Not anime related I’m sorry but every day I keep this inside of me I pass away but there was an empty parking spot in our front lot that just said ‘No’ for the longest time and that was funny enough but about two weeks ago a new addition was made and I almost shit myself laughing in the parking lot so I felt the need to share

    Everyone talks about “teeth falling out” and “inappropriate nudity” being almost universally common dreams but no one acknowledges the “attempt at a sex dream that is interrupted by a long series of tedious problems and inconveniences”.

    You know the “ah yes; it’s time to Have Sex—but first I have to move all these sewing machines out of the bedroom and find a safe place for them, but there aren’t any open surfaces, so I will have to reorganize the house, and some of these sewing machines are broken and need to be repaired Right Now, which I will have to take care of before anything else can happen, and I will continue fixing sewing machines until my alarm goes off” dream.