Last update
2021-12-16 22:54:12

    someone should hire me as a goon i keep all my work passwords next to my work computer in an open notebook


    I’ll have you also carry an easy to loot/pickpocket note with all our evil plans written down on it


    thanks boss. i promise to not get stealth killed after loudly announcing i’m going on my smoke break. in the poorly lit alley


    Hey me and some of the other goons were gonna talk about passwords in the red barrel room, you in?

    Send a type or two.

    Normal: I love you.
    : I’d fight you.
    ing: I’d date you.
    Poison: I’m envious of you.
    Ground: I want to meet you in real life.
    Rock: I can relate to what you’ve gone through.
    Bug: You bug me sometimes.
    Ghost: You scare me sometimes.
    Steel: I think you’re strong.
    Fire: I think you’re hot.
    Water: I think you’re cool.
    Grass: I think you’ve grown a lot.
    Electric: You surprise me sometimes.
    Psychic:We have a lot in common.
    Ice: I want to be closer to you.
    Dragon: I think youre amazing.
    Dark: I’d fuck you.
    Fairy: I think you’re cute.