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2020-05-30 11:59:23

    <>TRAYVON MARTIN (Walking home with iced tea and Skittles. Shot by George Zimmerman, who was found NOT GUILTY)

    <>KEITH SCOTT (Sitting in car, reading. Shot by police officer, who was NOT CHARGED)

    <>ATATIANA JEFFERSON (Looking out her window, shot by police officer, who is STILL UNDER INDICTMENT for murder)

    <>JONATHAN FERRELL (Asking for help after auto accident. Shot twelve times by police, case ended in MISTRIAL)

    <>JORDAN EDWARDS (Riding in a car. Shot in the back of the head by police officer, who was found GUILTY of murder ⭐)

    <>STEPHON CLARK (Holdng a cel phone. Shot 8 times, 6 in the back. Officers NOT CHARGED)

    <>AMADOU DIALLO (While taking out wallet, officers fired 41 shots by four officers, who were all ACQUITTED)

    <>RENISHA MCBRIDE (Auto accident, knocked on door for help. Homeowner was found GUILTY of second-degree murder ⭐)

    <>TAMIR RICE (Playing with toy gun, shot by police officer arriving on scene. Officer was NOT CHARGED)

    <>SEAN BELL (Hosting a bachelor party, 50 rounds fired by police officers, who were found NOT GUILTY of charges)

    <>WALTER SCOTT (Pulled over for brake light, shot in the back by police officer, who pleaded GUILTY to CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS *NOT* MURDER)

    <>PHILANDO CASTILE (Pulled over in car, told officer he had a legally registered weapon in car. Officer ACQUITTED of all charges)

    <>AIYANA JONES (Sleeping, accidentally shot by officer in a raid on wrong apartment. Officer CLEARED OF ALL CHARGES)

    <>TERRENCE CRUTCHER (Disabled vehicle, shot by police officer, who was found NOT GUILTY of manslaughter.)

    <>ALTON STERLING (Selling CDs, shot at close range while being arrested. NO CHARGES FILED)

    <>FREDDIE GRAY (Beaten to death by officers while being transported in police van. All officers involved were ACQUITTED)

    <>JOHN CRAWFORD (Shopping at WalMart, holding a BB gun on sale, police officer was NOT CHARGED)

    <>MICHAEL BROWN (Shot by twelve times by officer, including in the back. NO CHARGES FILED)

    <>JORDAN DAVIS (Killed because he was playing loud music. Shooter found GUILTY of first-degree murder ⭐)

    <>SANDRA BLAND (Pulled over for traffic ticket, tasered and arrested. SUSPICIOUS SUICIDE while in jail. NO CHARGES)

    <>AHMAUD AUBREY (Jogging, shot by two men who claimed they suspected him of burglaries. Both men charged with murder and aggravated assault ⭐)

    <>BOTHAM JEAN (Shot at home, which police officer mistook for her own. Officer found GUILTY of murder ⭐)

    <>OSCAR GRANT (Handcuffed and face-down, officer shot him in the back. Officer found GUILTY of involuntary manslaughter ⭐)

    <>COREY JONES (Waiting by his disabled vehicle, was shot three times by police officer, who was found GUILTY of murder ⭐)

    Remember them all. ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

    Also note, these are only the stories caught by the media and/or on video.