If you're a man, and a woman friend confides in you about how shitty men are, it's because she considers you one of the good ones--someone it's safe to vent to. Don't ruin that vibe with some "not all men" crap. She knows. That's why she's talking to you. You don't have to say it; she's already telling you, just not in so many words. If you were one of the ones she was talking about, she wouldn't be confiding in you about it, so instead of getting offended, you should feel honored, my droogie.

    Do y’all know where the phrase “eat the rich” comes from or do you just repeat it cause you heard it elsewhere?

    It’s not a bad thing, I just saw someone say “we never said who would eat the rich” and realized a lot of y’all might not have heard the full quote

    It’s from Rousseau and it’s “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich"

    And, well, there’s a lot of people with nothing to eat…

    The poor cried,

    "We are starving. There is no more bread, and we have nothing to eat."

    The rich man said,

    "Not my problem you don't work for your bread,"

    as if he did not snatch away the grain by his own greedy hands and create filling bread for his own overflowing mouth.

    The poor cried,

    "We are dying. There is no more medicine, and we're all ill."

    The rich man said,

    "Not my problem you don't take care of yourselves,"

    as if he did not buy all the medicine and raise prices so high

    the gods themselves would not

    be able to reach.

    The poor people

    stopped crying,

    and the rich man was satisfied...

    Until they came knocking at his door one night;

    their faces were sunken,

    their flesh decaying,

    their eyes sightless.

    They were monsters

    of the rich man's

    own making.

    As they devoured his flesh,

    the rich man cried,

    "Please, spare me!"

    The ravenous zombies said,

    "Not our fault

    you fattened yourself

    for slaughter."