Wife and Bulls Slut
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    Rewarding Her Cuckold

    Can you feel her hand in your hair? Does the way she caresses it feel gentle and calming? Can you see his cock sliding into your wife’s shaved pussy? Can you hear them kissing as he fucks her?

    Isn’t this the most beautiful thing in the world? Isn’t this your fantasy come to life? This is your reward for being a good cuckold husband. You worship your wife. You provide for her. You make all her dreams come true, so she’s going to reward you by letting you watch as she takes his big cock into her wet pussy.

    That’s not all though. She knows you fantasize about being able to clean up his cum. She knows you want to swallow another man’s semen for her. Today she’s going to let you do it. You’ve been such a good cuck hubby that she’s going to reward you by letting you feast on her messy cunt.

    Can you feel her grip tighten on your hair? She wants to make sure you don’t back out, to make sure that you don’t get cold feet. Soon she’s going to say those magic words.

    “Clean me.”

    Does it taste good, cuckold? Does his cum taste so good as it coats your tongue and mouth? Does it feel good sliding down your throat? Is it thick and delicious? Do you feel like a happy cuckold as you clean him?

    Can you hear your wife moaning? She loves it. She loves that you’re licking someone else’s cum off of her well-fucked, stretched out, thoroughly pleasured pussy.

    “That’s a good boy,” she says. “Clean up his mess like a cuckold should. Lick up every drop of my boyfriend’s cum.”

    Her words of encouragement make your cock hard. Even better than being able to lick up her boyfriend’s load is knowing that your wife loves it. She loves that you’re being such a naughty cuckold. She loves that you’re devouring his seed. Isn’t it good to be a cuckold?

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    Nasty 🔥

    You’ve always loved her nipples, but they’ve never looked as good as they do right now. Now that they’re covered in his thick, sticky, salty cum they look delicious beyond words.

    Why don’t you clean it up, cuckold? Lean forward, wrap your lips around her nipple, and suck off every little bit of his cum. Take the saltiness onto your tongue. Taste it. Enjoy the yumminess of it. Be a good boy for her.

    Take him into your mouth first, cuckold. Take his thick, throbbing cock onto your tongue and wrap your lips around it. Enjoy the taste of his cum mixed with the sweet juices from your wife’s cunt as you gently suck his cock. Use your mouth to clean him.

    Can you hear your wife moaning as she watches? She likes that you’re being a good little cuckold for her. She likes that you’re sucking cock for her. She likes that you’re cleaning up her lover like a good boy.

    It’s not so bad, is it? Isn’t the head of his cock soft on your tongue? Don’t you like the way you can feel the veins in his shaft? Don’t you like how it tastes?

    When you’re done cleaning his cock you can turn your attention to her pussy. Doesn’t it look beautiful? Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than your wife’s cunt after another man has been inside her? It’s gaping a little. Her lips are puffy and red from the pounding her gave her.

    Plus, there’s all that delicious cum leaking out of her. It’s so thick and you already know how it tastes. You know how good it’s going to feel on your tongue and in your mouth. You know how it’s going to coat your throat when you swallow it.

    Go ahead, clean her pussy, cuckold. Clean your wife’s messy pussy. Clean every delicious drop out of her well-fucked, stretched out cunt. Stick your tongue deep inside and eat it all up. Good boy.

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    Give the Cuckold What He Craves

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    Your pussy. That’s what he craves. He understands that his cock is inadequate and unlikely to make you cum, but he’s almost certainly excellent with his tongue, so let him use it.

    When he hears you moan, your cuckold is satisfied. When he tastes your wetness, he is thrilled. When he makes you cum, he is nourished.


    As long as he’s a good boy, give your cuckold the pussy he craves as often as possible. Give it to him in the middle of the day. Bend over, lift up your pretty dress, and tell your cuckold to get to work.

    “Worship my pussy, cuckold,” is a beautiful phrase you should use as often as possible. It’s what he wants to hear. More than most things in life, he craves the chance to worship the heavenly space between your legs.


    Before he leaves for work, let your cuckold fall to his knees and taste your pussy. Give him a little hit of what he craves most. Let him tongue your clit and make it throb. Let him make you moan.


    It’s especially important that you let your cuckold eat your pussy after you’ve been with another man. He deserves to taste the fruits of your fucking with a superior cock. He deserves to taste the combined juices of your lustful sex.

    “Can you taste him, cuckold?” That’s what he wants to hear. He wants to taste that man, whether it’s his sweat, his essence, the condom you used, or his cum.


    Most importantly, use your cuckold’s tongue to cum as often as you’d like. He will never, ever turn down the chance to worship your pussy, and you should pursue all the orgasms you crave.

    Simply say, “On your knees” or “On your back” and your cuckold will take his place. Then you can pull his mouth to your pussy and order him to use his tongue to make you cum. You can order him to pleasure you as you desire.

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    The Cuckold Gets Involved

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    A cuckold might be happy passively watching his wife fuck another man, but it’s so much more exciting when he gets to be involved in the action. There are so many ways you can do it, too.

    1. Share Cock-Flavored Kisses with Him

    Invite your cuckold to watch your suck your bull’s cock. Worship the big dick eagerly and passionately. Make your cuckold jealous. Make him feel like you’ve never sucked his cock like that before.

    Then share a sexy wet cock-flavored kiss with him. Just like the beautiful girl above, pull off your lover’s dick and immediately slip your tongue into your cuckold’s mouth. Let him taste the cock you’ve been sucking.

    2. The Cock Comparison

    First, make your cuckold get naked and show off his inadequate cock. Then, pull out your bull’s much bigger, superior cock and compare the two.

    “You understand why I’m fucking him, right?” is a good question to ask, though anything that makes your cuckold husband directly consider the much bigger cock in his midst is a good one.

    3. Make Him Worship You Mid Fuck

    You’ve invited him to watch in close up. He’s enjoyed the view of your bull’s big, beautiful cock penetrating your pussy. Now he needs to get in there and lick you. Pull off your bull’s dick and order your cuckold to worship your cunt. He’ll eagerly press his lips against your well-fucked pussy and lick you.

    If you want to go a little deeper with this, have your cuckold suck your lover’s cock fresh from your pussy and then put it back inside you.

    4. Use the Cuckold as Furniture

    It can be wildly humiliating for your cuckold to be used as furniture while you enjoy someone else’s cock. He’ll need to be strong to pull this off, but putting him on his hands and knees while you rest on his back and get pounded will be delightful for both of you.

    He can also lie in bed if he can’t withstand behind on his hands and knees like this. All that matters is that he’s being objectified and in many ways is unable to enjoy the fucking you’re taking like he would prefer.

    5. Let Him Hold You As You Take a Bigger Cock

    This is the most “romantic” option and it can be quite beautiful. It works best if you’re getting fucked from behind as it’s easy for your cuckold to sit next to you and take you in his arms.

    Moan as you’re getting fucked. Let the cuckold know how good it feels to have that big dick drilling you from behind. Let him know that you prefer the cock inside you. Combine the intimacy of being held with your husband’s humiliation for a deeply potent experience.

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    I just wanted to say that I am a long time follower of your captions, Ive been looking at your amazing work since way back and am pretty sure Ive gone through every post you have! I just wanted to ask if you could please keep making the Master based captions as they are not like anything you can find anywhere else on the internet, you just have a special flair for them. A personal request would be for some captions involving a Master, blackmail and some latex/rubber if you ever get the chance!

    Thanks Anon! I’ll definitely be doing lots more Master captions, I love those scenarios, and I’ll try to keep your requests in mind … I like latex & rubber.