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2020-08-02 21:28:49

    What she says: I'm fine.

    What she means: It's actually complete bullshit that Rock Lee wasn't the main character in Naruto. In a world full of super-human characters aided by powerful hereditary techniques, powerful jutsu powers and fueled by demons, a story centered around a boy who has none of those advantages, but can still go toe-to-toe with some of the most powerful characters in the series through hard work alone and the dedication of his teacher, this would have been a refreshing take on shonen manga and it's a shame he didn't get as much focus.

    NASA: We are humans, broadcasting to any life forms in the galaxy. We come in peace.

    Alien: Hey humans, you sound nice.

    NASA: Haha thanks. You should come over :)

    Alien: Uhhh, what? Our technology isn't advanced enough yet. But we can just talk for a while.

    NASA: Aww damn. SO what are you doing?

    ALien: Ummm, just like... operating our technology to contact you I guess? Translating your language?

    NASA: But what would you be doing if I was there haha ;)