always happens whenever someone reported a body or called for an emergency meeting. Most of the time everyone was screaming at each other, getting no proper discussion or agreements done at all. They always ended up skipping or sending an innocent crewmate off the ship because of their indecisiveness.

    When the timer hit thirty seconds in their current meeting, and it was obvious that everyone wasn’t on the same page, Alfred spoke up, “Guys, guys, I reported the body, so I should get to speak.”

    I think it’s Francis, Arthur declared, completely ignoring what his boyfriend just said.

    It’s not me! Don’t listen to him! Why do you always accuse me on every game?!, Francis fired back.

    You kept chasing me around the cafeteria table!

    I wanted to stick with you because I know you’re innocent! I saw you do the med-scan! Arthur, I’m literally vouching for you.

    Gilbert butted in, Francis is clear. I think I saw him do the garbage chute in the beginning.

    Thank you, Gilbert!

    They could be working together though, Arthur deduced.

    Imposters hardly vouch for each other, Francis retorted. That would only give them away!

    Unless they’re close to winning the game. There’s five of us left, and there’s still two imposters among us. I bet you two are vouching for each other in order to vote out an innocent crewmate right before time runs out, Arthur said.

    Alfred looked down at the timer and instantly face palmed. There was two seconds left and once he looked back at the list of cremates, Gilbert and Francis had already casted their vote, indicated by the little voting icon next to their characters. The rest of them didn’t have a chance to click skip because the timer reached zero, and it was revealed that Gilbert and Francis had voted for Arthur.

    What?! Arthur screeched as their screen changed. It played the ejection animation, with Arthur’s green character floating to space and the words Arthur was not An Imposter appearing behind him.

    The screen blacked out and displayed ‘defeat’ in red and bold letters, causing Francis and Gilbert to holler and laugh.

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    usuk fic rec

    My second gift for 200 followers. Obviously I can’t fit every fic I love on here, so I implore you to read the other fics from the authors, or even look at my bookmarks on ao3. Enjoy these, they’re all amazing!



    1. The Hudson River Challenge (by monobuu): On their way home, Alfred and Arthur happen to hail a certain game show taxi cab. Oh, and Arthur’s drunk. Let the game begin. [Oneshot]

    2. U is for UST (by Zeplerfer): Everyone knows that England can’t hold his liquor. Everyone is wrong. But the truth is something England will never admit, least of all to America… [Oneshot]

    3. Strange Powers (by Tinstars): America thought it would be funny to turn the device on himself. What’s the worst that could happen? Y’know, aside from accidentally falling in love with your friend. [Multichap]

    4. On Conducting Ghosts (by Ahmerst): America and England debate séances and Halloween costumes. [Oneshot]

    5. I Messages (by Car): It really is a very simple communication strategy. First, look them in the eye and say their name. Then you tell them how they make you feel and why they make you feel like this. Finally, tell them what it is you want them to do about it. See? Simple! [Oneshot]

    6. Cold December Night (by Car and simplytrop): All England wanted was one kiss from America, and if wearing a -not ugly at all, thank you very much- sweater and wallpapering his penthouse with mistletoe was how it was going to happen- so be it. [Oneshot]

    7. Engaged (by RobinRocks): America and England decide to put the Transatlantic Telephone Room to better use. Too bad Churchill needs to make a phonecall. [Oneshot]

    8. Rivalry (by Black.Rose.Authoress): The Bad Touch Trio decides that America and England need some romantic intervention. Who better to help than the most awesome matchmaking trio ever? [Multichap]

    9. Fk You Disney (by NoRhymeNorReason): England and America are cursed to keep living different fairy tale stories until they confess their love. One will play the unwilling prince, one will always be in distress, and two others will be there to help (or hinder) their happily ever after. [Multichap]

    10. Hard Times and Strange Minds (by Car): "Mr. President, this is the Washington DC chief of police. I’m sorry to be calling at this hour, but I’m afraid I have a…friend of yours here at the station.“ What happened during this night of mayhem? I don’t think THEY even know for sure. [Multichap]


    1. God Only Threw the Humans Out of Paradise (by AppleCiderVinegar): 12 years is nothing in the life of a Nation. But to a puppy, it’s a lifetime. This is a look at 12 years of England’s life through the eyes of man’s best friend. [Oneshot]

    2. 1912 (by RobinRocks): Cynical, overweight and bored in the dull twilight of his empire, Arthur finds distraction in the form of rekindling his relationship with Alfred on board the Titanic during her doomed maiden voyage. [Multichap] (and the sequel, 1915 [Multichap])

