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    Please read the following story:

    My dad was told last year that he had stage 4 head and neck cancer. He fought so bravely, wanting to live for his children, three of which are so young. He wanted to fight to live so badly for his family, but this year the cancer had taken a turn for the worse and he passed away. I’m making this gofundme, because we struggled so badly for 2 years. On top of my dad being diagnosed with cancer, my mom had a massive stroke about a month after his diagnosis. We were left financially crippled. I know this is a long shot, but I want to make sure my little sisters ( ages 1, 7, and 11) are secure with my mom (who is paralyzed from the right side of her body, leaving her unable to walk). I work, but I’m only 21 and it’s not anything near enough for them. I want them to know they will be safe for a couple of months, while we sort things out. I want to make sure my three little sisters, brother, mother, and myself aren’t homeless right after losing our father. I know this is asking for so much, but at this point we can’t even afford much of a funeral for him. All the money will be going to bills, food, and helping to secure their future. Anything will help, and if you can’t please keep my father and our family in your prayers

    please please please donate here:


    (someone reported my first campaign and i showed sufficient proof, including the death certificate which really sucked, but staff couldnt revive it and i had to make a new one :/ idk why someone did it in the first place instead of messaging me, this is for my family and i know its a very long shot but we need the help now more than ever)


    Please contribute nothing is too small… ~~~❌❤️~~~