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    was just Remembering how you’d be out with a friend and you’d each order a different cocktail and you’d ask “what’d you get?” and they’d read the description off the menu and you’d be like “ooh that sounds good” and then they’d say “try it!” and then you’d have a lil sip of their drink and they’d have a lil sip of your drink and you’d decide which one was best and you wouldn’t give each other a life-threatening respiratory infection

    my art history lecturer was talking about cave art and he pointed out how hand imprints/outlines are present in cave art all over the world and the fact that it’s a constant in ancient art makes me want to cry like humans have been leaving their handprints across centuries across so many cultures and even now kids are still outlining their hands for fun like god maybe this a small thing but the universality of humanity really makes me so emotional


    every western movie ever made: The wild west is dying. theres no more room left for cowboys anymore…

    me everytime: :(


    every samurai movie ever made (both edo and bakamatsu periods): The bushido code is dying. there no more room left for samurai anymore…

    me everytime: :(


    A lot of westerns are remakes of samurai movies


    those samurai movies were very often heavily inspired by 50′s and 40′s westerns


    Cowboys and samurai are brothers separated by time and space.


    According to Google, Samurai were abolished in 1868.

    This means that at the same time that cowboys were reaching their end, so too were samurai.

    Cowboys and Samurai were separated not by time, only space.


    I’ve got something else to add to this: there’s also an extremely specific species of mushroom that can only be found in Texas and Japan. I’m serious.



    The most ambitious crossover

    if you don’t have @ least one collection of specific items i literally have nothing more to say to you. we will never relate to each other. however, you cool ass motherfuckers who do collect @ least one type of thing, reblog this post and say what that thing is. i’ll go first: clown dolls and good luck charms

    One of the things I like about this website is that there are people I’ve been following on here for so long that it has been literal years since we shared a single fandom thing in common and basically never talk and yet when I see their posts, another gifset for a show I don’t watch and have no context for, I still feel a friendly warmth like – hey, glad you’re out there still enjoying random shit.  Here’s some content on the niche thing I’m hyper fixating on in return.

    thinking about the time I was in ballet and during a performance I was in a private dressing room and this other ballerina knocked on the door and asked to come in and hang out between acts and I was like sure and he sat down and he was like “anyway” before I even said something “what are your theories on bigfoot? I think he’s an interdimensional being,” then he explained why with such confidence that I believed him fully and then before I could add on he was like “oh that’s your cue” and I had to go do pique turns or whatever as if my life weren’t changed