    3. How Long Have You Loved Her? (by Carpe_History): "How long have you loved her?”
    “That depends on who you are talking about.” [Oneshot]

    4.Disunification (by rae1112): This entire series is perfectly in character for canonverse, I genuinely think anyone interested in the historical ties of Hetalia needs to read this. [Series, oneshots and multichaps]

    5. How Lucky We Are (by RobinRocks): Their meetings are arranged in letters, alluded to in vague detail for fear of interception, and he is always worried that it won’t be England awaiting him behind that door. [Multichap]

    6. Those Intangibles (by Tinstars): It’s WWII and the boys have to share a tent. Uh-oh. [Oneshot]

    7. Linger (by Ansomniac): America and England enter a relationship, but America suspects he only did it out of pity. [Oneshot]

    8. Born on the Fourth of July (by PennyLane): It’s America’s Bicentennial and the celebration is going to be epic. Despite England’s bouts of ill health he suffers during this time of the year, he knows his duty, and his duty is to attend the festivities and play his part. But this celebration doesn’t turn out as either America or England thought it would. [Oneshot]

    9. Misplaced Soil (by stardropdream): An argument leaves England and America to reassess and redefine their “special” relationship, all the while England is stuck in a country he doesn’t fully understand despite his best efforts. [Multichapter]

    10.Five Dates that Weren’t, and One that Was (by moonlighten): December 1997 to August 2010: Five times England and America didn’t go out on a date, and one time that they did. [Multichapter]


    1. I’m Over the Atlantic, Baby (by stardropdream) This was not what he’d expected when England called him out of the blue like that. [Oneshot]

    2. The Chocolate Dilemma (by Shatterdoll): For years Valentine’s Day has been a nightmare for England, who has in the most roundabout way possible tried to show America how much he cares. A heart shaped box of chocolates might just put an end to that. [Oneshot]

    3. The Dits and Dahs of Love! (by OKFan): "… - .-. .. .-. “strip” That was the only part of the message that England had heard, quite frankly, it was all that he needed to hear; he was already unbuckling his belt.“ [Oneshot]

    4. Bell’Italiano (by Shibby-One): England is still dressed up as an Italian, and an oblivious America runs into him and doesn’t realize who he is. Cue England wooing him the Italian way as he remains under cover in Italy. [Multichap]

    5. After All, It Was a Great, Big World (by jedishampoo): England and America take a small road-trip. Make way for sex and silliness and cars and planes in the Nevada desert. [Multichap]

    6. Send Out the Wrecking Crew (by stardropdream): America decides to make up for all the lost nights. [Oneshot]

    7. Sweating in the Winter (by amine): "But America had a look of such careful concentration on his face that England felt so desperately in love with him that he thought he’d burst.” [Oneshot]

    8. Writing’s On the Wall (by stardropdream): It’d been months since they’d seen each other. Needless to say, their reunion is very eventful, even if they don’t make it past the foyer. [Oneshot]

    9. Shag Carpeting (by outtogarden): America, being completely clueless about British slang, invites England over to his house to check out some new renovations and can’t understand why his awesome new shag rug elicits a strange reaction. [Oneshot]

    10. Conduct of International Relations (by jedishampoo): America goes to London, and he and England argue and banter and then have carefully meaningful sex. [Oneshot]


    1. Fools in Love (by Zeplerfer): America’s love confession doesn’t go as planned, forcing him to spend the day proving to England how much he cares. [Oneshot]

    2. The Secret Ingredient (by Ferrero13): It is a fact. All the nations know it. England cannot cook. He must, in fact, not be allowed within spitting distance of a kitchen.Except, it turns out, it isn’t. [Oneshot]

    3. In Secret We Meet (by Trumpet-Geek): "This was not just a hook up –the way England would softly touch his fingertips to America’s cheek, the way their lips met, so comfortable and familiar…their ridiculous talk of making sandwiches after sex… No, this wasn’t just a hook up. They were in love.“ [Oneshot]

    4. Highway Cloudbusting (by stardropdream): Sick of politics and business as usual, England decides to indulge a rare moment of spontaneity and go on a roadtrip. He should have known that America would want to tag along. And they both should have known that the trip would set them down a path they couldn’t turn away from. [Multichap]

