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    How clearly does the point need to be made that "police officer" is just a fucking job, one with minimal training and minimal monitoring. It is NOT some kind of promise of honesty, truth, or heroism. It is a bunch of assistant managers with extremely powerful weapons. IF you can understand "pedophiles choose to be priests and teachers so they can get to children", IF you understand "arsonists choose to be firefighters so they can be present at their own crimes" - then you can ALSO understand "people who are bigoted, violent, and power-hungry choose to be cops for the opportunities the job presents" and you can ALSO understand "any occupational culture that chooses fraternity over justice - and the allowance of violence in the name of a unified front - is therefore siding with their worst representatives"

    Amy Sherman-Palladino: We always played that Rory and Jess saw each other for what they were. That was the great thing about that relationship. She saw Jess for exactly what he was, and he really got her. So it just seemed like a natural thing [for Jess to pull Rory out of her funk] because you needed somebody to do it. It wasn’t going to be Lorelai, and it just made sense for the relationship that we had set up with them that he would get her.