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    @NoSoyBraulio: In a Bob Dylan concert, I was sitting in the last row and was frustrated. I went to the balcony for a smoke and ran into Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. We had a little chat and then he asked me where I was sitting. I told him and he took me to the first row. Best day ever.


    The tweet was in reply to this tweet - which is super sweet:

    And have you ever kissed a mouth for the sake of feeling your own lips? Have you ever cradled someone between your thighs for the sake of feeling capable of giving? I have seen my voice rise from my throat like smoke. Think of the firefly, beating its bright pulse. Think of the firefly smashed against a child’s arm because someone promised it would make his wrist glow and he wanted to keep the light forever. Think of the first love you ever destroyed because you’d never known anything like it before, like seeing your own heartbeat outside of yourself, a flickering, luminescent miracle— you wanted to crush it to your skin.

    April Ranger, “The Light Inside Us,” as featured in the upcoming Cantab 25th Anniversary Anthology. Click that link if you want to order your own copy! (via bostonpoetryslam)

    In 1986 Grandma was worried I wasn’t settling down. So I told her I was having a relationship—with a woman. “I am settling down, in my own way.” And the sunlight settled on the dust on the mantlepiece and the cat settled in Grandma’s lap and Grandma said there were two nurses boarding in her mother’s house in Yorkshire in 1916. And Grandma said she was in love with one of them. 70 years later, she still remembered waiting at the bottom of the boarding-house stairs to blush and smile hello at the funny, dark-eyed nurse she loved. Love between women? Unforgettable.

    Eleni Prineas, in Finding the Lesbians: Personal Accounts from Around the World (via oikabooks)