Ron Cobb, 1970


    it’s a boomer meme, but it checks out


    This is more of a “Greatest Generation” meme technically


    why are these are still relevant


    Because wealth is generational, and those families still own corporations now


    Ron Cobb was also one of the original concept artists and worked on the first Star Wars films.

    The “Sequoia Square” one is really poignant given that Lucas Film was based in Marin County. The Ewok forest scenes are all shot there, it’s beautiful.


    the thing i’ve taken away from ‘kink at pride’ discourse is that a lot of yall have a lot of internalized homophobia.

    repeat after me. it is not bad to be flamboyant. it is not bad to be confident and proud in your sexuality. it is not bad to be a sexual being or want to be sexual. you are not a ‘better’ LGBT person because you aren’t sexual or flamboyant or proud of yourself. and your own issues don’t give you a get out of jail free card to be a cunt to people


    Wtf is that? A storm elemental?


    Ball lightning fuck me all the way up


    Excuse me what the fuck is this


    you literally captured whats called“ball lightning” which is the rarest form of lighting

    its so rare that we dont even know how it forms other than by heat, static electricity, and humidity


    storm elemental it is


    look guys this is how nature-based deities and spirits come about this is ridiculous


    Are you aware that the first-ever video footage of ball lightning outside a laboratory was taken in 2014 and there are only like 3 or 4 videos like this in existence and this might be the most close-up one


    THIS is yet another reason why shaming people for always filming stuff with their phones is dumb. People are documenting things we’ve rarely EVER seen, or have NEVER BEEN CAPTURED ON FILM BEFORE! It’s fantastic!

    What a TIME TO BE ALIVE, folks! Ordinary people can capture footage that is of tremendous use for scientific documentation and research! I love this!



    This fight didn't start because the people are hungry, not because they are unemployed, not because they have no hope, no future, not because the corruption is out of control, not because the people in power have stolen all the money from oil, gas, ressources. No. It started because one 22 year old girl Mahsa Amini died for not covering her hair. It started for women. Now Men are out there fighting, risking their lives shoulder to shoulder with women. Their mothers, wives, friends, lovers, sisters and daughters. This is the world we need. Everyone standing up, for each other. Against oppression, against ignorance. Long live the spirit of Iran which never dies. Long live this country and its people. After hundreds of years of oppression, they still have a heart of gold that burns in dignity and caring love for one another. Long live people of Iran🇮🇷🕊

    Trigger Warning for the video🔴


    Happy Labor Day. Today I learned about probably the first strike to happen IN SPACE.


    “We would never work 16 hours a day for 84 straight days on the ground, and we should not be expected to do it here in space.“ 

    The day when three NASA astronauts staged a strike in space (Hiltzik, LA Times)


    It’s really a shame that we’re going to have to do this again when the billionaires decide they need space slaves.


    Star Wars fandom seems to be very resistant to the idea that sometimes someone can do everything right and still not succeed or triumph. There’s this idea that if the good guys lose, it’s because of some mistake they made. But that’s not how life works. Sometimes you make all the best choices you can in a situation and you still lose. It is an uncomfortable reality that individual agency is not the only factor in whether someone succeeds or fails.

    As an Iranian girl, I want to tell you, Mahsa Amini's hijab was much more decent than my own everyday outfit. It might've been me, my mother, my sister, my friend or anyone.

    Then they kill 100 more to prove they didn't kill 1? Where is the justice in that? Who can we go to when the police is the murderer?

    As a feminist, as a human, send our voice across the world. We're fighting, and this time, we are not giving up!🇮🇷🕊


    Yup. I’d love to have met any of my aunts or uncles or cousins, the ones who stayed in Poland and Germany. There were so many of them. I’ve seen their names on holocaust memorials. My family became the ones who made it to England before WWI and the three sisters who survived the war in Poland and came to America. If they’d lived, the ones who died in the concentration camps would have had children too, and they would have been my European cousins. It’s the place the Family Tree was hacked and burned, leaving a branch in Britain and a twig in a America. And the emptiness, where the people aren’t.

    A few years ago, I went ice skating on natural ice for the first time in my life and I was fascinated by the cracks in the ice. They were scary at first but I soon learned that it’s normal and not dangerous. I was amazed by the thickness of the cracks and the way they conveyed depth. Ever since then, I have recurring dreams about ice, and was inspired to make this painting.