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    After Mom and Dad got a divorce, Mom thought she never would find another man who would want her since she was older. We talked about it for a little while and I agreed to pay for Mom's breast implants to help her find a man and feel happy again. After she got the surgery, Mom came to my place to see what I thought of them. Since I was the one who paid for them it seemed fair that I would be the first one to check for approval. I couldn't deny it, my Mom looked so hot with her new breast and I kinda wanted to get her dress off of her so I could see what they looked like not covered up. I told her exactly what I thought. She was super excited and giddy that I loved her new breast. I could see she was thinking about something in her head, then all of a sudden she decided to pull the straps down off her shoulders and pull her dress down to her waist so I could take a good look at her new breast. My jaw just dropped, and Mom smiled back at me liking my reaction. She brought her hands up to her breast and squeezed them in front of me. "They just feel so big! I'm not used to them yet." She then pushed her chest out towards me offering to let me feel. I brought my hands up and reached out to my Mom's new breast and grabbed as much as I could in my hands and started squeezing them. "They feel so big right?" She said to me. I looked up at her still squeezing her breast and nodded. She just smiled back at me giving me a look. She then started pulling her dress down further taking it all the way off. "You dont think my breast look too big compared to the rest of my body do you?" She turned from side to side showing off her whole body and pushing her chest out to show off her big boobs. I looked at her whole naked body up and down, "No Mom, you look perfect!" She smiled and said, "Oh thanks Honey! I'm so glad you paid for these for me! You made your old Mom feel so good about herself!" I couldn't hold myself back anymore. Mom looked so good standing naked right in front of me. I wanted her. I walked up to her looking into her eyes, and she smiled back at me knowing what I was about to do. I brought my face up to hers and kissed her on the lips. I pulled back a little and looked into Mom's eyes as she looked back into mine, we both wanted more. I brought my lips back to hers this time meeting her open mouth with mine tasting the lips and tongue of my Mom. She tasted so sweet. I brought my left hand up to Moms breast to squeeze them some more, and brought my right hand down the side of her body until it reached her ass. I grabbed on to her and pulled her into me. Her hand reached out and grabbed my rock hard cock through my shorts. She started undoing the zipper so she could reach her hand inside my shorts to play with my cock. It felt really good to have my Moms hand down there. I never had a women touch me like that as good as she was. It was as if she knew exactly how to pleasure her son's cock. I took my hands off her body and pulled my shorts down and kicked them off to the side. I took Mom into my arms and pulled her into me again so we can make out. Our bodies were rubbing together and my cock was between her legs rubbing against her pussy. I could eel Mom's wetness on my cock as it was getting slick from her pussy. I moved both of my hands down to Mom's ass and started moving my hips back and forth. My cock was sliding back and forth between the folds of her pussy. We both were moaning in each others mouths as we made out. After a little while, she pushed me back with her hand, and stepped back until she was sitting back on my work desk. She spread her legs wide and took her fingers to her pussy to feel how wet she was. She looked up at me and said "I want to feel you inside me." I looked Mom up and down one more time, her body looked so delicious. I couldn't believe my smoking hot Mom wanted to have sex with me. There's was nothing more I wanted at that time than to stick my cock inside of my Mother. I took Mom's leg and set it up on the desk, spreading her legs even further apart. I could see her pussy spread

    open for me. I took my cock with my hand and guided it to the hole of my Mom. Once I had the head of my cock inside her, I took my hand away and pushed the rest of my cock in until I was all the way inside her. We both let out a big sigh when my hips met hers. I looked down at her face and body and gathered it all in, it just felt so good knowing I had my cock buried deep inside my Mom. I started to move my hips back and forth, thrusting my cock in and out of my Mom. It slid so easily inside her with how wet she was. I continued to make love to my Mom, staring into her eyes and looking down and watching her body as we moved together. She grabbed her boobs and played with them in front of me, it must have been obvious I was enjoying her new boobs. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Mom suggested that I relax and sit back in the chair while she rode my cock. This allowed my hands to be free so I can put them where ever I want on her body. Mom started building a rhythm with her hips bouncing up and down on my cock. I watched her body move in unison over mine. Mom just looked so sexy. I moved my hands all over her, I just couldn't get enough of her body. I soon started to feel a familiar sensation, and I knew I was going to cum soon if Mom kept going. I put my arms around her and held her body into me, burying my face into her big boobs. "I'm getting close" I whispered to her, not sure if Mom wanted me to cum in her or not. But she did not stop. She kept moving her hips up and down the length of my cock pushing me further and further to the edge. I held back for as long as I could until I just exploded inside my Mom. She slowly continued to move her hips on top of me, milking as much cum she could get out of my cock. Once I settled back down from my orgasm, I looked back into the face of my Mom and just started laughing. "That was amazing Mom! You are definitely the hottest women I have ever been with, and the best sex I have ever had!" She let out a big laugh as well, "Thanks Honey! You really know how to make your Mom feel good about herself!" Mom never really ended up going out and looking for another man like she thought she wanted to. Even though every where she went she had guys all over her and trying to ask her out on dates. She would just turn them all down and walk away in her tight little dresses. Then every evening she would come back to my place where Mom and I would make love until we were both too tired to move, then sleep in till the morning. Eventually I told Mom she could just move in with me, and she didn't even have to work anymore. I would take care of all the finances. She sold her place and moved in with me. She now cooks me meals and cleans the house and takes care of me while I work through out the day. It was almost like how it was when I was growing up and Mom was taking care of me. Except now, after I am done with work and have finished my dinner the rest of the night I spend taking my Moms clothes off and making love to her beautiful body in the bed we share together.