    5. Kiss Kiss (and Twist) (by tamerofdarkstars): "Before there was The Kiss (and yes, it was a capitalization kind of kiss. It had to be – after all, it was The Kiss), there were actually a few other kisses. Four, to be precise. But, and it will be stressed, it was absolutely in no way England’s fault nor would he be held responsible for the disaster that followed.” [Oneshot] (Another take on accidentally kissing with Counting Kisses by DnKS-giRLs [Oneshot])

    6. Aquae Sulis (by Tinstars): America and England stroll through one of England’s most beautiful cities. [Oneshot]

    7. The Victory Kiss (by EverythingIsMagic): England was going to kiss America, and nothing, save the King himself, was going to stop him. [Oneshot]

    8. Teenage Wasteland (by Teenage Mouse): He hasn’t heard from England in a while and America is worried. He goes to check up on his friend and meets someone he never expected to see: teenage England. Which is awesome and all, but can teen!Iggy really replace HIS England? [Multichap]

    9. Candid (by avalonroses): They’re in a relationship now. England shouldn’t feel guilty about looking through America’s phone, but he’s rather surprised at what he finds. [Oneshot]

    10. Oh, Fuck It: Let’s Get Married. (author unknown): Arthur and Alfred have to be present at a formal dinner party. After a glass of wine and two glasses of champagne, as well as mustering the wives of officials, they marry in Arthur’s hotel room. [Oneshot]

    Modern/Human AU


    1. The Get Arthur Laid Agency (by PitFTW): "I must say, though, that the new lawyer, Jones, has done some good. It would seem that Arthur is paying quite a bit of attention to that delectable little ass.“
    “Dude, are you saying that we replace that un-awesome stick with someone’s awesome dick?”
    “I hereby declare us The Get Arthur Laid Agency! Let’s move!”
    A story in e-mail. [Multichap]

    2. Eight Steps to Victory (by Zeplerfer): After failing to secure a spot on the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team despite his excellent square dancing skills, Alfred teams up with a fellow reject to show them what a country boy and a sarcastic Englishman can do with some swing. [Multichap]

    3. And So The World Conspired Against Us (by OrangePlum): When the universe is dead-set on getting a laugh, all it has to do is throw two self-proclaimed straight guys into homo-erotic situations every time they meet. Seems simple enough… but a total pain in the ass! No pun intended. [Oneshot]

    4. Flirting with Failure (by Last Haven): Alfred just wanted to get one date with Arthur Kirkland before the semester ended. To do that he had to speak with him. Thus, he was set up for failure. [Oneshot]

    5. Slip of the Tongue (by Otoshigo): A young American translator has a job translating for a certain British businessman. [Oneshot] 

    6. In The East My Pleasure Lies (by RobinRocks): It’s 1937 in Egypt and historian Arthur Kirkland and his eccentric, genius accomplice, Alfred Jones, plot to steal The Heart of Ra from the University of Cairo. If all goes to plan, its owner, Turkish collector Sadiq Adnan, won’t even notice. [Multichap]

    7. Run Fast, Turn Left (by Car): Arthur and Alfred are roommates and teammates at World U. As if school wasn’t hard enough, they also have to deal with skin-tight uniforms, two hour long practices, classes, bus rides, and, oh yeah, falling in love with each other. [Multichap, INCOMPLETE]

    8. Anniversary (by Last Haven): Six months ago, Arthur ran afoul of fae that turned him into-of all things-a cat; Alfred then saved Arthur from starving on the streets. Today, Arthur admits something to himself. [Series]

    9. Mr. and Mr. Jones (by avalonroses): An assassin married to an assassin is a recipe for disaster. [Oneshot]

    10. Best Kept Secret (by CrowleyLovesUSUK): Arthur Kirkland and Ludwig Beilschmidt are some of the most unforgiving trauma surgeons at International Memorial Hospital. They demand perfection at all times. Alfred Jones and Feliciano Vargas are Operating Room nurses who work their asses off all day. They never expected to come face to face with love from the two most unlovable surgeons in their unit. [Multichap]


    1. And Every Moment After (by SEMellark): Major character death. Maybe it was that twin thing again, forcing Matthew to understand even without words that the brother he’d been longing to see again was forever out of his reach. [Oneshot]

    2. Signal (by LuxLox): Alfred and Arthur wander off from their school hiking group. After being caught compromisingly, Alfred sets off deeper into the forest in order to hide from the embarrassment. 1999. Exactly a year later, Exactly a year since Alfred went missing, and Arthur suddenly gets a long string of text messages. All from Alfred. All from 1998. [Multichap]

