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    the internet HAS been turned into a series of easily swallowable pills for quick consumption and standardization and I don't think it's 'boomery' to discuss how the internet no longer feels like a wild wild west and has been massively gentrified for quick access to anything you could ever want or need and that next hit of dopamine. there is a difference between 'social media bad' and 'our experiences online are increasingly manufactured by algorithms looking to make money from scraping metrics of data about who we are to either sell us stuff or sell who we are to people who will sell us stuff'

    Despite their cat-like appearance, fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox) are actually close relatives of the mongoose. They’re the largest carnivore on Madagascar, where they feed on birds, reptiles, and even lemurs. They use their long tail for balance when chasing prey through the trees. Don’t make this mammal angry: when aggravated, fossa release a pungent odor from their scent glands. They also use scent to mark their territory and possibly to signal reproductive status.
    Photo: Joachim S. Müller, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, flickr

    you guys aren't gonna like me for this one but...... the green knight isn't very good unfortunately