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2022-09-18 01:49:35

    the best part of all of this is non mob psycho viewers forming a blood feud with reigen over this without knowing who he is or what he has done


    on the offchance there are people who have never seen mob psycho reading this post i feel like i need to clarify that this is a character who:

    - is a conman pretending to be a psychic using a real psychic (the real psychic is 14) (he pays him 300 yen (about $2.60) for his services)

    - has literally one adult friend. his other two are a middle schooler and an evil ghost that fucking hates him

    - is extremely skilled in a number of fields (photo editing, massage therapy) but chooses to pretend to be a psychic because it’s more interesting

    - once single-handedly de radicalized an entire wing of a terrorist organization by telling them they were acting like children and needed to get real jobs

    - has never lost rock paper scissors

    - got drunk off of literally lemonade with no alcohol in it

    - got exposed as a fake psychic on national television and was subsequently cancelled on twitter

    - reacted to a terrorist organization of people with literal superpowers taking over the city by saying they should call the police and not moving to action until he learned that fire insurance wouldn’t cover the damage to his office

    - got trapped in a purgatory dimension for 28 days because he couldn’t suck up his pride and admit to his newly hired employee that he had no idea how to get out

    - made a website

    - it looked like this