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    A child free from the guilt of ownership and the burden of economic competition will grow up with the will to do what needs doing and the capacity for joy in doing it. It is useless work that darkens the heart. The delight of the nursing mother, of the scholar, of the successful hunter, of the good cook, of the skillful maker, of anyone doing needed work and doing it well—this durable joy is perhaps the deepest source of human affection, and of sociality as a whole.

    — Ursula K. Le Guin, from The Dispossessed


    sorry if this is dumb, i couldnt find it on google. what happened to trigger all this? i already knew the manga industry was trash but it seems like a lot of ppl got called out for being pedophiles today (or at least supporting them)

    In celebration of Rurouni Kenshin’s 25th anniversary, a gallery in Tokyo is holding an RK exhibition starting this month. It was supposed to happen last year, but got postponed because of the pandemic. Oda interviewed Watsuki as part of the exhibition’s promotion, and oda and many other mangaka congratulated Watsuki in response to the exhibition happening

    unfortunately makeup, in many ways, is a survival tool for trans and cis women (of course in varying levels and unique ways). but it’s also a tool of oppression rooted in oppressive beauty standards and, imo, ultimately serves to alienate us from our bodies. I know that sounds extreme, but I know so many women who can’t stand to see themselves with a bare face and cannot go out without applying makeup. simply put, it’s a kind of prison and it makes us sad.