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    Yuu’s character analysis

    Yuu Hyukuya is the protagonist from Seraph of the End, and while I think he’s a great character he is scrutinized by the fandom a lot and I can see where that comes from. While I can agree that there can be some aspects of him that should be written differently I would like to share my viewpoint and encourage others to try and take a deeper look at his character and make an effort to understand him. Major Manga spoilers!

    From the beginning of the story, we learn that Yuu’s parents hate and abhor him. They remark to him that he is the devil spawn and should die. With his father attempting to stab him to death while his mother watches making no effort to help Yuu. when they fail to kill him they end up killing themselves. Yuu never develops a meaningful bond or deep connection with. others in that time and comes to loathe himself for even existing. This is evident in chapter 62 of the manga where he tells Mahiru he just wants to die and he doesn’t feel worthy of living. 

    This would be traumatic for anyone, and by the time Yuu gets to the orphanage, he seems to no longer want anything to do with familial connections. I think this is because he believes it is his fault for his parent’s death and fears bad things will happen to the people around him. This is pretty evident in these two pages.

    It might also be because he’s trying to disappear in a way I guess? It’s hard to explain, but it’s easier to be alone and wallow in self-pity than it is to reach out for help. If you’re happy it’s inevitable that you’ll be sad again, if you make friends it’s inevitable that you’ll be separated at one point or another. If you find a family you’ll inevitably start to get on people’s nerves. Yuu cuts himself off from all of that. He just wants to wallow in self-pity and be alone. 

    Of course, Mika, Akane, and everyone else at the orphanage starts to worm their way into Yuu’s heart and he starts to feel like he’s a part of a family. This is, for the first time need I remind you because what Yuu felt for his parents was never reciprocated. But when Yuu is finally able to open up and trust and accept his new family it’s all taken away from him. Imagine all the fear, sadness, and self-loathing that came back at that moment. All the other orphans had so much time together to heal and learn to love each other but Yuu never got that.

    So in my opinion it’d make sense that he developed a family complex of sorts. (I’m pretty sure I used the word complex right but if I didn’t feel free to correct me.)

    When Guren adopts Yuu, he asks Yuu if he wants to die and Yuu nods. At this point, I doubt he can find much more to go on for. Yuu wanted to fight the vampires and escape WITH his family. Now that they’re gone, what reason is there for him to live? Guren tells Yuu that “if it hurts so bad then just concentrate on revenge.” And that’s exactly what Yuu does for 4 years straight.

    So when he starts getting close to people again he becomes a bit of a tsundere and a bit standoffish. That’s because he wants to have another family but he also wants to focus on revenge. So when Mika finally comes back he starts to develop a bit of hope and starts getting closer with everyone. The Shinoa squad, Mika, and Guren are his 3rd chance to feel some sort of happiness and purpose for living other than “living just for the sake of living” or “living for the sake of revenge.”

    However just because he has a new reason for living doesn’t mean all that self-hatred, or trauma has gone away. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Guren can give a good pep talk or something but do you think Guren was prepared to handle all of Yuu’s baggage? Yuu will keep reaching out for people and screaming about family because he doesn’t know any other way to feel like he has control of his life, he has no other coping mechanism other than that or revenge, which need I remind you kept him isolated for 4 years and gave him constant night terrors of his trauma. It’s funny because the more Yuu keeps doing this “family thing” the more he’ll be betrayed and the more he’ll need to rely on his family. He’s trapped himself in this horrible cycle.

    Another complaint about his character I see is that he’s dumb, which if we’re talking about his grades yes, he’s pretty dumb. But when it comes down to it he can be pretty quick-witted.

    I believe Yuu is dumb but his dumbness is also somewhat of a persona he puts on of a persona of a carefree teen. His emotions are all over the place as well since he’s constantly between a place of happiness profuse self-loathing. Not to mention he’s the victim of literal mind erasing experiments so I mean it’d make sense if his mind was fuzzy and he wasn’t able to concentrate the best. For someone in his position, he’s doing pretty well and he’s trying his absolute hardest to help the people around him. I think he deserves way more credit from the fandom.

    A lot of people also complain about his saviour complex but I honestly believe that’s pretty justified at this point. 

    Another thing that I find interesting is that he’s so desperate for validation and love from others that he straight up disregards his physical health so have their approval.

    Honestly, I just feel really bad for Yuu and I believe he’s an underrated protagonist. Those are most of my points but yeah! I stan Yuu, I think most of the complaints about his character could be solved if he just learned to love and appreciate himself. Anyways thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this! please share your thoughts with me. I am now the mother of all the Hyakuya children. Insult them and I will come for your soul lol. Alright goodbyeeeee!