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2018-09-25 11:23:33

    i feel like a lot of the time people make it seem like cutting a toxic person out of your life will be an instant weight off your shoulders and you’ll feel free and better and it’s usually like…. not that happy of a situation like it’s not FUN cutting people off but it’s often necessary. especially if it’s someone you’ve been through a lot with you’ll probably feel guilty and bad and a little regretful even though it’s the best thing for you, it’s not as easy or as instantly satisfying as it seems.


    This is unbelievable. This is all done in the hospitals. This is the place we trust, when we don’t feel well, a place where we come to get help, a place where we want to be saved and we get killed instead. A 2-year-old boy got a lethal injection that killed his brain just to have his organs sold. A nightmare coming true. 

    And we have so many missing kids right now. Missing black girls and boys. (X)



    this is fucking disgusting


    Knew from the beginning that it’d be about a black boy