    3. Nervous (by flybynight): Arthur knows Alfred better than he knows himself. [Oneshot]

    4. The Other Half (by flightlesswish): It was raining quite heavily when Alfred F. Jones first met the man that, as cliché as it might sound, would change his life forever. [Oneshot]

    5.We’ll Meet Again (by George deValier): I’m sure you all remember this one if you’re an OG usuk shipper. WW2 AU. London pub owner Arthur Kirkland is driven to distraction by loud, brash American fighter pilot Alfred Jones. Unable to stop it, Arthur finds himself falling for Alfred’s charms… just as the pilot is preparing to leave for war. [Multichap]

    6. Quartering Acts (by Ahr0): It’s mid-August of 1774, the Quartering Acts have been re-established and one colonial blacksmith is forced to take in a British soldier. How will these two destined enemies live together under one roof? What of the war soon to come? [Multichap]

    7. Reveries (by berrirose): Alfred uses a revolutionary piece of technology he designed himself to time travel back to February 14th four years ago, the day of the best Valentine’s date he’s ever had. [Oneshot]

    8. Blue, White, Red (by George deValier): 1777; The American Revolutionary War. Three times, American rebel Alfred Jones meets British soldier Arthur Kirkland. One blue; one white; one red. [Multichap]

    9. Like It or Not (by Celestial Clusters): Unpopular, overweight, nerdy, and bullied, high school junior Alfred F. Jones is slowly reaching the end of his rope. Arthur Kirkland, a senior, has nearly everything his heart desires…except a love life. When the spark is lit, Arthur is determined to make Alfred his. After all, he always gets what he wants. [Multichap]

    10. Estranged (by SEMellark): They were all brainwashed products of an unrealistic society, planning their lives around a dumb clock forever fused with their bodies; or it was until they found their “soul mate” anyway. Alfred knew better. [Multichap]


    1. Act Natural (by monobuu): Arthur Kirkland, porn novelist extraordinaire, is suffering from writer’s block. His new muse shows up on his doorstep with an American accent, a mega-watt smile and a tool belt. [Multichap]

    2. Let’s Start a Nuclear War (by outtogarden): Alfred F. Jones is a straight man. This is a fact he has always known and been able to rely on. So when his best friend drags him to a gay bar, he certainly isn’t attracted to the blonde guy across the room. [Oneshot]

    3. Special Delivery (by mandathegreat): Of all the cliches in the world, Arthur is attracted to the mailman. It’s hot outside, let’s invite him in for a cool drink of water and go from there. [Oneshot]

    4. Whoops (by ClockworkSpades): Professor Kirkland bumps into a young American lad at a bar. Mistakes are made, embarrassment follows in the lecture hall the next day. [Series] (Similarly, Too Close for Comfort by Hannaadi88 features Alfred accidentally sleeping with his new boss [Series])

    5. Two Wrongs Make a Right (by Hannaadi88) The one in which Alfred accidentally sends a dick pic to his boss and lives to tell the tale. [Oneshot]

    6.you committed, i’m your crime (by magpieCastiel): Arthur Kirkland is a nurse at Labyrinth Penitentiary, a place for dangerous criminals and metahuman superheroes to live out their sentences. It’s a more dignified means of paying for his years of crime than rotting in a cell. Arthur despises it but it’s a job like any other, a leash he’s willing to deal with if it gives him his relative freedom.That is, until he meets Alfred F. Jones. [Oneshot]

    7. A Hero and His Villain (by gallifreyanlibertea): Alfred is a superhero, but there are somethings not even powers can give you. [Oneshot] (Another hero/villain PWP is Spellbreaker by jedishampoo [Oneshot])

    8. Daddy’s Little Roommate (by outtogarden): Alfred is complaining about his parents and his roommate Arthur decides to comfort him in a rather…unconventional way. [Oneshot]

    9. Order (Try Me) (by ChampagneSly): Alfred’s the hottest bartender in town. Arthur likes what he has on order. [Multichap]

    10. Elixir to Induce Euphoria (by mandathegreat): Alfred and Arthur are rivals on the Quidditch Pitch and in the classroom, but when the two of them are forced to work out their differences, they discover that they don’t hate each other as much as all their friends think they do. [Series]


    1. Beautiful Birthdays and Happy Stars (by outtogarden): Arthur, lonely and moping, meets a fellow student named Alfred who refuses to let him be alone on his birthday. [Oneshot]

