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2020-07-02 10:08:51

    Prompt: the ideological opposite of a catgirl.

    so, a catgirl is a human woman who has taken on certain traits of the cat, which is a housepet known for its temperament - it is affectionate when it chooses to be, but it must choose to be. the appeal of the catgirl is the implication that the woman has decided, much like a cat, that the viewer is worthy of affection. thus the ideological opposite would be a feral creature that is known for being tame except for when it is provoked. countless examples of this exist in nature, so to narrow our options we will select one which is generally considered “scary” as a parallel to the “cute” cat, as is also as far away as viable from a cat. as an extremely social invertebrate, compared to the relatively solitary and spined nature of the housecat, i believe the hornet is the perfect choice; despite popular belief hornets are not aggressive unless and until they are given a reason to be. 

    then there is the fusion of cat and girl. the catgirl takes the “cutest” and most traditional elements of the cat - ears, tail, and whiskers - and assembles them onto the girl. thus, our inverted catgirl ought to take the most disturbing and detestable elements of the human and assemble them onto the hornet. for this exercise i will propose the spine (deformed due to our bipedal nature compared to most creatures), the chin (a structure that no other animal possesses), and the penis (for obvious reasons).

    thus, we can safely conclude that the ideological opposite of the catgirl is

    Take your prize and get out of my house.

    oh my goddddd do you guys remember the old friends senior dog sanctuary tumblr that quietly posted cute dogs for about two years until one fateful day they posted, and i remember the phrasing with utter clarity, “i just want to get dicked down again =/”

    the drama. the trickery. some fucker pretended to be a beloved animal shelter for two YEARS, quietly posting cute pictures of elderly dogs with no indication of it being something more, just to drop that fucking bombshell on us and then dip. the patience of it all. pure example of the long con. i wanna meet whoever did that and shake their hand.