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2023-11-26 23:41:12


    For showing her support against genocide she was FIRED from Scream 7. An article states it’s because she was leaning into antisemitism by an Instagram story she posted in which she said the media is not showing both sides of Palestine and Israel. Personally I feel it’s a way for producers or the studio, whatever, to tip toe around the fact that Jenna Ortega also voiced her support for Palestine and they don’t want to fire her to continue to bring in her audience.

    To say that she denounces genocide and the murders of innocent people, she was fired from a franchise that she was their lead for the last two films raking in Millions. Sick af. If Scream 7 goes forward, I’m not watching it. I don’t care how stacked the cast is or even if Neve Campbell returns. It’s over for them.

    They’ve killed the franchise for me. I’m good.

    Don’t come in this post talking out the side of your neck about Palestine & the genocide. I’m pro Palestine and that’s all that needs to be said today.

    This is your daily reminder to not be ashamed of making your life easy for yourself.

    Cut your food into small pieces, make the font size 30 on your e book, use straws to drink, get a pen that’s comfortable to hold, take more naps, walk slowly, eat another cookie, buy velcro shoes, re-watch the part you couldn’t understand the first time, write things on your hands so you don’t forget it… whatever you want and/or need

    Don’t let anyone tell you how you should be doing things. We don’t need to prove each other anything