    2. Well I Wonder (by hisen): "Alfred knows he isn’t perfect but he is an awesome dude. Knowing that there’s someone else out there who is better than him to such an extent that his girlfriend prefers him, and not knowing why he’s better is unbearable. He is going to have to find out more about this guy, and then use that knowledge to get more awesome than him.“ [Multichap]

    3. From Me To You (by a_forgotten_note): After going through three several years of schooling, Alfred comes to the startling realization that he had no plans after college. Without much else to go for, he enrolls in the military for four years of initial deployment. But Afghanistan becomes very lonely very quick… In hopes of rekindling an old friendship, Alfred writes to his old college roommate. The only question is: will their letters relieve his homesickness, or will it only become worse? [Oneshot]

    4. Love Is Blind (by fakiagirl): After Arthur is blinded in an accident, his social life becomes all but nonexistent. One day, though, his old friend Francis introduces him to a man named Alfred. [Multichap]

    5. The Appliance of Charm (by monobuu): Alfred Jones, PA extraordinaire, is on a mission to get a coffee machine. The only obstacle in his way is one very British, tea-loving boss. [Multichap]

    6. (Angry) Letters From Your Local Grocery (by MissMairin): Alfred never thought that grocery shopping was incredibly thrilling – in fact, it was more of a routine chore, something that had to be done regularly. When he finds a note addressed to him left on an empty shelf, the weekly journey to the grocery store quickly became something he looked forward to. [Multichap]

    7. Golden Days (by MayumiSato): Arthur Kirkland was a famous beta actor in the time of silent films. However, times change and now there are many new stars around, like the charming and young alpha actor Alfred F. Jones, who Arthur absolutely will grow to hate(and then love). [Multichap]

    8. Good Advice (by iggycat): Arthur is editor in chief of the school paper, but he’s also the anonymous advice columnist. Strangely enough, someone special is looking for advice. [Oneshot]

    9. Cuckoo in the Nest (by PennyLane): Arthur is a famous novelist in hiding from the paparazzi after he is publicly humiliated when he is left standing at the altar. Alfred is the very competent personal assistant hired by Arthur’s agent to keep him hidden and safe while he completes his newest novel, the novel that just might change all their lives. [Oneshot]

    10. Look to the Future Now, It’s Only Just Begun (by Teenage Mouse): Arthur and Alfred are paired up to read each other’s love fortunes in Divination class. Naturally, they’re both too obvlious to realise that the signs are pointing to each other. [Oneshot]

    Popular Fics

    1. The Silken Rose (by snowyfoxpaws): It is said that the red string of fate ties you to your soul mate. England’s thread leads to America, therefore it must be wrong. [Multichap]

    2. Wrong Number (by flybynight): Arthur starts receiving phone calls from a stranger, a man he can’t seem to stop talking to. [Oneshot]

    3. Thanks for the Pranks (by Car): Due to the overwhelming maturity of both nations, America and England find themselves in a different kind of war than they are used to…A prank war! Who will get the last laugh? “Mark my words, old man, this is war.” “Bring it on, brat. Bring it on.” [Multichap]

    4. Brothers Under The Sun (by Audinale55): Four old men, veterans from WWII, go to Washington D.C. looking for the final member of their old troop. Little do they know they’ve stumbled upon the most well-kept secret in the modern world. [Multichap]

    5. Ask Me Anything (by Iggycat): Alfred starts to follow Arthur on tumblr. It’s not long until they become friends… and possibly more. [Oneshot]

    6. Mister Greeter (by OrangePlum): "Hello. Welcome to Hell. Name, please. [Multichap]

    7. New Horizons (by ShatterDoll): America finds England to be just a bit…boring. When he finds a pocket watch that takes him back in time, however, a glimpse of the man England once was may change that. [Multichap, INCOMPLETE]

    8. The Gentleman and The Hero (by Teenage Mouse): World Academy students have been paired up for an anonymous email exchange program, so they can talk to someone about school and personal problems in private. These are the emails of two students nicknamed ‘The Gentleman’ and ‘The Hero’. [Multichap]

    9. A is For (by RobinRocks): Alfie. Which Arthur totally called him last night. And thus begins Alfred’s quest to get him to say it again. [Multichap]

    10. American in America (by Ferrero13): America, being America, says something he should’ve known better than to say in his own airport, whereupon he is taken in for questioning and finds it very difficult to explain why this particular nineteen-year-old seems to be as politically active as the President himself. [Oneshot]


    This list has many of my favorite works as well and I’m truly honored to be here! Thank you so much!^___^