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2022-07-21 04:29:47

    It’s kinda funny to see in the notes of posts about animals “Wait, y'all don’t have [type of animal] in Australia/Europe/wherever?” because like. Most animals are geographically restricted to certain areas

    It still kind of turns your brain inside out when you consciously think about it for the first time, though.

    Like, only the Americas have hummingbirds!


    If I saw a hummingbird in real life for the first time ever as a grown adult I think I would just start crying. They are such amazing creatures it’s hard to believe that they are even real.

    You know what’s wild though? How many different places have deer, but they are totally different types of deer.

    i hate that I haven't had a meaningful hug in so long

    y’know for me it straight up doesn’t even occur to me to unfollow someone when they stop posting whatever it is i followed them for. unless the thing they’re posting about now is somehow actually actively upsetting to me i just accept it as a part of my life now. i’ll just scroll past it like i’m driving a car and dodging an obstacle on the road. and that part of the road is my daily commute and the thing stays on the road forever and i swerve around it every day for months instead of ever taking the initiative to get it removed. it just adds flavor i guess